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Cover Reveal

I don’t have a fantasy man interview today. Sorry. The menz are not working with me lately, but that’s okay. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with all of them. Really. Maybe once I’ve recuperated and had time to stalk I mean, discover new muscled men who like do bare it all, I’ll bring the friday interviews back.

But I’m not leaving y’all hanging. Nope, I have some awesomeness to share. Like the cover of my upcoming release, Primal Flavor (Book 3 in the Cajun Heat series). This one is about the tiger shifting chef, Zachary Trahan, and his  human huntress, Colette Robicheaux. No blurb yet, but I’ll just say that it’s spicy. And not just because Zach is one hell of a chef. Things happen that probably aren’t coded to happen on kitchen tables and sofas. But I’m not saying what they are.

So please, enjoy the long-awaited cover for Primal Flavor. I’ll be over here drooling over it. Because yeah, it’s a hot cover. It could almost be a fantasy Friday picture, don’t you think?primalflavor_msr


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In The End

Continuing with my unintentional theme for the month of songs that sort of fit with my current WIP. I haven’t been writing on it, not from choice though. The closer I get to the surgery, the more I find other things I need to do. I spent the entire weekend buying furniture, or moving furniture, or watching my adorablez nephew, or reading. I’ve been reading a lot lately.

Mostly because Gyda isn’t ready for the next scene of her book. There’s some dark stuff coming up, some stuff that’s going to be hard for me to write and I’ve been gearing myself up for that. And I think it’s almost time. I need to get most of her story written before the surgery puts me out of commission. She knows this. She’s just being stubborn.

And I’m reminded of Gyda every time I hear this song. I’ve mentioned the Black Veil Brides before. I really love their music. I guess because it almost reminds me of old school metal. And if you watch the video, you might see shades of Mötley Crüe, a little Adam Ant (who was so not metal, but you’ll see what I mean) and even KISS. Then, the video itself has all sorts of Mad Max connotations which is cool, but none of that has as much of an impact as the song itself.

Because “in the end, as you fade into the night…who will tell the story of your life and who will remember your last goodbye” speaks to Gyda. Her darkness is a constant battle fought between the girl she was and the woman she’s become. It would be easy to end things, to slip away quietly, but there’s still a spark of rebellion, an almost animalistic need to survive. But it’s more than that. Giving in, giving into the darkness means her tormenters win. Fighting and leaving her mark on the world is the best revenge she could ever take.

And that’s what this song reminds me of. Gyda’s resilience. No matter what happens to her, no matter what obstacles I throw in her way, she’ll overcome them. I’ll probably cry when I get to that part of the story, but it’ll be worth it. Oh so worth it.

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J. Annas Walker Blog Tour

Title: Scion’s Avalon
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Flame rating: Sorching  
Released: 5/23/2013
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
Tour long Giveaway: $15 GC and swag
Dates: 5/23 thru 6/7

Rafflecopter Code:

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Born and raised among the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, J. Annas Walker was brought listening to oral history and traditional storytelling. Her hobby of writing short stories bloomed out of this tradition. With the encouragement of her sisters, husband, an aunt, and a very supportive cousin, she took a chance to turn her hobby into something larger.

After acquiring a bachelors of science in civil engineering technology, she worked for a number of years as a transportation designer. Designing road construction projects by day, she continued writing by night. Today, she writes more than she ever did and blends fantasy and paranormal into romance storylines. The fanged, spectral, magical, and furry have become everyday life.

J. Annas Walker lives with her husband, two teenage sons, and her cat/office assistant.

BadBarbsPlace 5/24- Fri
Tattooed Book Review 5/27- Mon
Unearthly Musings 5/28- Tue
For Whom The Books Toll 5/29- Wed
A.M. Griffin 5/30- Thur
Anya Richards 5/31- Fri
Illustrious Illusions 6/1- SAT
For the Love of Bookends 6/2- SUN
MsRomanticReads 6/3- Mon
Lea Barrymire 6/5- Wed
AJ Jarrett 6/5- Wed



Three years have passed since vampire princess Cassy Daniels, Scion of the House of Dracul, gave up her title to turn and marry David Ashe. Together, they live in exile with the Council of Crones, a group of elder witches. Isolated from the world, they found bliss. However, vampire politics soon intrudes.

Born vampire women are being kidnapped, and Cassy’s next on the list. After a failed attempt to take Cassy from the Council of Crones’ estate, magical portals lead back to the missing women. Cassy and David are tasked with bringing them home. David is sent after Elisabeta, Cassy’s sister-in-law, who is still on Earth. Cassy, however, has what it takes to enter the elf-kingdom of Avalon and retrieve the other three vampires.

Can Cassy and David hold onto their bliss or will Avalon’s magic lure her from home?


“I really don’t know what you’re talking about, and I really don’t like what you are insinuating. I don’t know where Liz is. I don’t know anything about her accounts. If Max or Father wanted me to know about this, they can call me. The phones here do still work, you know. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a class to teach in half an hour,” Cassy snapped. Anger colored her tone.

How dare they accuse her of anything? If Liz left Max, Cassy doubted it was done without a good reason. These men did not seem to think she had been kidnapped. Cassy stood to leave, not caring to wait for a reply.

“You’re not going anywhere until you tell us where she is!” Reid sprang out of his chair and pushed her back down. He put both hands on the chair arms, preventing Cassy from standing back up. He leaned into her face. She smelled the fresh human blood he had on his breath. “You have to know where she is. The money shifted between one of her accounts, one of your accounts, and an anonymous Swiss account the same day she disappeared. You had something to do with it, even if you never left this compound. Admit it or we are going to haul your ass in and let the interrogators get it out of you!”

Adrenaline flooded Cassy’s system. Reid gave her a cruel smile, as if she were overcome with fear. A year ago, he would have been correct but not tonight. She was no longer the courtly lady she had once been.

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Monster You’ve Made Me

Welcome back for another What’s Playing Wednesday!

The heroine of my current WIP has really consumed my mind lately. Last week I talked about her scars, the ones her past has left on her skin and played some good ol’ Papa Roach. This week I’m talking about the monster she’s become.

God, this song. It really kills me, but not as much as my heroine. Gyda, did I mention her name is Gyda? Gyda is perhaps my most damaged heroine. I’ve written a few with issues. We all have issues, by the way. Even growing up with a perfect childhood can leave its mark. In Gyda’s case…well, her issues have issues. And what’s been done to her causes a monster to emerge.

Think of it as her id taking over. The id only knows what it wants, what it needs and nothing else matters. Which is why today’s song really hits me when I think of her.

This is the second time Pop Evil has appeared on my blog in a very short amount of time. But then again, they have some kick ass music. If you get the chance, you should really check them out. Today’s song is “Monster You Made Me”. Sure, it most likely isn’t meant for a young girl who’s had a rough life, but it works for this story. Especially when there’s a line that goes “’cause who I am isn’t who I used to be”. Gah, right through the heart! Okay, check it out. I have to get back to Gyda’s story.

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Muffi Beyer’s Scavenger Hunt

Genre: Fantasy romance
Flame rating: Warm
Released: April 2013
Tour long Giveaway:  First place- $20 GC to Amazon or B&N
Dates: 5/10/2013 thru 5/31/2013

Rafflecopter Code:

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Super Duper Important- Scavenger Hunt Instructions:

There are 15 (fifteen) stops for this Scavenger Hunt. Each stop contains a picture/button with a letter on it. All 15 letters form a message or phrase that is associated with the book. The letters are scattered randomly to the hosts. You will need to collect all 15, unscramble them, and then enter the decoded message in the Rafflecopter for the ‘extra entries’. Good luck!

MB 1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

BadBarbsPlace    5/10- Fri
Candlelight Book Promotions    5/10- Fri
Cristal Ryder    5/11- SAT
Darker Temptations   5/12- SUN
Lea Barrymire    5/13- Mon
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For Whom The Books Toll   5/23- Thur
Nightstand Novels   5/25- SAT
Tattooed Book Review   5/26- SUN
Coffee & A Book Anytime   5/28- Tue
Amy Ruttan    5/31- Fri


Muffi PicMuffi Beyer grew up on the beaches of Malibu and has spent her career writing for Hollywood.  Her credits include Days of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, Nash Bridges, Doc, Sue Thomas FBeye, and My Friends Tiger and Pooh.  She has also produced several reality shows including The Real World, Road Rules, and Project Runway Allstars. She currently spends her days writing her next paranormal trilogy, hanging with her kids and husband, walking her overweight Italian Greyhound, and recording her dreams for future projects. This is her first novel.

Author Facebook page:




Rachel appears to have everything – a beautiful home on Malibu Beach, a Exile 1st proof (1)successful career as a film director, and even an adorable four year old son. But Rachel’s world quickly implodes when her son dies in a tragic accident and she realizes all her success and money have left her alone and aching for the one thing she can’t seem to achieve—love.

Reeling from the loss of her son and her ex’s indifference, Rachel throws herself into work and heads to Ireland to film her next project. Once there, she’s plagued with vivid dreams and a gnawing sense of déjà vu. But Rachel’s tough exterior really begins to crumble when she spots a statue in the town square and is shocked to realize it’s the exact replica of the man who has haunted her dreams for months—a handsome stranger for whom she feels a deep and mysterious attraction…

Will Rachel choose love even at the expense of her own sanity? Or is her love for the man of her dreams more real than anything here on earth…?

“Exile is a deeply romantic psychological thriller that will take you on a roller coaster exploration of grief, logic, and the transcendental nature of love…”

Anya Richards, best selling author

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble:




“And our first kiss, behind your Da’s shop,” Daniel says, his voice low, filled with emotion.“We were but thirteen.”

Yes. My first kiss. The only man I’d ever kissed. I can see his face now, so earnest, so eager, and frightened too. I watch the way his long, auburn eyelashes touched his pale cheeks as he leans in. I feel the scratch of his slightly chapped lips against mine, his breath warm against my cheek as he opens his mouth. I taste the slightest hint of strawberry jam. I was in love. This is what I remember.

I turn slowly to face him. No matter what I remember, I remind myself it’s just a trick of my mind. Synapses misfiring. A chemical imbalance. The definition of a hallucination is that you could swear it’s real. This is nothing more than that, I struggle to convince myself.

“You remember don’tcha, Katie?”It’s not a question. It’s a plea. I’ve never seen anybody want anything more. Want me more.

“My name’s Rachel. And no, I don’t remember. I don’t remember any of that.”

He blinks, as if I’ve just reared back and slapped him, but he quickly recovers. He doesn’t believe me, or maybe he simply refuses to do so.

“I understand. I swear I do. This is hard for ya.” He waits for me to say something, anything to keep us here, together. I bite down each and every question racing through my mind. Swallow the urge to throw my arms around him and collapse in a flood of relieved tears. I stand strong, hoping he doesn’t notice my knees are about to buckle.

“I’ll not come to you again. I can see what it’s doin’ to ya. When it’s time, you come to me, Katie. I’ll wait for ya. I’ll wait forever if it comes to that.”


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Same Old, Same Old

It’s so sad really. I have nothing new to report. Things have been going well, just not much has changed and I really hate to blog about nothing at all.

Okay, so a few things have happened. The surgery date is creeping closer and I feel a feverish need to have my next WIP written and submitted before that happens. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Unless these characters shove me out of the driver’s seat and take over. Which they might do! I can hope they will at least. But I think I could probably be close to finished with the story in two weeks. If I can write 20k a week…yeah, we’ll see about that.

Next cool thing to happen is I learned a writer I look up to read Primal Song and “loved” it. I think my heart jumped in my throat because there is nothing more amazing than writers whose books you devour reading your working and saying “I really liked it” or something similar. It’s the ultimate compliment and one of the first I’ve had like that. I’m not going to say who she is, but just knowing she liked it is enough to buoy my confidence in the skillz of writing.

The other cool thing happened first thing this morning. My editor sent me an email saying she was accepting the third book in the Cajun Heat series, loosely titled Primal Flavor. Can we all say yay? Of course, part of me is thinking I need to keep my mouth shut. Oh those painful lessons learned when I was a wee writer have stuck with me. But for now, I’m going with optimistic. Yes, me. Optimistic. Amazing, isn’t it?

So yeah, I think that’s it. Really not that much to report. They’re all awesome things, well except for surgery, but that’s motivating me to get my butt in gear and handle up on this story which is a good thing. I have a plan…and enough books to last at least the next five years. Now if only I had won the powerball…


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I might have mentioned before (okay, a million times) that i generally have a theme song when I’m writing. Not me, my characters do.

For the first time in…well, at least 2 years, I’m working on something dark and moody. Very angsty. And I’m liking it. My heroine has been so damaged. Oh, she breaks my heart every single time I think about what she’s been through. And she’s been in that place where you have no more hope. That’s where I picked up her story.

My plan is simple though. I’m going to give her hope and a happy ending. She’ll never be able to forget what was done to her, or how she got to this point, but sometimes forgetting isn’t the answer. Sometimes we have to look at the scars our bodies and psyches have accumulated and realize they’ve made us stronger.

And that’s why Papa Roach’s Scars is Gyda’s theme song. I can’t wait to write her happy ever after.


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