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End 2009 with a Fantasy Man

It’s finally here. The end of the year. I hate it so much. It just means time has slipped away from me again. To me, New Year’s Eve is one of the most emotionally charged holidays. From depression when you realize you didn’t do everything you wanted to, to elation that you have another year to look forward to, is it any wonder people drown themselves in drink on New Year’s Eve?

Now, once again the week is ending on a Thursday for me, which means I’ll be away from the computer on New Year’s Day. That means today is Fantasy Man Friday!

Since it is the end of the year, I knew we were going out with a bang, so I invited the fire department over to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

Um. Tee-hee!! This…is a man. Ooh my, yes. His hair needs to be trimmed a bit, or brushed at least, but who cares about his bloody hair??

Well, there you have it. Mr. End-of-2009-Fantasy-Man. What do you think? Do you think he can put out any er, fires that might sprout up?

Please have a safe, Happy New Year!


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2009 in Review

2009 turned out to be a year of changes and growth for me. Obviously my writing is a major factor, but my “real” life has had a lot to do with it as well. I wasn’t sure if I should try to compact 12 months of life into a post, but I’m going to attempt it.

The beginning of the year wasn’t looking all that great. I was stuck in a dead-end job, not seeing how it could improve though I’d been assured by the powers that be, that I was going to be moving along. It wasn’t until March that my hopes became reality. By April I had a promotion and an office move. It hasn’t been easy to learn the duties, but it was the best thing for me. I’ve never been happier in my professional life. It’s taken me nearly 10 years after college to get here, but it was a learning process. Honestly.

Spring came and I knew I needed to get back to the manuscript I’d started in August. I began writing again, seeing the end of my first novel in sight. I joined FF&P and suddenly I had a group of people struggling with my problems and dreams. It was the best decision I could’ve made, I think. By July 4th, my first manuscript, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose was finished. I danced around the house, shouting “Dudditz!” because I’d finally, finally finished my first novel.

September saw me at my first conference, pitching to editors for the first time ever. Meh. I was scared witless, but I came through the fire with two requests for fulls. At the same time, I was getting rejections, requests for partials, with more rejections from agents, but something was finally happening.

I began my second manuscript, Succubus-in-Waiting late September and finished it in mid-October. What a feat! It was so much better than Ruby that I instantly felt disloyal to my first manuscript. I couldn’t let that stop me though and began editing. Then, I came across a critique partner who has the means to help me make Succubus even better. We’re still editing and revising, but it’s okay. I’m not going to rush it.

November was NaNoWriMo and I decided the story that had been plaguing me since September needed to be written. I started Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous on November 1, fulfilling the required 50k words with four days to spare. What I didn’t expect, was for Lifestyles to become my best story yet. I’m attributing this to Jessa Slade’s plotting workshop. I’m still working on the story, but it’s so emotionally charged with dark and light elements, I couldn’t be happier.

December sees me still pounding away at the novel, with the hopes that I’ll have it completed by midnight on December 31st. Will that happen? I don’t know yet. I hope so. I couldn’t think of a better way to end this astonishing year than to write “The End” on my 3rd manuscript.

So what has the year taught me? That perseverance does have its rewards. I’ve learned that rejection isn’t the end of anything, merely a beginning. It’s a cycle, the torturous pleasure of writing, the pain of rejection, the joy of acceptance that repeats constantly with every manuscript you write, but it can’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams. There’s always another book to be written, another story to tell, other characters to fall in love with, you just have to put your head down and forge ahead. I also learned that supporting and being supported by fellow writers is a necessary part of the writing process. Share your pains and joys with others. Your mistakes/triumphs can only help someone else. 

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for everyone who visits this blog. I write this blog for myself, but I hope that you take away some information that can be useful to you somehow. Thank you.

What did 2009 teach you?


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On the Re-Make

Last week, I was stunned to see that Hollywood is coming out with a remake of The Karate Kid. The Karate Kid! I was flabbergasted! This is one of the greatest movies from the 80’s…can anyone replace Ralph Macchio as Daniel? Really. Can they? I was really…okay I was pissed off when I read about it. Then I watched the trailer. Hello! Jackie Chan is Mr. Han (no Mr. Miyagi). I love Jackie Chan! So now I’m thinking, “Okay, maybe I can watch the movie…it might not be so horrific after all.”

Then, later in the article I read, I saw that a remake of Clash of the Titans is coming out as well as Red Dawn, and a movie version of The A-Team. One of my favorite movies from my childhood was Clash of the Titans. I thought it was the coolest movie ever! Then I grew up. And realized as far as special effects went…it sucked my dog’s big toe. Seriously, it does! So I watched the trailer for the remake and I’M SO EXCITED!! It looks so good!! Whee! Marked that one on my list of movies to see. I always thought Clash of the Titans would be awesome if it was remade. I’ll find out when I see it.

Of course, this got me to wondering what other movies would be better if they were remade: Conan the Barbarian, The Beast Master (this was a cool movie…but could it be better?), Some Like It Hot, Running Man, It, (all of Stephen King’s books-to-movie, movies), etc.

So I started thinking. What movie/movies from your childhood (or anytime) would you not mind seeing Hollywood remake? What movie would you hate to see remade?


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Post Christmas Blahs

Is anyone else experiencing the post Christmas blahs? You know, you still feel bloated from Christmas dinner, tired from the anticipation of the big day, wanting nothing more than to sleep for 12 hours a day? Or is that just me?

Christmas was great. For the first time in years, my entire family was gathered. My brother-in-law was home for the first time in nine years, all the kids were there, my friend showed up, it was a packed house. I think at the peak, we had 25 people there, all of us trying to fit in my aunt’s house. Good times.

My baby (my godson) bought me an ABBA cd for Christmas. I think it was my favorite gift. I walked around the house singing ‘Take a Chance on Me’ and ‘Fernando’. Yes, I’m strange.

So how was your Christmas? Did you get to spend enough time with your family? Did they appreciate your gifts, did you get what you wanted?

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Christmas Fantasy Man

Well, it’s finally here. Tomorrow’s Christmas which means spending time with family and friends. We’re looking at a house full of people this year with new additions joining us for the first time. It should be interesting.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the next three days, but I can never let a week go by without giving everyone a Fantasy Man. I tried my best to find a sexy Santa, but all the ones I found were so…not attractive to me. Instead, I spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect specimen to show how appreciative I am for all of you who read this blog.

So, in light of the holiday season and the gift of giving…Here’s your Christmas Fantasy Man:

I try not to be crude, but seeing this picture, especially around Christmas gives me a lot of naughty thoughts. Mostly, it’s me thinking, ‘I hope he’s about to show me his candy cane!’ What do you think he’s saying or thinking?

Merry Christmas all, thank you for stopping by!

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Men: Strange Creatures

Many times my topics revolve around men and their strangeness. This post isn’t any different.

I have the unique opportunity to observe men in their many phases. Do you remember being in high school and watching boys jump to see how high they could hit a wall? Men do the same thing. Honestly. They do. They also play fight. These are things I remember seeing when I was a teenager when the boys around me were in their ‘growing years’. Seeing them do the same things as adults makes me wonder if they ever really mature.

Then there’s the Alpha syndrome. Some men seem to feel the need to follow another one. Case in point: there are two men who seem stuck together like glue. One of them I’ll see alone, but the other one only shows up with the first. They walk by my office and I think Alpha, Beta. It’s interesting, that’s all.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned how really awful it is to share a bathroom with this many men? The toilet seat is NEVER down, I’m afraid of wearing long jeans because I don’t want the hems dragging in ‘splash’, and they really don’t use air freshener like they should.

On another note, Christmas is seriously like right around the corner. I’m hoping for a fun day, but with my family it could be the start of WWIII. It just depends on my infantile uncles and what antics they get up to. Le sigh.

Do you have relatives who are almost guaranteed to ruin the holidays? Do you frequently have to reprimand your elders for their naughty tongues? For instance, I never know when my eldest uncle is going to start reciting Ode to a Vagina that he wrote, or if he’ll splash water on one of his sleeping sisters. These are things we have to deal with for holidays.

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If any of you are football fans, you may know about this already. However, if you’re not, then let me tell you about a big WHOOPS.

Sunday, the Oakland Raiders played the Denver Broncos. During a play, defensive tackle Tommy Kelly lost his pants. Yes, you heard me. His pants fell to his knees revealing nothing but a jock strap. Poor man. Luckily, the Raiders won so he would be able to sort of justify his embarrassment.

These sorts of things do happen, of course. But what about people just forgetting to put pertinent items of clothing on? Yes, it does happen. I remember a story my sister told me of junior high when a girl getting ready for gym class forgot to put her shorts on. She skipped out of the locker room in nothing but her T-shirt, panties, and shoes. Ouch.

No, I’m the person who starts a new job, goes to work dressed up…except for her fly which was open all day. No one told me!! Then there was the time I wore drawstring slacks to work…inside out and backwards. God. More recently, it’s been jean malfunctions. I’ve mentioned that before. Having a rip in the seat of my jeans and high-tailing it home.

So, what embarrassing things have you done, or witnessed? It’s confession time!

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The Mad Dash

Christmas is in sight. The cars are clogging the roads as shoppers make a mad dash for last-minute presents. Saturday, I joined the throngs of shoppers, not for my presents, but to help my sister find hers.

It was an adventure that I’ll hold in memory. My sister and I are horrible when we shop together. I always manage to spend more money with her than I do on my own. Not that she encourages me to shop, but because when I’m with her, I’m forced to look around instead of arrowing straight for what I went to the store for.

That wasn’t the only reason it was a fun time. My sister’s goofiness provided both of us with much hilarity. Like her taking a lady’s basket thinking it was her own. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the basket hadn’t been filled with the lady’s purchased items. Oh yes, my sister was mortified. Luckily, we have the ability to laugh at ourselves. Then, to make things even funnier, we waved madly at someone in a car we thought was her son. You know, out the window waving, honking the horn…only to find out it wasn’t her son. Meh. Between blushing and laughing, we ended up in the Christmas spirit.

What gets you in the mood for Christmas? On Christmas Eve, I like to ride around looking at Christmas lights. It’s entertaining and puts me in a great mood for the next day. What traditions do you follow to get you in the mood?


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Fantasy Man Friday

JOY! Today is Friday which means there’s another Fantasy Man coming your way!

Of course I’m going to take a few minutes to talk about something. Today’s topic is crazy weather. This week has been a mess. Rain, rain, and more rain. Tuesday night, we had so much rain that when I left my house on Wednesday morning, I was worried I’d get bogged down on the highway.

I got to work and it continued raining. We were hearing of school closures because of levee breaches, and all I could think was: They’re not going to let me get home. So when I drove home, I wasn’t terribly surprised to see a police roadblock. Unfortunately, my house was on the other side of the roadblock. The troopers wouldn’t let me drive through, telling me I needed to get back on the interstate. I can tell you know, the air was blue while I drove all the way around to get to my house.

I went a very round about way and when I get to the bridge before my house, guess what I see? Not a single puddle on the road. What were they protecting me from? Oh, I know, they were doing their job, but they added forty-five minutes to my commute. (I’m such a whiner.)

So in honor of the police officer who was so rude to me, here’s today’s Fantasy Man.

I can promise you, the officer I talked to looked nothing like this! I mean, if he had, I’d probably have offered him a ride to the next, er roadblock…ahem. Do all officers look like that under their uniforms? No, I know they don’t but could you imagine if they did? You’d have women committing crimes daily! I’m on the point of finding where this officer works, stealing some whipped cream…shutting up now!

Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

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Connor’s Interview

Connor Griffin was next to impossible to meet with. If possible, he was a harder interview than Lucian was (and you all remember Lucian’s interview.). I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. They are friends after all.

So, when Connor finally agreed to meet with me, it wasn’t where I expected. Um, we met at his hotel. I’m blushing while I write this! He’s sexy, possibly even sexier than Lucian and that’s really saying something!

Connor’s stats:

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 250

Hair: Brown hair

Eyes: Blue (Crystal blue people!)

Have I mentioned he’s drop dead sexy? Oh. Okay, just making sure I didn’t forget to mention it because he’s muy caliente!

Danica: Connor! Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

Connor: Lucian said you were okay. He said you might be able to help me find someone. Have you seen this werewolf?

He thrust a picture under my nose of a…well, a werewolf in human form. I’d never seen the man before in my life. Have I mentioned that Connor is um, intense?

D: Um, no, sorry. Is he the nephew you’ve been looking for?

C: How do you know about him if you’ve never seen him?

D: I interviewed Piper Fairhaven the other day.

Remember those ice blue eyes? Those gorgeous eyes surrounded by thick, long eyelashes that give him a sleepy-eyed look? Well, they began swirling with amber until I swear, I was looking into the eyes of a wolf! I almost peed my pants cause really, this was an honest to God werewolf I was talking to!

C: Her. What did she say about him? Did she lie to me?

D: Um, nothing, and no. You do realize this is my interview, right? You’re supposed to answer my questions.

C: Hmph.

D: So…you’re the Alpha of your pack?

C: Just until my nephew is ready to take it over.

D: But your nephew’s fully grown! Why can’t he take it over now?

C: He’s barely out of transition. Okay, maybe not barely. He’s fifty-two, but I don’t think he’s ready for the responsibility. Look what he’s got me doing! Instead of being with his pack, learning how to lead it, he takes off for the bright lights of Cypress Point!

I have a feeling at this point, my face was showing just how crazy I thought he was. Cypress Point has maybe two stop lights, barely a thousand residents, and no nightlife that I know of.

D: Um. Okay. How do you know Lucian? How’s he’ doing by the way?

C: We were in the Guild Academy together. I hadn’t seen him for a while, but it looks like he’s doing fine. Mated, enjoying fatherhood it looks like.

D: What about you? Do you have a mate picked out?

C: Gods, no! My nephew is the one who’ll be providing cubs for the pack. No mates, no kids for me.

D: Well, what do you plan to do when he takes over the pack?

C: I’m going to return to my studies. I write historical texts on the Veilerian races. It’s very time consuming, but history is a passion for me.

D: Oh, me too!

I totally giggled, but I don’t run across many history buffs who look like him!

D: Right. So what did you think of Piper?

C: She’s a succubus.

D: Yes. What did you think of her? She seemed nice to me, funny too.

C: She’s a succubus. They’re all charming and fun until they kill you. Well, maybe not you cause you’re female.

D: Um. Why don’t you like succubi?

I instantly realized this was a bad question. His face went from somewhat friendly, to downright hostile. This is when I started to think I shouldn’t have agreed to meet with him in his hotel room. I mean, HELLO! he’s a werewolf! He could kill me without even blinking.

C: A succubus killed my brother. They’re nothing but filthy soul suckers.

D: Okay. Well, um. She seems to like you.

It was a lie, and he knew it because he laughed. Going from pissed off to laughing, yeah I like.

C: She hates my guts. Okay, you want to know the truth? She’s the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen in my life. She makes me feel crazy. I want to push her away, then chase her down like prey.

I gulped loudly. That was soo sexy!

D: So are you going to see her again?

C: I don’t know, probably. She’s my only link to finding my nephew right now. I hate dealing with succubi, but if she knows where he might be, or knows someone who does, she hasn’t seen the last of me.

D: I just have a few more questions, easy ones, I swear.

C: Fine, fine. Not like I have anything else to do.

D: What’s your favorite color?
C: Gold.

D: Where do you see yourself in five years?

C: What’s with people asking that? I’m not an Oracle, lady. I can’t predict the future, but I’d like to see my nephew as the Alpha, and myself in my library learning.

D: How will you get Piper to see you again?
I shivered. He gave me this slow smile, his amber eyes turned smoky, and hubba, hubba-woo-woo! If he had asked, I’d have stripped. I mean, not stripped. I’d have slapped his face and told him I’m not that kind of girl!!

C: She won’t have a choice, but to see me again. And I think that’s all the questions for now.

D: S-sure! Thank you, Connor, for taking time out to do this.

C: No problem, and if you see my nephew,  you’ll let me know?

D: Of course…

And just like that, I found myself standing in the hallway of the hotel. I’m not entirely sure how I walked across the room and through the door without noticing, but it probably had something to do with a hand on my elbow, and a beautiful man distracting me. I almost stomped my foot in frustration, then I realized…things are only going to get better between Connor and Piper, and I’d have a front row seat!

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