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Black No. 1

Happy Halloween! I hope my East coast friends are doing better today and that the rest of y’all are in the mood for spooky stuff today. Well, okay maybe not spooky. I’m playing a song. That’s it. I have no special effects, no ghost stories, nothing frightening at all. Unless you’re scared of a very short blog post.

It’s been a fun week. Caveman Christian kicked it off with his very lively, fun interview and Caveman Justin will be wrapping the week up with his entertaining answers. But we have to get through Wednesday and Thursday first. Get your questions ready for this hilarious and enterprising man! That’s probably why this post is so short. I need to preserve my quips and witty comebacks for Friday.

Anyway, today we have the last of the “black” themed songs. I saved the best for last, really. It’s perfect since it is All Hallow’s Eve and Type O Negative is an iconic goth metal band. Peter Steele had the whole vampire-eat-your-face-off-or-screw-you-blind thing going on for him. He was an entertaining guy. I remember watching an interview with him and he got the journalist all flustered with his sex appeal. He was a Playgirl centerfold, wrote about witches and vampires and blood and sex. Yeah, he had it going on.

So for those of you who are going out tonight and you’re feeling all dangerous and sexy, give Black No. 1 a listen and enjoy.

Happy Halloween!

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Caveman Christian

It took us a little longer to get to this point than I’d anticipated, but here we are. A new week with a special twist. TWO men for you this week. Oh yes, you heard me. TWO sexy, interesting men to ease you into the start of holiday season.

It’s Monday. Boo. But, I have a special treat for y’all. Call it inspired, call it stalking, call it whatever you want, but I’m going to be putting the spotlight on real fantasy men. You heard me right! Over the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting those hunky, muscled cover models for Ellora’s Cave.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of them and they’re the sweetest, most  flexible men you’d ever want to meet. Heh. Uh, I meant flexible in that they’re helpful…and other things. Oh I’m shutting up now.

Today we have the first of our Cavemen, Christian. I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Christian in a loin cloth and peacock feathers. ‘Nuff said. Let’s hear from Christian. If you have any questions you’d like to ask him, do so in the comments. He’ll be stopping by periodically to answer them!

Danica: What’s your favorite/least favorite part of being a model/dancer?
Christian:  Looking at this question I’m realizing two things.. the first
one being that I guess I’m the only Caveman who  has never been
a dancer, which in turn leaves me with the second realization suddenly
of why those guys are such damn good dancers!  Honestly, when I first
heard the guys talking about La Bare, I thought they were talking
about some bear from France. So again, I have no experiences to pull
from as a dancer but I have plenty to pull from being a cover guy. My
first cover was the cover of IronMan Magazine in 1996 and the last one
I was on came out last month with roughly 450 covers in between that
Truthfully there are SO many “favorite” parts to love, I can’t pick
just one.  Being continuously on International covers gives you
opportunities that most people never realize exist, let alone never
As a trusted and recognizable face within the health and fitness
industry, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel all over the world
speaking on the benefits of health, fitness and a life I’m fortunate
enough to be living.
Meeting incredible people, like yourselves makes my life that much better.
So I guess to answer the question, the best part of being a cover
model for me is I get to travel the world, meet tons of interesting
people and I get paid to do it.

Danica: What were you like in high school? Jock? Nerd? Cheerleader? Teacher’s pet?
Christian: I was literally that quintessential skinny kid who got beaten up daily
for his $1.25 in lunch money.  Being the nerd of the school AND being
the focus of the school bully for years doesn’t exactly win you
friends OR girlfriends. At fifteen years old, I’d finally had
enough…so I ran away and never went back. From five years old and
until the day I left, I’d lived in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and I found
myself that junior year of high school in Fairfax, Virginia. It was
then that my life took a drastic departure from what I’d been used to.
Never really ever having new kids move into that tiny town I lived in,
I’d never witnessed what I now know to be the strange Universal law
that the “new kid” in school is automatically thrust into the school
lime lite, thus being thrust into “popularity” actually by default.
Ultimately it becomes your choice to either find a way to remain
popular or digress back to the shadows and the Land of Misfit Toys.  I
had never felt anything like “popularity” before…I liked it….and I
still do.

Danica: What’s one place in the world you’d like to visit and why?
Christian: The one place I’d like to visit is the Congo.  I really want to go
someplace as untouched by man as possible.  Personally, when I travel,
I like to live the the locals do. It’s the only way to truly experience their culture.  Eating at KFC in Bali, Indonesia just doesn’t feel quite right.

Danica: Do you have a favorite band? One you’d like to see live in concert?
Christian: Depending on my mood, my preference for a favorite band changes. I’ve always liked Nickelback and havent had the opportunity to see them in
concert yet…so I guess today it’s Nickleback!   🙂

Danica: What made you want to become a Caveman?
Christian: You know, I didn’t realize how cool it is to be a Caveman until after
I’d already become one.  Six years ago my good friend and photographer
extraordinaire, Syneca Featherstone, introduced me to Ellora’s Cave
and all the wonderful and interesting people who ARE Ellora’s Cave.
It was and always still is fun and exciting to venture into the sexy
kinky world E.C. and you guys, the readers, the authors, and the fans
have created. I love people who aren’t afraid to speak their
minds…and from the few things I’ve read coming out of Ellora’s Cave
Publishing, you guys have no problem saying exactly what you want to.
I like that!

1. Beach or Mountains? Beach
2. Boxers, briefs, commando? All three, depending on the situation and my mood
3. Favorite movie? Conan the Barbarian (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) is the movie that changed my life so from a sentimental standpoint, it’s that one BUT I LOVE the movie The Fountain…and Love Actually…shit, do I really only get to  pick one??
4. Favorite food? Italian
5. What kind of cologne do you wear? It’s called Scent, by Christian Boeving

This is for Cristal: How do you feel about Canadian women?
I LOOOOOOVE Canadian women!  It’s one of the few places on the earth
where the beauty of the place (at least Vancouver and a few other
places I’ve been to) matches the beauty of the women, both inside and
out. I’m not sure if it’s something in the water they drink, the
purity of the environment or the fact that “eh” is an actual word that
they use but Canada, I LOVE YA!!

Now for the fan question:
Caveman Fan asks: She has a copy of your Playgirl spread. Will you sign it for her?
And yes, I’d be happy to sign that for her.   🙂

Um…*drags her gaze away from the picture* Uh. Thanks, Christian! Uh. he…I think he had a question for y’all about book covers. What do y’all want/like to see on a book cover? What do you hate?

Now y’all, its your turn to ask him some questions. He didn’t seem fazed at all when I warned him y’all might try to make him blush. Julianne, I’m talking to you! So go for it. He’s going to be popping back on the blog Monday and Tuesday to make up for the technical difficulties that’s plagued his interview, so take advantage of him.  I mean, of his uh, generosity 😉


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Just a Tease

I bet you thought this post was Cavemen Christian’s interview, didn’t you? Ha! I know, we’re such awful teases.

We’re having technical difficulties.

But I couldn’t leave y’all hangin’ completely. I know how much y’all were looking forward to seeing Caveman Christian and learning more about him. He’ll be here. I promise. In the meantime though, please enjoy a little eye candy.

Now aren’t you glad you visited? Be sure to check back because when the interview goes live, it’s on like Donkey Kong!



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Are y’all ready? Tomorrow is Caveman Christian’s spotlight day here on the blog. Make sure you have your stash of emergency rations before you click on the post. I wouldn’t want anyone to starve because they can’t leave to get food.

I hope you’re making a list of questions to ask the guys in the comments. They’ve promised to try to stop by a few times to answer and I wouldn’t want anyone to leave Unearthly Musings unsatisfied. Be bold, be creative.

But we still have one full day to go before Christian descends upon the blog to wreak havoc on you poor unsuspecting women. In the meantime, there’s a giveaway going on over at Close Encounters of the Night Kind. The lovely Nikki is giving away winner’s choice of one of my Ellora’s Cave Cajun Heat books, Primal Song (Cajun Heat 1) or Primal Design( Cajun Heat 2). The giveaway lasts for a few days, so take advantage of it the way you want to take advantage of the cavemen.

Oops. Did I say that out loud? *blush* ‘Scuse me, my friends. I need to go surf for pictures of the guys. Le sigh. It’s such a long,  hard…job. Hell. I’m going to shut up now.

Stop by tomorrow!

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It’s Black

We’re still moving at a fast clip for the month of October. I’m not blogging about RomantiCon anymore (as much), but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on those smexy cavemen. Do you blame me? Really?

This Friday,  I hope to have a very special guest on the blog, but I’m keeping who under wraps for now. And no, that isn’t a euphemism for anything. I swearz!

So we’re still in the Black theme this month and I can’t believe I forgot about this song. I swear I must hear it at least once a day on the commute to/from work. It really gets me revved up and ready to go. This is usually when my foot presses on the accelerator a little harder. *cough*

The band is called Trivium. They have a few songs I really like, but I think this one will be my favorite. It’s called Black. Prepare to have your hair blown back.

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The Bad Stuff

It’s been a little over a month since I quit smoking. I was using Chantix to help me and it helped. It really did, I won’t lie and say I was able to do it on my own. This time of quitting was a lot harder than last time. I’m not sure why, but there you have it. The cigarettes had a tighter hold on me the second time I started than they did the first time around.

But that’s not what I’m blogging about today. It’s related though, so follow along on a rambling blog post…

No. I was at my nephew’s birthday party on Saturday and one of his great-aunts asked me how I come up with my stories. I just kind of shrug because how can I answer that? Stories come to me. I don’t go to them. And I was having some major trouble luring them my way.

Yesterday I talked about my muse returning from the red-light district in Amsterdam and I swear that’s what it feels like. This is where the first part of the blog post comes into play. My last book came out September 19. Since then, I’ve had vague ideas, but hadn’t been able to write them. Then I went on the Chantix…

And it was over. I was done for. There was no writing to be done. I could barely even blog about anything. The Chantix mellowed me out too much. I couldn’t get worked up, pissed off, interested, excited about anything. I think the real reason I’m so enamored of RomantiCon is because I stopped taking the Chantix while I was there and it burned the fog of drugs away.

Danica has stepped out again and the sun feels damn good. My muse is no longer stoned out of her mind. I’m dreaming about the cavemen. Okay, it wasn’t illicit or anything, dammit. I was really hoping for something naughty. What do I get? Taylor Cole working on my house. And no, he wasn’t naked. *mutters*

Anyway. I’m writing again. I’m excited about projects and feeling more like the Danica who could throw out a 50k word story in two weeks. Woot! Now if I can keep away from anything else that will distract me…Ooh! Cavemen!

Oh! By the way, I have a special Caveman Spotlight this Friday…An interview, so if you want to know something about Caveman Christian, be sure to stop by!


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The New Me?

There’s something different about me. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think RomantiCon was actually good for me.

Sure, I only slept about 12 hours in four days, but I came back home happy and…different. No, I’m not howling at the moon unless it’s a tight, bare ass, in which case, I can’t seem to help myself. No, the change is for the better, I believe. I could actually kick myself for not going to this conference before now because it was better for me than any other has been.

I promise y’all, Ellora’s Cave is not endorsing this blog 🙂

I’m not knocking the other conferences. They’ve been fun and I’ve met a lot of people, but as my writing has progress into sexier, naughtier territory, my comfort among other authors has decreased, especially when I’m talking with young adult authors, or inspirational authors. Yes, we all share the writing gene and we all understand writer’s block, but it’s difficult to say ‘I just can’t come up with a good sex scene that isn’t the same as the others’ or ‘is it okay to use cunt in a love scene’? If I said that with those authors, they’d kind of look uncomfortable and change the subject. With my EC sisters (and brothers), it’s ‘Why don’t you do this?’ or in one spectacular author’s case ‘There’s an app for that’. Yes, there is an app for sex positions and some of them look downright painful unless you’re Stretch Armstrong.

There was never the feeling that I should watch what I say. If anything, it was a free for all for every thought I’ve ever had at a conference. And since then I feel…free. Comfortable in my own skin. Confident that no, I’m not a complete freak and if I am, there are a lot of others just like me so ner!

But attitude isn’t all that’s changed. My habits have changed. Okay, so I might be suffering from a touch of insomnia, but I can live with that. I’ve done it before. No, what’s really weird is that I haven’t read a dozen books since I’ve been home. I’ve read one and a half, the half is what I’m still working on. Instead of me drinking my coffee and reading several chapters first thing in the morning, I work out, then drink my coffee while I do a little writing.

This can only mean one thing: I’m feeling the muse. She’s back from Amsterdam, free of funky smoke and alcohol. She has ideas she can’t wait to share with me and drags my ass out of bed at 3:30 in the morning to start my day. She doesn’t give a shit that I want to bury my head in the pillows and dream of cavemen (which hasn’t happened yet). She’s become a right bitch, to be honest. Like a drill sergeant on crack. Write, write, write!

And so I am. Writing = good. Sober muse = good. Muse in Vegas watching Thunder Down Under = bad unless she returns with inspiration for a story. So yes, I do believe I like the “new” me who has a muse tossing ideas out left and right. I like the confident Danica who’s almost a hundred percent certain she can write one hell of a good story.

Thank you, my fellow EC authors for dragging the new Danica into the light. You’re probably going to regret this. Bwaha!



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RomantiCon: The Men

That’s what you were waiting to find out about anyway, wasn’t it? Just those sexy, studly men in their tight jeans or those black pants they wore for the Fever dance number. *swoons* Holy cow. Holy. Cow. I have no doubt that by the time this conference ended, the readers and authors were a little ab-dazed. You know, from staring at six-packs for four solid days, being close to those said abs, maybe even touching them.

Hell, I’m about to swoon again.

I was scared to death the first 24 hours of that conference. It’s hard for me to explain. I love the menz. I love looking at the menz, the more muscles the better. Yet seeing men in that kind of physical condition in person is a lot different from seeing them on television or the big screen. My sister-in-law will attest to the amount of noise I made for Magic Mike. She said “You moaned the entire time!” Can you just about imagine what it was like to walk among these guys? To take pictures with them?

‘Scuse me for a moment while I get a bib.

This was my face of terror. Sheer terror.

They’re total sweethearts. That’s probably worst than them being arrogant, good-looking guys. At least if they were assholes I could turn off the fangirlness. But they were darling and nice. Damn them. No, they were great. When they talked to you, it was as though you were the only woman there. That’s a gift we can’t let other men know about because god help us if they discover the cavemen’s secret weapons: attentiveness and confidence.

There’s even more terror now, but I think I’m too hidden by muscled bodies to see it.

This is Nick in a lewd pose with his statue.

There was Nick who won Alpha Caveman. He was the Zumba dancing, dimple flashin’ (the ones on his face, haha) sweetie pie. He was everywhere I looked, dancing, smiling, charming the ladies. Le sigh, he let me sniff him. He smells delicious by the way.

This is the only picture I took without blinking. I have sensitive pupils!

Ryan, the South African hunk who reminded me of Thor while he was wearing his Spartan costume *swoon*, turned out to be a talented artist. He’s got this amazing Sith African accent that reminds me of Cade from Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark and I do love me some Cade. Yowsa.

Bryan, a tall, lean drink of water with heavenly blue eyes, had a smile that made me want to blush even as he made me feel at ease with him. I think he was the tallest of the cavemen. If I’m wrong, someone feel free to correct me. With a spanking, but it seemed as though all of the tall readers and authors gravitated toward him. I did too but only because I’m an equal opportunity groper. Heh.

After this dance I was kind of like ‘yeah, I can handle this’.

Georgio, oh Georgio, wherefore art thou Georgio. I have a severe crush on him. It’s because he spanked me. *shrug* So I’m easy. I never said I wasn’t. Spank me, pound and grind against me like a beast in full rut and I’ll love you for life. Oh and do it all with a thick, Hungarian accent and hello, nurse!

He’s looking for someone to snack on. *bounces up and down in her chair*

Then there was Eli. I kept telling everyone I wanted to fold him up and put him in my pocket he was so darling and innocent looking. That was until I saw him give the lap dance instructor a lap dance. Yes, he gave that woman the kind of dance I’m sure will stick with her for the rest of her life. Ay yi yi!  Sneaky man. His secret weapon is his seeming innocence which he uses to lure the womenz to him. Gotta love it.

 I ended up talking with Justin for a long time about his book, his life. He’s a very fascinating man. Add in the fact that he has  muscles on top of muscles, a beautiful smile and yeah, I was staring at him. And trying not to think about him sitting in my lap. Then you throw Taylor Cole in the mix and you have a lethal combination. *fans herself* Oh yes, Taylor has this sly smile like he knows things. Lots of things and if you peeked into his mind you’d probably cream your panties. Uh-huh. Texas boys…gotta love them.

Taylor Cole is on the left and Justin is on the right. Their book, Take It Off, is something else!

Am I finished yet? No! Because there were a few men I didn’t get the chance to talk to, but who were definitely heavenly to look at and watch dance. Did I mention these guys could dance like nobody’s business? They could and they were amazing at it. Ace took over the dance floor every time he showed up. This man has moves that made me wonder if he even had vertebrae because god knows I would’ve thrown my back out doing anything he did. As it is, I think Georgio attempted to break my money-maker with his super-sonic hip thrusting skills. *cough* David was simply beautiful. Ay yi yi…I’m biting my knuckle because yeah…oh wow. Thick eyelashes, a beautiful tan, gorgeous body and a smile that could knock a woman sideways. And lest I forget Cole, he was another one of the cute ones who made me want to take him home with me. I wouldn’t have violated him. Honest. At least I’m sure I wouldn’t have unless he happened to give me a shy smile. Then it would be on.

*sigh* So many men, so many men. Did you know they’re going to be visiting my blog over the next few weeks? Oh yes, you know Danica was working her mojo and getting email addresses, facebook accounts…phone numbers. For work! Honestly. Maybe. Ahem.

I hope y’all are ready because while RomantiCon is over for a year, the cavemen are still around, looking sexy, buff and moving in ways that have to be illegal in at least 32 states.


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RomantiCon: The Conversations

If you’re easily offended, now is the time to close this post.

I didn’t realize just how much I hold back until this conference. There are a lot of things I avoid saying so as not to offend people. I want everyone to like me. However, I’m an erotic romance writer. I’m going to offend a lot of people who don’t understand the genre, so you know what? Fuck it. You heard me, I said it. Fuck it. I’m going to let it out and hope I don’t lose that many readers.

The conversations I had at RomantiCon varied greatly. It could have been something as serious as relationships that are rocky to losing someone important. Or it could have been something completely silly and hysterical. If you were sitting at a table with me the last night, the phrase “Shoulder holder” should have significant meaning to you. That and Oklahoma. Which now every time I see/hear that word I immediately want to stretch out to make myself as flat as possible.

Then there was the book signing. I was sitting right next to Lea Barrymire who is a bad influence. I swear she was trying to get me in trouble. It started off innocently enough, with me calling over one of the cavemen to talk about interviewing him for the blog. He crouched in front of me to talk and my brain must have gone on hiatus to have all of that attention on me. *fans herself* Hell, my heart is fluttering just thinking about it. Did I care that he’s the same age as my nephew? Nope.

Anyway, I’m giving him my spiel about the blog process and interview and when I get to the part where I ask if he has any subjects that are taboo, he says, “I don’t understand. You’re not going to ask me if I fuck barnyard animals or something, are you?” Oh. My. God. I’m so glad I was able to keep calm, but inside I was dying from laughing hysterically. No, we are not asking the cavemen that question, people. But man, that was hilarious.

So while I have this gorgeous man at my table (which my phone autocorrected to twaddle), I saw a few readers checking him out. I called them over so they could meet him and chat. Once he left, Lea and I spoke with the ladies about Ohio and the Amish and…was there a burlesque dancer in there as well? I seem to recall asking her about pasties. Hm. *shrug* Somehow we got on the topic of menage stories and the fact that no matter how careful the men are in a m/f/m sandwich…there’s going to be touching. There might have even been mention of balls slapping together.

It was at this point that an Ellora’s Cave staff member walked up with a video camera. He stopped, backtracked and said, “What was that?”

Normally I would have turned beet red and changed the subject. However, there must be something in the air at the hotel…testosterone maybe? The same hormone that drives women wild and men to do crazy things? I don’t know really. But yes, I told him exactly what we were talking about which then led to a discussion about double balls or quad balls and well it really just went downhill from there.

And sadly enough, this was the most tame conversation I had there. It was freeing and relaxing to know I could say something that would normally be interpreted as disgusting and uncouth without being judged. That’s the best part about RomantiCon. I could tell Sasha Devlin I was jealous of her boobs without her thinking it was sexual. I loved every part of the conversations had with the ladies I met, not to mention you never knew what you were going to get when you spoke with the cavemen.

I’ve managed to drag out this entire week without talking exclusively about the men. Well, tomorrow’s about the smexy menz of Ellora’s Cave. My recommendation is that you get a bib, make sure you’re in a locked room and have a clean pair of panties available because these men are h.o.t.


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RomantiCon: The Music

Don’t be shy! I see y’all stopping by the blog but no one commenting. If you don’t want anyone to know your name, just make a fake on, but please leave a comment. I won’t bite.  Hard, unless you ask me to.

Of course I’m going to talk about the music for the convention. It just so happens to fit in with my What’s Playing Wednesday theme. Before I get to that though, remember I need questions to ask the cavemen when they stop by the blog. Post your question for them in the comments and I’ll forward them to the guys.

Now back to the What’s Playing Wednesday post. I’m not a dancer but you couldn’t have guessed that from this weekend. I played music because according to my band director, I had no rhythm for dancing. I can shake my butt (which is easy since there’s so much of it), but I found myself dancing, or rather doing my version of dancing, nearly every night of this convention. In fact, I was strongly reminded of college, when I used to go out every night of the week. I’d always start off in my chair, doing what I called “chair dancing”, before I ended up on the dance floor. By the 2nd party, I was dragging other people out on the dance floor.

This behavior didn’t come without its downsides. Each morning I would swing my legs over the side of the bed and eye the floor warily because walking hurt. Standing hurt. My ass, my thighs and my feet hated me. But I couldn’t sit down and watch everyone else have fun. It had absolutely nothing to do with the cavemen dancing in the crowd. I swear. I didn’t dance with any of them. I didn’t stand behind them and stare at their tight asses as they gyrated in ways that’ll haunt me until I see it happen again. And again and again. *shivers*

But we’re talking about music, not glistening skin with rippling muscles and jeans that barely clung to tight, little butts you could bounce a quarter off of. We were talking about music. Right. Music….um. There was music playing. Um, dance music. Throbbing bass, catchy lyrics, you know the deal. It’s not something I listen to often. In fact, by the time I got in my car at the airport yesterday, I was parched for heavy metal and rocked out on the drive home.

The guys can dance to just about anything and make it look as though they’d practiced it a million times. These are some amazing dancers. Seriously amazing. I just missed screaming guitars and screaming lyrics and headbanging something awful. *sniff* Maybe next year I’ll sing something my speed to get the party started.

Nah, I want people to like me, not chase me from the room with torches and pitchforks. 😉

Be sure to stop by the rest of the week to find out about what else went on at RomantiCon 2012!


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