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My name’s Danica Avet. I’m an aspiring author, music fiend, and vicious editor of my own works.

Well, my first official blog. I feel both empowered and a little intimidated.

So really, what should I talk about? I hope it’s something good, otherwise I’ll end up editing my blog like I do my stories. I’ve been writing since I was about 13. I remember my first story in my mind since the pages were lost in various moves and I can’t help but chuckle. What did I know about romance and love? Not much, but that didn’t stop me from writing again and again and again. I tried my hand at romance, sci-fi, mystery, and even an autobiography! So far, the only thing to stick has been romance.

Now that I’m at the advanced age of 32 and a half, I feel better able to get in touch with my readers. Who doesn’t feel lost or self-conscious? Who doesn’t wish that they could leave their mark on the world in some way?

So, my first story (nearly finished and then headed to vigorous proofing and revising, no doubt), is about such a woman. She’s been an outcast for years, but strictly by her own hand. Being larger than the average woman, she fears being rejected by society, so she rejected them first (but not after a nasty experience when she was a teenager). Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, for her, she becomes embroiled in a world of supernatural beings and finds that she isn’t the freak of nature she always thought she was. As a result, she has a chance to become the person she’s always wanted to be. She can be a leader. She can mold the future of The Veil, the name of the paranormal community she finds herself in. She can fall in love with the sexiest vampire to eat with two fangs. But like with everything wonderful, there is a price to pay. The question is, is she willing to pay it? Will she give up the secret hopes she had to belong somewhere so she can belong to someone?

I still haven’t brainstormed a title for this book and its really killing me. I can sit down and write prose for hours on end, but make me summarize a book into an intriguing, fitting title and I freak out. What doesn’t help, is that I can think of titles for every other one of my books that haven’t even been written yet, but not the one that I’ve been living and breathing for a year. As Charlie Brown would say, ‘ARGH!’.

Wow, that went better than I thought it would. I feel…purged. Maybe blogging isn’t so bad after all!

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