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The End of Fantasy Man Fridays

It’s Friday and while I’m happy the end of this week from Hell is over (quit smoking and next thing you know the world goes crazy), I have a few announcements to make. First, I’d like to mention that there’s still time to enter the Primal Design release day giveaway! And, if you’d like a chance to win an plethora of prizes, we’ve revitalized the Darker Temptations blog with new authors and to kick it off we’re holding giveaways with tons of prizes up for grabs. The grand re-opening begins Monday, October 1 and I hope to see some of you there!

And now for the bad news…

I’m so very sad to announce that there will be no more Fantasy Man Fridays. It’s something I’ve been seriously considering after reading this blog where an author was sued for posting pictures on her blog that were under copyright protection.

I haven’t had that problem. I’ve been very lucky, but I would like that luck to continue and that means I’ll have to stop posting fantasy men here on the blog. However, like a lot of authors are doing, I’ll probably put pictures I like on Facebook if you’re interested in looking at them there.

I can’t really complain about photographers wanting to stop people from using their pictures. Authors see the same thing with their books that are illegally downloaded every day. It’s a battle I’ve fought and struggle against constantly. In the world of the world wide web, things can be easily mistaken for free for use when that isn’t the case.

As such, all pictures will be yanked from my blog. I apologize for the loss of the gorgeous menz, but I definitely don’t want to violate someone’s hard work. And it must be hard work rubbing those men down with oil, positioning them just so and taking picture after picture of them in various seductive poses. Man, I totally chose the wrong industry to go into. Maybe it’s time for a complete change. I’ll go from Danica Author of Erotic Paranormal Romance with a touch of Cajun spice, to Danica Naughty Photographer of Sexy Menz…

I hope you’ll still stop by to visit without the handsome men!

Happy Friday, everyone. Close your eyes and picture your favorite fantasy man…that’s the best I can do 🙂


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The Hotstepper

It’s been a fun month of music that makes me think of my newest release, Primal Design. From ballads to hard rock and now to hip-hop, Kitty and Monk’s story took me on a journey. I hope it’s done the same for my readers. By the way, there’s still time to enter to win one of two stuffed animals I’ve had specially made for the series.

Kitty is a fashion designer and there’s one movie that makes me think of the fashion industry. Prêt-à-Porter came out in the 90s. I’m not sure a lot of people actually saw the movie, but nearly everyone recognizes this song from the soundtrack. From Ini Kamoze, Here Comes the Hotstepper was one of those songs that was all over the radio. I remember riding around with my friends thinking we were all that because we were listening to it.

I was a goofy teenager.

Anyway, of any movie I’ve seen, this is one that interested me when it came to fashion. It seems natural now that I’m a Project Runway fan and wrote about a fashion design. Sure, she’s a bear, but it’s the same concept.

So I hope you enjoy the final song in this month’s theme. Next month we’ll be checking out “black” songs in honor of Halloween. OMG, it’s almost here already isn’t it?? Where did the time go?


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I’ve Finally Lost My Mind

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you missed a major announcement last night. I’m going to try to quit smoking.

It isn’t the first time I’ll quit. I managed nine months about three years ago, right about the time I began writing seriously. Then the holidays rolled around and my good intentions went down the hill. This time though, I’m going to do my best to stick to my guns.

And I’m not doing it all alone either. I’ve talked with my doctor who prescribed Chantix to help me quit. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also going to take up knitting again. It’s something I used to do to relieve stress, but it’s been so long that I’ll have to learn all over again…which could lead me to wanting a cigarette. Oy. I’ve warned everyone around me, friends, family, coworkers that I’m not going to be the most pleasant person to be around in the upcoming weeks. I think if I can get through the first week, I should survive. Should.

Because have I forgotten to mention that a lot of my coworkers smoke? And a lot of my time is spent around them? Oy. And I’ve chosen a Monday of all days to start being smoke free. Ay-yi-yi.

But it’s okay. I’ve got this. I’m not going to be a slave to the cigarette anymore, desperately searching for a place to light up. I won’t get those disgusted looks from non-smokers who just don’t understand how much I need that nicotine. I also won’t be preaching to smokers the way a coworker does to me. This is one of those habits that you have to want to quit. Someone can’t make it happen no matter how many lectures they’re given or how many horrible commercials are blasted on the television.

Wish me luck cause I’m definitely going to need it.


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Fantasy Man Friday with Em Petrova

I have a special guest for us today. Please give a warm welcome to Em Petrova! Oh, and definitely stick around for an excerpt of her book, Wild Wild Hearts!

Hi, everyone! Thought I’d drop by the amazing Danica Avet’s blog and share my Fun Friday man pic. Yum, right?


Read on for a teaser of my latest historical western WILD WILD HEARTS. Enjoy!

Blurb: Lady Sofia is one of the most sought-after women on the frontier. But her “boss” calls the shots from what she may eat to who she spends the night with. Recently he’s asked too much when he demands she and her long-time lover Isaac use their charms to seduce a man she wants to tangle limbs with all too much.

With Sofia, Isaac Strong is part of a two-for-one deal known as the “Jade Pair” for the color of their eyes. When the rugged Nolan Hollis walks into their lives, Isaac’s yearnings kick like a wild stallion. But will the honorable man want anything to do with them, especially once he discovers the Jade Pair’s mission is to steal a prized object from the Hollis family?

Nolan must have the stunning saloon girl, even if it means she comes packaged with Isaac. Soon Nolan is equally as drawn to the quiet and handsome man. While he struggles not to lose his heart to his lovers from the wrong side of humanity, he works to hide his rendezvous from his family. But soon Nolan realizes his lovers intend to do more than get him into bed and steal his love.

You might want to hold onto your hats for this excerpt, folks!


“Your action, sir.” Sofia hung over the railroad executive’s shoulder, making sure her bodice dipped low. The movement left nothing to the man’s imagination as she pointed to his poker hand.

His gray mustache twitched. He followed the seam of her cleavage, able to see quite a bit considering the top of her dress dipped dangerously close to her nipples. One wrong move and she’d be exposed to everyone in the saloon.

Including the Hollis boy across the room.

Sofia flicked her gaze up, stopping just short of meeting his. He was looking at her—that was enough for now. She wasn’t certain she should be carousing with a man like him anyway.

He’d been nursing the same whiskey all night but continued to watch her, his dark hat tugged lower with every hour that passed.

Just like her bodice.

She didn’t know why she was purposely tempting him. For a price, she’d go upstairs with any man, together with her lover, Isaac.

They were a team known as the Jade Pair for the color of their eyes. Hers were a deeper, more emerald green, while Isaac’s were a bright jade. But their boss believed the term to be exotic and enticing, drumming up more business.

With Hollis’s warm gaze on her, she almost wished she wasn’t in this profession of entertaining men. Hollis had “morality” written all over him. Yes, he was definitely the come-courting kind. Well, she wasn’t in that market—her train had pulled out long ago.

The railroad executive, his name still unknown to her, spread some cards out on the table, and a gasp ran from one player to the next when they spotted his four-of-a-kind.

“I’m out.” One man tossed his cards into the center of the table with a growl of disgust. Another withdrew a wad of cash from his vest pocket and peeled off some bills, which he handed to the railroad man to cover his losses.

Isaac made a sharp movement, and Sofia looked up. Their gazes met. No words were needed. He glanced to the side and caught the boss, Hiram Marshall, watching. Hiram was waiting for Sofia to make her move.


Her unladylike thought was tamer than it might have been. How she hated being under Hiram’s thumb and pinned down by his ever-watchful gaze. That he was waiting for her to gain the tycoon’s cooperation so that wad of cash could cross into Hiram’s hands was evident.

If the railroad man took her and Isaac to bed, they’d line Hiram’s pocket and provide enough cash for them to eat and bathe for a week.

Carefully, she lifted her gaze to the far wall again. A slice of want ripped through her as she met Hollis’s intense stare. She didn’t even know which Hollis he was—there were so many.

The man was pure, walking lust. Dark denims that were stiff on every other cowboy actually molded to his chiseled thighs, and his quality leather boots gleamed in the lantern lights. Nothing compared to his face. If angels truly fell, she could say she saw one in the flesh.

His dark gaze burned from beneath the brim of his hat and caused a throb deep in her core.

A jolt of surprise captured her. When had she last felt that desire? Though she slept with many men every week, she’d only ever experienced this wanting once before—with Isaac.

Her sex ached, pooling with moisture. She shifted, and her skirts rustled. Beneath her lacy petticoats, she was slick and bare—every bit of hair bladed from her pussy.

Was Hollis a hungering man? From the way his hard lips pulled tight over his teeth in a snarl when the railroad man skimmed her jaw with his forefinger, she thought so. Hollis set his glass down with a clink that sounded all the way across the noisy saloon.

“Careful, Sofia,” Isaac murmured in her ear.

The threads of the web tightened. Suddenly, she was caught between Hiram, the railroad man, Isaac, and Hollis. Yessir, she was throwing Hollis into the mix. If he was a hungering man, she was a betting woman.

“Would you like to follow my man and me upstairs?” she asked the tycoon but kept her gaze fixed on Hollis.

The cowboy brought his boot off its resting place across his knee, and the heel hit the floor.

“Why yes, ma’am, that sounds right nice.” The railroad man clutched the bills he’d just won and turned to her with a fevered light in his eyes. When he reached for her, Hiram plucked the money from his hand. At the same moment, Hollis shoved his chair back with such swiftness, it tipped over, sounding like a shot.

At the sound of the crash, the piano music came to an abrupt stop. Isaac clamped his hand on Sofia’s shoulder, almost bruising her. But she knew if events escalated into a fight and guns were drawn, he would have her out of here and to safety within moments.

“I’ll raise you.” Hollis’s voice was deep and rough, like he chewed nails and swallowed them for breakfast. It also sent a dark heat threading low through Sofia’s belly. The fire took up residence between her thighs, and she squeezed them together to ease it.

Hiram stepped up to Hollis. He was a full head shorter than the cowboy and lacking in muscle. But he was used to dealing with hard men and knew how to get what he wanted. At that moment, he wanted more money.

Isaac’s grip on her shoulder tightened painfully. She swung her gaze to him and spotted the glint in his eyes. Yes, it said. He wanted this—wanted Hollis.

Lust pounded through her core. In the two years she and Isaac had been together and loved each other, she’d never seen the flames of need in him for another man. Sure, he gave his body to them willingly enough, but Hollis was different.

For them both. Before she had a chance to wonder why, Hollis crowded close.

“This is a rather large chunk of money, sir. I’m not certain you would have—” Hiram bit off his words as Hollis laid a thick stack of cash on the table.

A shiver that was almost pride coursed down Sofia’s spine. Isaac blew out a breath.

Rotating, Hiram faced the railroad man. “Will you counteroffer?”

The man stared for a long moment at Hollis. The cowboy braced his legs wide and hooked a thumb in his front pocket, appearing nonchalant and menacing at once. The pose said he had money to up the stakes, but he wasn’t going to need it.

Sofia sank her teeth into her lower lip. Hollis’s gaze latched on to her mouth and held.

Finally, the tycoon shook his head. “Nope. Other women in these parts to be had. I won’t separate myself from more money.” He held out his hand, and Hiram placed his winnings in his palm.

“Sofia, Isaac, you’ve got yourself a gentleman for the evening. Take good care of him.” Hiram greedily stuffed the wad of money into his vest pocket and hightailed it out of the saloon. His work was done, and now he’d be off to his bed like the lazy sloth he truly was. A man who worked not at all but lived off other people’s “talents.”

“I thank you, sir, for such a gracious offer,” Sofia whispered, the words not laced with her usual syrupy sweetness. Isaac heard her breathlessness and inched closer, putting one arm around her waist.

Hollis nodded, then glanced upward. “Shall we go upstairs?”

White heat scorched her sex. Her nipples pebbled. “By all means.”

As she followed Hollis’s thickly muscled body up the short flight of wooden stairs, Sofia’s heart galloped out of control. Certainly a man like him would know his way around a woman’s body as well as he knew how to rope a stallion.

Thank you to Danica for hosting me!

Buy Wild Wild Hearts

Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~


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Primal Design Release Day Song

Okay, we’ve been gearing up for it all month and it’s finally here. Primal Design came out today and I hope everyone who’s been waiting for it enjoys Monk and Kitty’s story.

Today’s song is an ode to Kitty and Monk. Whenever I hear this song, I can see a young Kitty speaking with Monk like this. It gives me goose bumps, to be honest. There’s a line in this song that kept rolling through my mind when I was writing it. “When we made love you used to cry, you said I love you like the stars above and I’ll love you till I die” that made me think of the powerful feelings they had for each other. Really, teenagers might annoy me, but they feel things so strongly, so certain that no one else could ever understand the depth of their emotions.

And that’s what I wanted to capture. I hope I did. Kitty and Monk were powerful characters, deeply, powerfully in love with each other until something happens. *sigh* I think they break my heart a little, but that’s what’s great about being a writer. I can make happy endings.

Since today’s release day and I’m feeling generous, I’m going to hold a giveaway. All you have to do is share today’s blog and help me announce the release of Primal Design and you’ll be entered to win one of these adorable miniature characters. Okay, they’re not miniature characters, but they’re adorable. You can have “Ram”:

His shirt says “Saber Rocks!”

Or Kitty:

Her shirt reads, “Take a bite out of fashion!”

Just leave a comment and I’ll throw your name in a hat. The contest will last until noon on Friday, September 28. Go forth and share!

But before you do, take a moment to appreciate the dulcet sounds of Dire Straits singing Romeo and Juliet.


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Why I Don’t Shop

I complain a lot about shopping. I’m just not real big into spending my money on anything other than books. Speaking of books…Primal Design comes out in two days! TWO DAYS, people! Woot! Shake that booty, get down, get down, uh-huh, uh-huh…

Okay. I’m better now. Ahem. Anyway, back to shopping. There are times when I have no choice but to go shopping and when those times roll around, the shopping addict I keep under lock and key emerges.

For instance, I decided to go shopping yesterday instead of next weekend for Ohio. I have no idea what the weather is like up there in October, but I kind of figured it wouldn’t be flip-flop and capris temperatures. Hence a trip to Baton Rouge and the malls.

Oh my God. I didn’t even realize I was capable of spending that much money on clothes. And the really sad thing is I didn’t just buy for the conference. It occured to me that I also needed some new work clothes, so I was pulling double duty yesterday. Of course I couldn’t find a single pair of black slacks I liked which means I have to hit the stores this weekend anyway. Joy. Really though, I acted as though I was born to shop.

If I found a blouse I liked, I bought several more in different colors. If I found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, I bought two pairs. I even bought a cowl-neck sweater. Me. In a sweater. The last time I purposely wore a sweater as a top instead of a coat I was 13 and it was a present I HAD to wear. I’m just not the sweather kind of girl, but this one was so pretty I couldn’t pass it up.

Even worse, I dragged my poor mother along with me. This means she bought a lot of clothes with me playing shopping assistant. “You could so wear this glaringly yellow top with the dark red flowers with that red shrug.” And of course it’ll look great on her because she has that olive tone skin. Or, “Oh no, you cannot wear that taupe sweater. It makes you look like a wall.” See? I do the same thing when I shop with my sister. It’s as though my inner fashion critic comes out (and I’m so not the fashion police).

However, despite the major hit to my wallet, Mom and I had fun. We don’t do girly things very often together. Now if I can convince her to come with me when I get my pedicure and manicure before the conferences, we can really bond like girls.

How was your weekend?


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Fantasy Man Friday

I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday. All over again. I can’t decide if I was just exhausted or thinking I was in my own version of Groundhog Day. Of course I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was Friday. The word alone sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Friday. It just rolls off the tongue.

Before I get started on my Friday ramble, I’m over at Guilty Indulgence Book Club with a review and a guest blog. Primal Song was given a rating of four chocolate dipped strawberries. Check out the review and my guilty indulgence!

Le sigh. So it’s been a pretty rough week. The day job has been draining me of all inspiration and creative juices. I’ve been putting out fires, figuratively speaking, all week. By the time I drag my butt home, all I can think of is pajamas, book, food, sleep. It’s kind of sad. I’m hoping I can jumpstart my creative process this weekend.

Primal Design releases next week and I’m starting to get the old familiar knot in my stomach. It’s the same one that forms every time I have a new release. Why? Because I want people to like my book. I could say I really, really hope people like Monk and Kitty’s book more than any other, but that would be a lie. *slump* I can feel the grey hair growing.

On top of that, I’m starting to run out of time before RomantiCon which starts October 11. The next few weekends will be spent shipping book fair swag, shopping for clothes, getting my hair done and then my nails. I’m trying not to freak out, thinking I’m not going to get everything organized, but I’ve had a few close calls. Then I remember I don’t know anyone other than a couple of editors which starts a whole new round of freaking out. But then I think about the cavemen…

Did I neglect to mention RomantiCon has an Alpha Caveman contest with their models? Hello, nurse! If I concentrate on that, I’ll calm down. Sort of. I can see it now though. I’m going to be the color of a fire engine any time one of them passes by. I know myself. This is what I do when confronted with good-looking men in person. I light up like a Christmas tree.

Hopefully though, I’ll keep my cool and act as though I see gorgeous, muscled men every day. Which I kind of do since I have to hunt for Fantasy Man Friday…oh, you’re wondering where he is, huh? Sorry about that. I forgot this blog isn’t about me 😉

Here he is:

I think he might be showering…I appreciate a man who enjoys bathing, the water and soap suds sliding down his body, over those rippling muscles…Rar. But on the other hand, I do enjoy a man who’s dirty. So I can be the one to give him a sponge bath. Hubba, hubba. Now if only this picture showed a little more because we all know what happens when white clothing gets wet.

Happy Friday!


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Monk and Kitty

It doesn’t have the same lyrical ease as Jack and Diane, but the intent is there.

Before I get to today’s song, I’d like to remind you that the Primal Song blog tour is still going strong. Today I’m over at For the Love of Reading with an excellent review of Daisy and Ram’s book as well as a post about why shifters are great to write…on the steamy side of it 😉

I can remember very distinctly sitting at my kitchen table and listening to my song list while working on Monk and Kitty’s story. And then…like magic, I remembered this song by John Cougar (before he was a Mellencamp). It’s a great song and listening to it, I knew it was about Kitty and Monk.

Young love, hopes and dreams of the future…what better song could I have picked to listen to for two teenagers who thought they’d grow old together and end up dealing with bigger problems than they can handle?

Release day for Primal Song is exactly a week away which means I have an even more appropriate song to play so I hope you’ll stop by. Heck, I might even give something away. What do y’all think about that?

Listen to John Cougar while you decide. Oh and feel free to sing along. You know you want to! “Little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane…”


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A New Festival

Before I get to today’s very short and sweet post, I’m over at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy talking about how I come up with my characters. Stop by if you’re interested!

We like our festivals down here in south Louisiana. We almost have one for every type of food and now we’ll have one for Halloween.

I’m actually kind of proud of Houma for putting this on. I think it could be a lot of fun and draw some tourists to the area to learn more about the Cajun heritage and our “beliefs”. What are y’all doing October 26th? 🙂

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Another Week

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s Monday again. Boo, hiss. No, actually it’s okay. I’m sleepy from writing and trying to watch as much of the Denver Pittsburgh game last night, but I’m here and ready to get more words on paper.

I’m actually kind of proud of myself. I normally get too distracted over the weekend to get much written, but I got 10k words in between Saturday evening and Sunday. Why so late on Saturday? Because I had the best pedicure ever. Ever, I tell you. By the time I got out of the salon, all I wanted to do was climb in my bed and sleep. Which is exactly what I did. Then I was ready to write.

It was as though my characters knew it was the right time. They were in rare form, giving me some great scenes and I ate it up. Ate. It. Up. Now I have to make sure I don’t lose my momentum, but tonight is Monday Night Football…and I can’t resist watching, even if it’s with only half my attention on the game.

Speaking of my writing…I’m over at S.J. Maylee’s blog today talking about my writing habits. The blog tour is still going strong and next week…oh, next week is the release of Primal Design. Hello, excitement, so glad to see you again! I’ll be a nervous wreak on the 19th, but in a good way, I swear.

And because I was so proud of this set of lines, I have to share them with y’all. I normally don’t post anything from my books prior to them being finished, but I think the end of this scene perfectly sums up my hero, Zach, and definitely suits my heroine, Colette:

His cock twitched again and that’s when Zach realized he’d been fooling himself all this time. He didn’t want women who were easy and fun-loving. The girls he’d been entertaining himself since he hit puberty weren’t what he wanted. No, he wanted crazy and mean and a little scary.


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