Fantasy Man Friday

Hooray for Friday! That’s the more polite version of what I’m screaming right now. You don’t want to hear the real Friday greeting.

It’s been a good, yet weird week. I’ve been plugging away at my newest WIP, clocking in 16000 words in about three days. I didn’t write at all yesterday, but that’s okay. I think I did well for this week. I’ve been researching promotional items for RomantiCon, buying this, working with organizes to get my blog tour together for Primal Song, writing guest blogs, filling out interviews, etc. You get the idea. I also got a Top Pick review from Night Owl Reviews for Immortal Love! Yay!

I also saw someone having sex under the bridge yesterday. The erotic writer in me wondered who they were, why they were meeting under the bridge and all that stuff, while the responsible citizen wondered if I should call the cops. In the end I didn’t. With the way that guy was going at it, I doubted the cops would have made it in time to catch them in the act. Ahem.

That was the weird part of the week.

A week from today though, I’m going to be flying high. Primal Song comes out next Friday and I already have the Fantasy Man ready to wow y’all. He’s exactly how I picture Ram, my hero, so rar. Major rar.

But y’all aren’t here to read about future Fantasy Men. You want today’s man. Well, here you go:

Oh nom…this guy makes me want to go back to bed as long as he’s there. Doesn’t he look like he’s either about to do something naughty, or just recovered from some fun? Is it just me, or does he seem to be saying, “Come back, baby…and don’t forget to bring the chocolate syrup”? Maybe that’s just me.

Happy Friday y’all and have a great weekend.

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One response to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. YAY for the top pick!!!

    AND how wild is that about the bridge?
    I once saw some folks on side of road at beach. ON the traffic side!!

    YUM! Love the guy’s buns. Very caressable. (is that a word?)

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