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Immortal Music 4

Hey y’all, because Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc.) releases on Monday, I’ve invited the hero of the story, Mason Landry, to share his thoughts on his heroine, Roxana Love.

Mason, thank you for taking the time out to visit with us. Tell us about yourself and Roxana.

Thanks, Danica. It’s good to visit with another coonass.

There isn’t must to tell about myself. I’m a simple man. I work in the bar I own, try to pay my bills, and avoid being robbed by crackheads. Things were going great, well as great as can be expected with a mortgage and a truck note and all that other shit stuff.

Then this woman walks into my bar. Like I said, I’m a simple man, but this woman was the complete opposite. She strutted in like she owned the place, her bright red hair crackling around her head like fire. She wore these heels that made her legs look a mile long and holy hell I thought the top of my head would explode just from looking at her. She was hot. Mais, she was hot.

She had class. You could tell just by looking at her and I wanted to dirty her up. It was that whole uptown girl meets blue-collar man that revved my motor. She looked like she was into it as well and when she showed up after the bar closed…well, you want to keep this clean, right? 😉 Let’s just say I found out just how hot she was.

So yeah, Roxana is the kind of woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone and does it while wearing killer heels. One second she’s all feminine and fragile-looking and in the next she’s swinging a sword and killing things. Nothing turns me on more than to watch her fight. Does that make me sick? *shrug* Who cares? She’s hot and I’ll figure out a way to hold onto her.

When I heard this song by Pop Evil, it summed up Roxana perfectly. Well, except for her being the boss’s daughter. It turns out she’s not the boss’s daughter, but I’m the boss’s grandson. Mais, talk about culture shock. Me? A humble bar owner the grandson of a Greek god? Yeah, I laughed too, but Roxana doesn’t seem to find my disbelief funny. I’ll get her to lighten up eventually. After I get that dress off of her.

Meanwhile, enjoy the song and look for our story (which Danica so kindly wrote) on April 30th from Evernight Publishing.


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Fantasy Man Friday

Well, today is the last day of guest blogger week. I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the characters of Ain’t No Bull, as well as the awesome Kristin Miller. Next week starts my 7-day blog tour and I hope to see some of y’all around! Today we have Isola “Izzy” Malone, Amazon, heroine of Ain’t No Bull, and fellow Fantasy Man connoisseur!

Izzy, take it away!

Do you have to keep emphasizing my first name? You know I hate it. It’s so…soft and romantic sounding *shudders*

Anyway, hey y’all! It’s about damn time I get to say something. After reading what Grant, the heifer mother, and incubus had to say, y’all probably think I’m a monster or something. Which is ironic since I’m the only one who can’t change into something else. And when I get back to Grant’s house, his ass is so mine. *blush* I mean—I’m going to kick his ass!

Sheesh, y’all are a tough crowd. Now I know why Danica worries every week about picking the right fantasy man. As if there’s a wrong one. Men are gorgeous creatures. I especially like the ones who clean house. Why, when I was still with my tribe, I’d fight for those and—

Isola! Dammit, I told you not to talk about those other men!

Grant, this is so not your blog post. Be quiet so I can share my love of beautiful men with all of the ladies who visit here! *sniff* I swear, sometimes Bull Boy drives me insane. He acts like I’m pure as the driven sn—


Dang! See what I mean? Danica feels my pain, don’t you? I mean, I’m an Amazon. Hello! I’m all about hanging with my sisters, kicking ass, catching a few all-male review shows, and watching movies, although I haven’t had a lot of time to do those things except the kicking ass part. It seems like I’ve been fighting someone since I came to Wyoming. Wyoming of all places! My queen is a cruel witch sometimes. *sniff*

Anyway, this is what I like to look at…*whispers* when I’m not staring at Grant. OMG, did I mention he is f-i-n-e? Seriously, that bull has a body that makes me want to cry it looks so good.

I’m glad you think so, baby.

Dammit! He heard me! Anyway, I’ve got to go…you know um, there are nymphs to fight, minotaurs to evade, cow-swans to torment. *cackle* But enjoy the picture! And be sure to look for Danica next week. She’s all worried about people thinking she’s weird or something stupid like that *eye roll*. I keep telling her if she’d just wield a sword when she’s talking to people, they’ll listen to everything she says, but nooo, she has to be all like “But I don’t want to scare anyone, Izzy!” *snort*

Isooollaaaaa, I have a present for you named B.O.B.!

That sneaky mintoaur!! Gotta go!

Well, that was…interesting. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself this week! I know I have. And does Izzy know how to pick good-looking men or what? Rar. This little cutie is just asking for me to do naughty stuff to him. Bwahaha!

Thank y’all for visiting this week. If you’d like to follow the blog tour, here are the scheduled dates:

August 29 – Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews(Interview/Giveaway)
August 30 – Babs Book Bistro(Guest Post/Excerpt)
August 31 – Close Encounters with the Night Kind(Review/Giveaway)
September 1 – Deep in the Heart Romance(Guest Post/Excerpt)
September 2 – Escape by Fiction(Review/Giveaway)
September 5 – Bea’s Book Nook(Guest Post/Excerpt)
September 6 – Book & Movie Dimension(Review/Giveaway)
Happy friday everyone and have a safe weekend! 


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Guest Blogger: Fallon Plaisance

Hey y’all, I’m so, so excited to have a very special guest today. *blush* I’ll admit, I’ve been in love with this man since the first time he appeared in Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose. *fans herself* Today we have Sin Den Master (leader of incubi), Fallon Plaisance! *squees!*

*flutters her eyelashes* Fallon?

Merci, Danica! Thank you for the warm welcome. Hello, everyone. Comment ce va? Danica tells me she has been teaching you Cajun French. *smiles* I’m so glad. The Cajun French language and heritage is very close to my heart.

I’m not actually a native of south Louisiana. I’m originally from Ireland, but I moved here oh…well, it was so long ago, I can barely remember. I do remember though that I fell in love with south Louisiana. The food, the people, the weather, it’s all perfect! I set up an incubi den here and we’ve been um…entertaining women ever since. *wink*

So imagine how horrified I was when I was asked to check on my friend, Izzy, in Wyoming of all places. Wyoming! *mutters in French* Did you know it is cold there? Bitterly cold and of course that’s when ma fouine, decided she had to be exiled from her tribe. *mutters more* Snow! There was snow all over the place and a very angry taureauthere. I think he might have wanted to kill me. And why? Because I’m an incubus and much better looking than he is.

Um, Fallon? You do know Izzy and Grant will read this, right?

Mais, yeah, cher! I count on it. I love to rile them up. Taureau is so gone on ma fouine, he can barely see passed his septum ring. *laughs* Ah, it makes me happy to see Izzy shaken up. She is such a wild one, always doing outrageous things that she will not let others very close to her. She thinks I do not notice, but I do. She is a good girl, a sweet woman, but she’s also tête dur. Mais, sometimes I think she is asking for trouble and this time she got it.

That taureau is going to catch her, mark my words. He is just as tête dur as she is, maybe more because he is a bull, yes? Or am I mixing him up with a jackass? *laugh*


*laugh* Danica, she is the peacemaker, always trying to keep us out of trouble. Pauvre bête! She does not realize that characters in books will behave the way they want to and not the way the author thinks they should. *laughs and blows a kiss at Danica* I must go and check on Izzy to see if she has murdered Grant yet.

*sigh* I do love that incubus…Oh, sorry y’all! LOL Um, Fallon is quite the charmer *blush* So um, did you happen to catch the Cajun French in his post? I’ve been holding onto a signed copy of Ascension by Sable Grace since June and I’ll give a copy to the person who can correctly translate all (or most of) the French used in the post today.

Tomorrow we’ll have the lady of the hour, Isola “Izzy” Malone on the blog for Fantasy Man Friday. Let me tell ya, that woman knows her fantasy men! *fans herself*


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Guest Blogger: Arabella Strickland

Hey y’all…I hope you’re enjoying this week of guest bloggers because I’m having a blast! I get to do other things, like ogle smexy men for Fantasy Man Friday posts and write on my newest novella. I um, didn’t know if today’s guest blogger should have her say, but she um twisted my arm until I cried like a baby talked me into it. Today we have Arabella Strickland, Grant’s mom! Y’all be nice!

Ms. Bella? Go on.

Thank you, Danica. I resent the implication that I bullied you into letting me guest blog today. I am a sweet, little cow-swan who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Unless her name’s Isola Malone. *fumes* That…that…Amazon is going to ruin my Grant’s future! I’ve been sending the sweetest little cow-swans his way for years and then he meets this…woman and thinks she’s his mate? I don’t think so! My baby deserves a calm, drama-free life with no battles and killer imps or nymphs or dangerous predators like Amazons following him around. *sniff*

My son deserves to have a mate who’ll keep him comfortable, not go galloping through the countryside picking fights and being rude. And that Isola is r-u-d-e! Why, she nearly drove me off the road and then had the nerve to blame it on me! Grant swears she’s a sweetheart, but my poor baby doesn’t realize Amazons are dangerous. *whispers* Why, I even heard thy brand their men! Can you believe that? Like they’re…catt—nevermind, that’s a bad example.

Anyway, Danica asked me to play a song I thought might sum up my son’s problems with this Amazon and I had to pick my very favorite human singer, Mr. Johnny Cash. Such a dangerous man. *titters* I hope you enjoy the song and please help me convince Grant to leave that…Isola woman alone!

Um, thanks, Ms. Bella. Ah…so, she chose a Johnny Cash song and it just so happens that there’s a remake of it! Perfect for my summer remake series! “Ring of Fire” was remade by Social Distortion and I have to say I love both versions. What do you think? (About the song and Ms. Bella’s accusations?)

The Original:

The Remake:

Danica! You ruined my post! *sniff* Young people have no taste. Ladies, please back me up here.

Um…a little help here? I don’t want her to shift to her cow form and stampede me!


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Guest Blogger: Grant Strickland

Hey y’all, today I have a very special hunk guest, Grant Strickland! It took me a lot of work to convince him to join us for the guest blogging week, but he’s here and I hope y’all will be sweet to him!

Take it away, Grant!

Er, thanks Danica. Ahem.

Okay, I don’t know what the hell to talk about.

Just act normal, Grant and no swearing!

Right. So…I’m Grant Strickland and I’m a Taurus. Heh heh.

Seriously, I am. Well, I’m a minotaur, but it’s almost the same thing. I really hate talking about myself. I’d rather talk about this crazy assed woman I just met. She’s an Amazon and day-um, is she fu fine…she’s fine.

She’s also crazy. Did I mention that already? I mean, it’s not like I knew the nymphs were planning to kidnap me or anything. I thought they were ready for a little—

Grant! Language!

Damn, uh, Darn, sorry Danica. Anyway, I was following nature’s course, you know? A group of sexy nymphs feels up a guy in a bar and what’s he to think? I’ll tell you what he’s thinking, he’s thinking *looks at Danica* uh, that they want to um, talk and uh…stuff. Next thing I know, this gorgeous woman appears out of nowhere. Dark hair, dark eyes…big *looks at Danica again* uh, personality!

Did I mention she’s gorgeous? Man, that woman ties me in knots. It wasn’t the best way to meet, but it wasn’t like I expected to meet my mate just then. My mom is going to have a cow. Heh heh. No, seriously, she will. She’s got this crazy idea that I actually want to be tied down to a cow-swan. Do you know what cow-swans do all day? Nothing! Well, I mean, they’re housewives and stuff like that, which is cool, but I like my women to be spirited.

And boy, is Isola spirited. She’s so sexy and strong and hot and yes, crazy and I can’t get enough of her. I like how loyal she is to her Amazon sisters, although I could really do without that damn incubus hanging around. *mutters under his breath* Thinks he’s sexy because he’s got that fancy French accent. He wouldn’t sound so great if I cut off his—

Grant, really!

Whatever, Danica. He annoys the hell out of me even if he is one of Isola’s best friends. I mean, who’s friends with a sex demon anyway. Honestly! All I know is that he’d better keep his fingers off my woman or he’ll find out what the Minotaur Rage is all about.

I really didn’t mean to get off the subject, but Isola’s mine. She doesn’t like it much. Okay, she doesn’t like that at all. She’s fighting pretty hard against it, but I just know I can charm her over to my way of thinking. We’re made for each other. Every time she touches me, I swear my nose rings burns. And those leather pants she wears…holy horse, is she fine. I think I might be in love.

Is it supposed to feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach and then had your intestines ripped out? Maybe you guys can tell me since I’m new to this “love” thing. And look, let’s not tell Isola about this, okay? She gets kind of antsy when I tell her she’s my mate.

Um…thanks, Grant. Well y’all? Are you going to help a clueless minotaur out? What’s it like being in love? What kind of advice could you give Grant on how to tame a wild Amazon like Isola Malone? And to give y’all an idea of what she’s up against, here’s a picture of a man who kind of looks like Grant:

I do not look like friggin’ Brad Pitt!

Um, of course not, Grant. You’re much better looking. It’s just a…reference for our readers. Your hair is much thicker and not as long, your eyes are bluer, and your face more chiseled.

*grunt* I’m also taller, have bigger muscles…all over *wink*


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Connor’s Interview

Connor Griffin was next to impossible to meet with. If possible, he was a harder interview than Lucian was (and you all remember Lucian’s interview.). I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. They are friends after all.

So, when Connor finally agreed to meet with me, it wasn’t where I expected. Um, we met at his hotel. I’m blushing while I write this! He’s sexy, possibly even sexier than Lucian and that’s really saying something!

Connor’s stats:

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 250

Hair: Brown hair

Eyes: Blue (Crystal blue people!)

Have I mentioned he’s drop dead sexy? Oh. Okay, just making sure I didn’t forget to mention it because he’s muy caliente!

Danica: Connor! Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

Connor: Lucian said you were okay. He said you might be able to help me find someone. Have you seen this werewolf?

He thrust a picture under my nose of a…well, a werewolf in human form. I’d never seen the man before in my life. Have I mentioned that Connor is um, intense?

D: Um, no, sorry. Is he the nephew you’ve been looking for?

C: How do you know about him if you’ve never seen him?

D: I interviewed Piper Fairhaven the other day.

Remember those ice blue eyes? Those gorgeous eyes surrounded by thick, long eyelashes that give him a sleepy-eyed look? Well, they began swirling with amber until I swear, I was looking into the eyes of a wolf! I almost peed my pants cause really, this was an honest to God werewolf I was talking to!

C: Her. What did she say about him? Did she lie to me?

D: Um, nothing, and no. You do realize this is my interview, right? You’re supposed to answer my questions.

C: Hmph.

D: So…you’re the Alpha of your pack?

C: Just until my nephew is ready to take it over.

D: But your nephew’s fully grown! Why can’t he take it over now?

C: He’s barely out of transition. Okay, maybe not barely. He’s fifty-two, but I don’t think he’s ready for the responsibility. Look what he’s got me doing! Instead of being with his pack, learning how to lead it, he takes off for the bright lights of Cypress Point!

I have a feeling at this point, my face was showing just how crazy I thought he was. Cypress Point has maybe two stop lights, barely a thousand residents, and no nightlife that I know of.

D: Um. Okay. How do you know Lucian? How’s he’ doing by the way?

C: We were in the Guild Academy together. I hadn’t seen him for a while, but it looks like he’s doing fine. Mated, enjoying fatherhood it looks like.

D: What about you? Do you have a mate picked out?

C: Gods, no! My nephew is the one who’ll be providing cubs for the pack. No mates, no kids for me.

D: Well, what do you plan to do when he takes over the pack?

C: I’m going to return to my studies. I write historical texts on the Veilerian races. It’s very time consuming, but history is a passion for me.

D: Oh, me too!

I totally giggled, but I don’t run across many history buffs who look like him!

D: Right. So what did you think of Piper?

C: She’s a succubus.

D: Yes. What did you think of her? She seemed nice to me, funny too.

C: She’s a succubus. They’re all charming and fun until they kill you. Well, maybe not you cause you’re female.

D: Um. Why don’t you like succubi?

I instantly realized this was a bad question. His face went from somewhat friendly, to downright hostile. This is when I started to think I shouldn’t have agreed to meet with him in his hotel room. I mean, HELLO! he’s a werewolf! He could kill me without even blinking.

C: A succubus killed my brother. They’re nothing but filthy soul suckers.

D: Okay. Well, um. She seems to like you.

It was a lie, and he knew it because he laughed. Going from pissed off to laughing, yeah I like.

C: She hates my guts. Okay, you want to know the truth? She’s the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen in my life. She makes me feel crazy. I want to push her away, then chase her down like prey.

I gulped loudly. That was soo sexy!

D: So are you going to see her again?

C: I don’t know, probably. She’s my only link to finding my nephew right now. I hate dealing with succubi, but if she knows where he might be, or knows someone who does, she hasn’t seen the last of me.

D: I just have a few more questions, easy ones, I swear.

C: Fine, fine. Not like I have anything else to do.

D: What’s your favorite color?
C: Gold.

D: Where do you see yourself in five years?

C: What’s with people asking that? I’m not an Oracle, lady. I can’t predict the future, but I’d like to see my nephew as the Alpha, and myself in my library learning.

D: How will you get Piper to see you again?
I shivered. He gave me this slow smile, his amber eyes turned smoky, and hubba, hubba-woo-woo! If he had asked, I’d have stripped. I mean, not stripped. I’d have slapped his face and told him I’m not that kind of girl!!

C: She won’t have a choice, but to see me again. And I think that’s all the questions for now.

D: S-sure! Thank you, Connor, for taking time out to do this.

C: No problem, and if you see my nephew,  you’ll let me know?

D: Of course…

And just like that, I found myself standing in the hallway of the hotel. I’m not entirely sure how I walked across the room and through the door without noticing, but it probably had something to do with a hand on my elbow, and a beautiful man distracting me. I almost stomped my foot in frustration, then I realized…things are only going to get better between Connor and Piper, and I’d have a front row seat!

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Piper’s Interview

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to get down to Cypress Point. The town is still lovely, and the Veilerians are still in full force (not that I’m supposed to know anything about them, of course). However, I managed to track down the ever-elusive Piper Fairhaven.

We met up at Cuppa’s, the only coffee shop in town. She arrived in her very sensible 2007 Honda Civic. Because I have an inside agreement with Kali (the Oracle), I know Piper hates dressing up, so I wasn’t surprised to see her in jeans and a “My Heroes Have Always Been in Books” T-shirt.

I was surprised though, by her appearance. She’s maybe 5’3″, and curvy. I mean that in the best way. She’s adorable! She also has the most gorgeous hair. If I thought I’d look just as good with black and gold striped hair,  I’d do it in a heartbeat. She also has the most eerie gold eyes I’ve ever seen.

Me: Hi Piper, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!

Piper: I didn’t have much choice, you kept calling my cell phone, and threatened to come to the Pleasure House.

Okay, so perhaps I was too persistent.

M: So what exactly is a pleasure house?

P: It’s a home for succubi. Because succubi live off of male energy, it was deemed acceptable by the High Council that succubi could live together in familial units to generate and preserve male lust.

M: Um, so you guys are like…you know, a brothel?

She didn’t look too happy about my choice of words.

P: No. We don’t take payment, we don’t allow mated males, and we have very strict rules. My mother, Persephone, is the Seductarian and she’d never allow anything that would harm the house. The males who visit the house know what they’re getting into.

M: Your mom’s the what, leader then? Who works in the house? You?

She blushed. Who knew succubi could blush? I thought they were all unflappable sex kittens. Huh, you learn something new everyday.

P: Um. My sisters Penny, Posy, Prudence, and Pauline choose their escorts for the night. I work the door with another bouncer to make sure the males who aren’t chosen don’t become rowdy.

M: Why don’t you, er work with your sisters?

We were both blushing by now.

P: I’m uh, not- I haven’t transitioned yet.

I looked around to make sure no one was listening.

M: I heard that you’re a Halfling.

P: What! Who told you that?

M: I have my sources, all confidential, I’m afraid.

P: Well, let me tell you something Ms. Avet, if word gets out about this, it could mean my life, so I hope you’re careful with what you know.

M: No one will know, trust me.

You guys won’t say anything, will you?

P: Then  yes, I am a Halfling. My mom, um, had an affair with a weretiger and er, had me. If my father’s streak finds out about me, it could have political…implications

I barely held back my ‘whoa’. I wanted to ask her more, but she was fidgeting, so I decided to change the subject.

M: Um, I’m to understand that you’re working with a werewolf on something?

Remember I said she had eerie gold eyes? Well, they’re really scary when she’s pissed off.

P: Yes. Connor Griffin. He’s the temporary Alpha of the Tall Pines Pack in Wolf Gap, Texas. He’s here looking for his nephew.

She was totally disgusted when she said his name, but she looked intrigued too. There was more to this story and I couldn’t wait to find out what.

M: Why don’t you like him?

P: Because he’s an arrogant ass! Oops.

Everyone had stopped to stare at us, especially the kid working behind the counter. In fact, he turned beet red and ran to the bathroom. Hm. When I looked back at Piper, her face was just as red.

P: He’s rude, overbearing…rude…nasty tempered…Sexy, okay? He’s friggin’ sexy. The ass.

M: O-kay, so why is he looking for his nephew here?

P: I don’t know. He asked to meet with my mom, but she sent me instead cause-

This was getting good!

M: Because?

P: Gah, I think she’s trying to get me to sleep with him.

M: Whoa. Why?

She looked around and leaned forward. I obliged her unspoken request for privacy.

P: Um, I have to lose my virginity to reach my full succubus potential and I think she wants Connor to do it.

M: Holy cow…you’re a virgin? How old are you?

Now she looked offended. I have a big mouth sometimes, but really, she’s a bloody succubus! Well, a succubus/weretiger Halfling, but she’s totally hot. Not that I’m into women, but all the men in the coffee shop were trying to watch her without getting caught.

P: I’m seventy-four, and I’m a virgin because…because I don’t know! I don’t…I don’t want to be a succubus, dammit. I want to fall in love with one man, have children, and be happy. But does mom get that? Noooo, she thinks I have this destiny to lead the house for her when she retires.

That was much more information than I thought I’d get, so I was content. Wow, so her mom was trying to get her to have sex. What a weird mother-daughter relationship!

M: And she wants Connor to do this?

P: She suggested it, not very subtly either. She’s always throwing men in my way. I’m almost tripping over them when I go out the house now.

M: That sounds awful.

Sarcasm, thou hast overcome me again!

P: It is horrible! These men don’t want to do anything but have sex. I want a partner, a friend…you know. I want to live like a regular woman. To them, I’m just a sex object.

M: Ouch. So what are you going to do?

P: I don’t know. Avoid Connor Griffin at all costs, if I can.

M: But I thought he was hot.

P: He is! He just hates succubi, okay? He hates me, and he doesn’t even know me.

At this point, Piper was near tears, so I couldn’t go on. Poor lass. Thrown in the path of a male (who is apparently very sexy, rude, arrogant, blah, blah, blah) who hates what she was by a mother who wants her to have sex with him. Wow, and I thought I had problems.

M: I’m sorry for upsetting you, Piper. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.

P: It’s okay. Everything seems to upset me these days.

M: How about I treat you to a Snickers Crush Iced Mocha?

P: That sounds good.

We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking the most divine drinks, and talking about romance books. Apparently Piper is as much a romance bookworm as I am. I just hope my interview with Connor goes a little better. Maybe I’ll wait a little longer before I meet with him.

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Ruby’s Interview

Hi all, once again I had trouble tracking down my prey for an interview, but I finally caught up with Ruby (or rather, her family caught up with me sneaking around their camp) at the camp of the Blood Maiden Tribe. Just FYI, these ladies are hell on wheels! I had so much fun with them, once they realized I wasn’t dangerous. As if!

The Blood Maiden Amazon camp is located BFE (or at least it seemed like it). It’s somewhere in Vermillion Parish, they wouldn’t let me tell you all exactly where. I’ll just say that it’s near a lake in the middle of nowhere. Going into the camp was an experience in itself. There’s this dirt track that sometimes goes under water and more often than not, you’re likely to see an alligator slipping away from the ‘road’ than you are anything else. It’s not the most habitable place I’ve ever been to, but I was determined to meet up with my heroine!

Ruby was working out when I got there, the tribe was doing the same. Someone had the Sex Pistols cranked up, so I didn’t have much trouble actually locating them. I did the ‘take me to your leader’ spiel and finally sat down with Ruby and her aunt, Queen Albreda, in this really sweet longhouse they built out there.

Ruby Fontenot-Blue of the Elk Fire Line’s stats:
Age: 30
Height: 6’2″
Weight: You NEVER ask a woman her weight and I wasn’t going to ask her
Eyes: Completely black, no pupil, iris, whites showing
Hair: Brownish red
Distinguishing features: Swirling red and orange tattoo beginning around her left eye in a swirling pattern that trails down her cheek, jaw, and thickening into a band around her neck. It was kick ass.

Danica: Hi Ruby! I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk with you forever! How are you?
Ruby: I’ve been better. My ass hurts-
Albreda: Cause she’s been falling on it so much. We have to get this girl trained up fast.
Ruby: Right. It’s nice to meet you, Danica. I’ve heard a lot about you.
D: So I’m guessing you heard from either Lucian or Jackson?
R: No, it would’ve been Pagan. She said you gave Lucian the third degree. Do you wanna be bff’s? (laugh)
D: So what can you tell me about Lucian.

People, let me just interrupt to let you know that Ruby is, and never will be, a push-over. She’s built like a brick house. I’d never want to meet up with her in an alley after stepping on her toes. But when I mentioned Lucian, she almost went all girly on me!

R: Not much to tell you about Lucian. I only met him about two weeks ago.
D: He’s hot (of course I’m not subtle, it’s not in my contract)
R: Yeah, he’s hot. But he’s also an ass. Do you know he kidnapped me and kept me at his house for almost two weeks?
D: So you’re saying the first day you met him, he kidnapped you? (I was sitting on the edge of my seat by now.)
R: Yes! I was having a nice dinner with some new friends I’d made, he walked in and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes!

I’m pretty sure I was drooling by this time. You all met Lucian. If he’d thrown you over his shoulder, wouldn’t you have been thrilled? I sure as hell would! I wanted to know more about what happened when he went caveman on her, but I am a professional.

D: Does he wear boxers or briefs? (Okay, I’m not all that professional!)
R: I should say ‘thong’, but he’d probably want to kill me. He goes commando.

We both fanned ourselves. That man without underwear…hubba, hubba!

D: So why did he kidnap you?
R: Ugh. You know I’m the last Lineage Chieftain, right? Well, he’s got this ‘duty’ to keep the Chieftain safe from big, bad Malachi and the Eturians, so he thought he’d just snatch me and I wouldn’t mind.
D: Could you tell our readers more about Lineage Chieftains?
R: Sure…uh, okay so I’m still learning about them. I wasn’t born to the role or anything. I didn’t even know I was an Amazon until recently. Anyway, the Lineage Chieftains have the ability to touch a person and see their entire family tree, past, present, and future. This is to help the Chieftain weed out who would make the best leader for their group.
D: That sounds so cool! How do you do that?

At this point, Ruby took off these fingerless gloves she was wearing to show me two circles tattooed on her palms. The circles looked like tribal wreaths and were colored in bold red and orange. They were very cool looking, but I didn’t want her touching me with them.

R: If I touch someone with my bare palm, I see their entire life, the lives of their families.
D: Wow, that must be mind boggling. So, what’s with the facial tattoo? What does it mean?
R: This is apparently the markings of my Chieftian line. I’m the last Chieftain of the Elk Fire line.
D: This whole thing must’ve taken some getting used to. How did you manage? You seem to be so at ease and comfortable with yourself that I can’t imagine you being surprised by anything.
R: Ha! I was a hermit, living alone in the swamps with nothing but my dog, Briggs, to keep me company and I liked it like that. I played my computer games, trapped in the swamp, shopped on-line. It was a good life. Julius, my predecessor, ended up in my shed and passed his abilities on to me. I panicked. The tattoos appeared out of nowhere and I had this weird Instinct guiding me. Pretty much, I was like a chicken with its head cut off.
A: She’s much better now, though. She’s finally come into her own.
R: With the help of my family and, yes, even Lucian, I’ve become the person I always wanted to be.

This was pretty profound. I’m not sure I was the person I wanted to be, but she seemed collected.

D: What kind of person did you want to be?
R: I want to belong. I wasn’t as happy alone as I thought I was. When I began moving around the Veil and learning more about the people within it, I realized that this is where I needed to be. The Veil needs my powers and I want to make a difference in the world. I can do that with them. Out there, in the mundane world, I was just another freak.
D: Wow. That is so amazing. I only have two more questions, if that’s okay?
R: Sure, I don’t mind.
D: What’s Lucian to you now?
R: Mais, that’s one helluva personal question!
D: I’m sorry…
R: It’s fine, I guess. I don’t know what he is to me. He’s sexy as all hell and I wouldn’t mind licking him from head to toes, but he’s bossy, over-protective, and he kidnapped me! It was also almost two of the best weeks of my life.
D: Last question. Where do you see yourself in five years?
R: I see myself living with my mother’s family (she gave her aunt a secret smile), helping the Veilerians who need me, and maybe meeting some nice, sane male to mate.
D: You don’t see Lucian in your future?
R: You just got your last question answered, sorry. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.
D: O-kay. Ruby, thank you again for agreeing to see me.
R: No problem. Do you want to hang around here a little? I think one of the hunters caught an alligator and we’re having it along with a fish fry tonight.
D: Hells yeah! (I’m a Cajun girl too, you know!)

So I got to hang out with the Blood Maiden tribe that night. They’re a group of fun-loving, rowdy, women who like to eat. A lot. I probably put on five pounds visiting with them, but it was worth it.

Look for Ruby and Lucian’s story, hopefully coming to a store near you before the end of the world.

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Lucian’s Interview

Hi all. I finally ran Lucian Ravenswaay down in New Orleans. I’m sure he let me do this since I’m not the most savvy and stealthy person on the planet. After pleading (pathetically) that he let me interview him, he agreed and we met up at his friend Jackson St. Marie’s bar, The Pit.

Lucian’s stats:
Age: 285
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 260
Hair: Black and red, shoulder length
Eyes: Green

He winked and people, this man has SEXY green eyes. I was drooling but he was gentlemanly enough to ignore it.

I was more than a little nervous. I mean, I KNOW who hangs out in this bar and I’m not talking about bikers. Jackie (he told me I could call him Jackie) was hanging out at the bar and looked far too amused to see little ole me trailing behind the Oculum-se. He sent over a drink. I guess he figured I needed Dutch courage to get through the interview. You can bet your sweet ass I gulped it down!

So, Lucian led me to a table in the back of the bar and I really didn’t mind walking behind him. He has the nicest derriere I’ve ever had the fortune to ogle. The front is even better, by the way. I kind of caught that by accident as he’d turned around while I was still looking at his butt. Niiice!

Without further ado, he sat me down and glared. It was time for the interview.

Danica: So, uh…thanks for meeting with me! (My voice was kind of squeaky…I hate it when it does that!)
Lucian: You didn’t give me much choice, Dani. You were making so much noise following me around, the demons were scared to come out.

He flashed a little fang, but I knew he wouldn’t go for my throat. I’m not really his type, like I’m O positive and he’s into rare.

D: What do you look for in a woman? (I decided to get right down to business. Have I mentioned he’s sexy??)
L: I like curves. I like a woman who doesn’t feel like she’s gonna break if I decide to play with her.
D: Have you met anyone who matches that description?
L: Only one person.
D: Um, okay. Do you have a favorite color?
L: Black, red, orange.
D: What’s the best night you ever had?

This is when he grinned and OMG people! OMG!! I think I wet my pants when he grinned, but back to the interview.

L: I was here one night when Pagan told me she found the last Chieftain. Man, I was hyped, but pissed off cause I’d wanted to hook up with these two blonds for some B&R-
D: B&R?
L: Blood and recreation.

L: Anyway, I went over to the Hotel d’Ours to wait for the Chieftain. I thought Pagan was joking with me when I saw it was a woman. Not just any woman either. This woman was stacked. Full hips, full chest, almost as tall as me.

Okay, I was jealous. This man was talking about a virtual Amazon if she was as tall as he was since he’s nearly six foot eight. He was also really into describing her body and I wasn’t going to look down at my own.

L: She was…wow.
Jackson: She was hot!
L: Shut the hell up! Don’t talk about her, or I’ll shove your head up your ass. Now, where was I?
D: She was wow.
L: Right, so I knew the minute I saw her, that she was gonna be something special. I wasn’t sure how special though.
D: What’s her name? Did you get it?
L: Chieftain Ruby Fontenot-Blue of the Elk Fire Line.
D: Where is she now?

His face closed up tighter than my mom’s when I asked her if she’d had sex before she married dad. I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth.

L: That’s classified.
D: Is it true that Malachi Cromwell, the Eturian leader, is after her?
L: He’ll die.
D: Um, okay. That’s fair. So, is it true what they say about vampires?

I really hadn’t meant that to sound so sexual, I had meant about the staking through the heart, sunlight and all that mess, but he’d just been about to take a sip of his Jack and Coke and spit it out all over me. I guess I need to work on my interviewing skills. Jackson appeared at the table and gave me a towel while smirking at Lucian. I really like Jackie.

L: What the hell kind of question is that?
D: I meant can you guys go out in the sun and all.
L: Oh. Okay, cause you’re cute, but I’m not interested.
D: Just answer the damn question! (I didn’t mean to shout, but he looked like he thought I meant business and not too insulted so I guess he would let me get away with it.)
L: Sheesh, calm down, lady! I didn’t mean to insult you. Hell. Before we transition, vampires are just like humans, but after the transition we become very similar to what you read about. We drink blood, we can go out in the sun, but it isn’t advised since it hurts after a while. We don’t live forever cause nothing is truly immortal, you cut some thing’s head off or stake something through the heart and it’s gonna die. We can’t make humans vampires, so don’t even ask.
D: Do you get that a lot?
L: What do you think? Ever since all those Underworld movies came out – by the way Kate Beckinsale in that catsuit thing?…mmm – we’re getting more people running to us if they suspect what we are. Could be at one time, we inspired fear. Now everyone wants to be bitten.

He wasn’t looking too happy, so I decided to change the subject.

D: What are your goals?
L: Get the Chieftain in a safe place, take out Malachi, finish this assignment and take over the seat I’ve been apprenticed to on Council.
D: For our new readers, what does the Oculum-se do?
L: The Oculum is the High Council spymaster and the Oculum-se is part of their network. We follow up on any rumors of rebellions, danger to the Council, and anything that might pose a problem for the Veil.
D: What do you do with the problems?
L: The Oculum trusts me enough to handle them how I see fit.

D: How so?
L: I eliminate problems.
D: O-kay…what is the Veil?

He sighed like he wanted nothing better than to throttle me.

L: The Veil is the community of ‘others’. We live parallel, within, and around your world. We are masters at blending in, well most of us are at least. Most of the time humans don’t even know we exist and we keep it that way. We hold jobs in every sector of the human world, but we only follow the laws of our High Council.
D: What races belong in the Veil?
L: Everything ‘other’, of course. (I think he was getting exasperated with me cause he rolled his eyes.) Vampires, werefolk, demons, angels, succubi, incubi, centaurs, minotaurs, elves, dwarves, fairies, you name it, we have it.
D: Can I get a copy of this for my website?
L: You realize that if you publish anything about the Veil, I’ll have to kill you.
D: Ha. Oh, you’re not joking. Um. I wouldn’t publish it per se…
L: Fine, I’ll loan you a book. Are we finished yet?
D: Just one more question: Where do you see yourself in five years?
L: Gods, I hate questions like that. Why do people ask that? Hell, I don’t know. I’ll be the Oculum and the Chieftain will be my sex slave. Now, are we done?
D: Sure, thank you so much!
L: Yeah, just don’t tell anyone about this, okay? I really would hate to kill you.

He walked away without another word. I spent several minutes trying to catch my breath. That was one intense male! Now I just have to figure out where Ruby is and get an interview from her too!


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