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Blog Hoppity Hops

It’s very unusual for me to post anything on Saturday, but today I wanted to be sure to share some awesome giveaways with y’all.

First off, we have the Loving Dangerously Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop. My buddy, A.M. Griffin is celebrating her Loving Dangerously Series with a gigantic giveaway. It’s also a scavenger hunt and it kicks off tomorrow. I wish I could say that post was going live because I hit the “publish” button, but I’ll be out painting New Orleans red with Griffin. Yeah, you heard me. We’re going to be…probably sleeping off the day of decadence we have planned, but just check out the blog on Sunday to jump on the hop!

Loving Dangerously 1

Then, there’s the amazing Six-Pack Stud-a-thon Blog Hop. Oh yes…you heard me, a Stud-A-Thon! A whole bunch of studly, sexy men with six packs are giving away prizes like signed calendars, posters, etc. and then the blog hosts are giving away treats as well! How can you possibly go wrong? If you’d like to sign up for this blog, just check out the directions listed on the sign up. Simple as that!

SPS_Bloghop_button (1)

And finally, there’s the Cabal of Hotness’ Big Cocks and Broomsticks Blog Hop. Yup, we had so much fun with the Big Cocks and Shamrocks Blog Hop, we’re doing it again. This time around we’re having a grand prize and, cross your fingers, two runner up prizes as well as whatever our blog hop hosts choose to give away. That starts October 21, so there’s plenty of time to sign up if you want to participate! Just click here:

Big_Cocks_and_Broomsticks_Button (3)

And that’s it! If you like to win prizes, or like to join blog hops, this post should take care of that for you. Hope to see y’all around!


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Um Yeah

I hope everyone has had a good week. I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things here at the evil day job. It would help if I could sleep through the night without waking up at least twice. But we all have our crosses to bear. This weekend though….Oh this weekend isn’t as innocent as last weekend. There’s no trivia night in sight. Nope. Seems that A.M. Griffin is going to be in town which means we’re going to go buck. Wild. In New Orleans.

I’ve warned Lea Barrymire she might get a phone call at some point asking for her to hit up the Cabal funds to bail us out of jail. I’ve even warned my sister she might get a call but she told me I was on my own since I wouldn’t let her stalk Peyton Manning. Whatever. Anyway, we’re going to be tearing it up in the Quarter this weekend. Just not too much I hope. I am still recovering from surgery. If we hit a strip club I can only wave my dollar bill with my left hand. Darn it.

But we’re not at the weekend yet. And it’s a three-day weekend at that which means most people are going to be kicking back chillin’ or sleeping as much as possible (the way I want to) or barbecuing and stuff. And you need inspiration to get down to your groovin’ or grilling or even your sleepin’. Which is why we’re have Freaky on Fridays.

Yup, it’s another chance for me to play DJ (and if you have songs you want to feature, let me know and I’ll add them to my list) and share songs that will kick off your weekend. Sexy songs, party songs, anything that I feel is a good way to start off your Friday night fun. I’ll also be including once a month guest posts. I’m working on getting my guests lined up now and hope to start that in September. It’ll be fun!

So…I’ll admit I changed my mind about what song I was going to play because I just heard it in the car and this song took me back to a time when I was sitting in a theater watching Channing Tatum hump a stage. It was the first time I ever found myself jealous of an inanimate object. I’ll also admit I only went to see Magic Mike for Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello. Until I saw Channing Tatum perform to this song. Is it superficial? Yes. But as Lea told me, at least I’m honest. Because holy snikey, but this song puts me in the mood. Like Pavlov’s dog, I associate it with uber sexiness.

Happy Friday y’all. Have a safe weekend and sit back, let this song work on your mind…and if you’ve seen Magic Mike…picture Channing Tatum dancing on you like a good bad boy. *sigh*





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Not Quite Radioactive

Last week I shared one of the annoying songs I had to listen to this summer. I make it sound a lot worse than it was. My cousin’s daughter actually kept me highly entertained. I know, how wrong is it that I found an 11 year old hysterically funny? Well she is. She’s a cool kid and I loved spending time with her.

Of course now she thinks I’m going to be spending next summer with her as well. I had to explain that I was only home because of my shoulder and unless I win the lottery, I’ll be slaving away at work at all times. I miss those days, don’t you? The ones where you thought adults got to have all the fun and take time off when they wanted to. There’s nothing quite like graduating from high school to turn that reality light on again.

But that isn’t what I’m talking about today. Honestly. We’re talking about the music I’ll forever associate with a blonde haired, blue-eyed, freckled angel-demon type child. And that’s this song. Which is actually a pretty kick ass song. I really do like it. And so did my cousin’s daughter. Every time it would play on Nickelodeon (in case you haven’t watched it in a while, they play short snippets of popular songs between commercials) Megan would sing along and tell me “I really like this song, but I don’t get the video. What are they doing with the stuffed animals?”

I tried to explain it…in my own way, but even I was a bit doubtful I was able to describe the symbolism correctly. Even though I have a minor in English, I never was any good at all that hidden meaning stuff.

Anyway, what do y’all think? Have you heard this song before? Do you like it? What about the video? Any deep, hidden meanings you took from it?


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The Car Fetish

I’ll probably get a lot of traffic today just because I used the word fetish in the title of this post. I don’t have that kind of fetish like that guy who literally loves his cars. To each his own and all that, but I actually like to look at cars, drive cars and dream about them in an “If I could afford it…” kind of way.

I don’t drive an expensive car. Hello? I’m a poor writer working a day job to keep her in conferences. But one day I figure that might change. Like when everyone was running to the store to buy a lottery ticket, I was in line spending my millions just like everyone else. What would I do with 400 million dollars if I won it/earned it? My family and I like to muse on this topic a lot as well. It’s pretty much decided that if you’re a close blood relation and any of us win a lot of money, we’d probably make sure you’re set for life.

This would be my list of What I’d Do If I Won Hundreds of Millions of Dollars:

  1. Pay off bills . This would be my bills and my family members’ bills. Not everyone, mind you. If I haven’t seen you in 5 years, I’m not paying off your bills. Sorry.
  2. This sort of goes with the most important thing which would be quit work so I can write full-time. And read full-time. Oh the books I could buy with this money!
  3. Buy a house or property to build a family compound.Because if you’re going to win millions, you may as well go all out and have a family compound where you can drive golf carts to each others’ houses, be in each other’s business and be able to tell everyone you live in a compound. With walls and attack dachshunds roaming the grounds.
  4. Give money to charity. For me it’d probably be the ASPCA, or I’d start my own animal rescue organization, and St. Jude’s Research Hospital.
  5. Give big chunks of money to my closest family members. Again, this goes with the first item on the list. If I haven’t seen you in years, you never talked to me when I did see you, don’t be showing up on my doorstep expecting a handout. Harsh but that’s the way it is.
  6. Travel. Attend conferences all over the globe just for fun, hang out in England for a few weeks before heading to Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, etc. Go to concerts all over the globe, festivals…*sigh*
  7. Most importantly, I’d get my cars.

Yes, cars. More than one. This is where the title for this post comes from. I love cars. I love to build my dream car. You know what family compound thing? My house would be the smallest on it, but I’d have the biggest garage because I’d have that many cars. I even have a list of cars I’d have to get. Ready?

  1. ’70 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 – I’m shuddering with delight at the thought of owning one of these. Oh yes, It’s not exactly fuel efficient, but who cares? It’s a dead sexy car!
  2. Because I grew up watching Smokey and the Bandit, I’d need to get a 1977 Trans Am. What? It was good enough for The Bandit, it’s good enough for me! Besides, I can just imagine cruising down the road with the T-top open and Charlie Daniels Band blaring…
  3. Land Rover. When you want to be rugged but classy.
  4. Maserati Gran Turismo because that is one dead sexy car. Notice how the cars I want are dead sexy? Yeah, I like sexy, beast cars.
  5. Infinity fx because I like the way they look.
  6. Audi S5 – Mm yeah

There are some other cars that I’d get. You know, just everyday driving cars, but these would be the ones I’d simply have to own and would refuse to sell even if I became one of those lottery winners who go bankrupt within five years of winning. I’d give everything away except these cars. I’ll be 90 years old and sliding my ass behind the wheel of the Chevelle and revving the engine. Oh yes. And my hair would probably be purple. On purpose.

So what about you? What would you do if you won 400 million dollars?


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The Army Ants Did Well

A few years ago my sister-in-law introduced me and my brother to this wonderful thing called Trivia Night. It’s a charity event where teams of 6 compete against one another in 10 trivia categories. Since that time she invited us to join her team, I don’t think we missed a single one. Then this year, we expanded to a new trivia night…and this weekend, we went to yet another, driving an hour out of the way to attend. We went as the Army Ants (of Big Bang Theory fame) and the team was me, my best friend since Jr. High, sister, brother, sister-in-law and my godson.

In all the trivia nights we’ve done, we do well. As in we’ll get anywhere between 76 to 89 questions out of 101 correct. Of course that always puts us in the middle of the pack. So this weekend at the new trivia night, when they asked our team how many questions we thought we’d get correctly, we wrote 83 on our little paper. Oh and because my friend who signed us up for trivia night put me as the team captain, when they made everyone announce this number, I had to shout out “83”…Which wouldn’t have been bad if everyone else hadn’t said 47…56…60….get where I’m going with this? When I oh so innocently said we were going to make 83 points, the other teams around us turned to stare and there was a collective “ooh”. I wanted. To. Die. And what does my team say? “You should’ve said 50!” Hello! You put the number on the paper. I just went with what the group agreed upon.

Needless to say we were confused, but we decided to use our whopping 83 as intimidatoin tactics. Those professors at the back table were shaking in their loafers. (not) We’ve always done well. But as soon as the first question was asked, we realized the err of our ways. These questions were hard. Questions about presidents’ dogs kicked off the start of a trivia night that ended with us making 55 points. 55! But it still put us at number 4 out of 11 teams.

It was a lot of fun, but then we always have fun at these things. We’re nerds. I know eventually we’ll end up having two teams of 6 because everyone’s going to want to play. Which is awesome as far as I’m concerned. It raises money for good charities, puts all our useless knowledge to use and gives us a chance to do something together for a common cause. Sure, there’s a lot of “stop shouting the answers” or “write it down” or “I’m 110% sure” going on, but it’s all in fun. I really can’t wait until the next one.

What did y’all do over the weekend?

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Get Freaky on Friday

Since I started this blog oh…however long ago it was, I’ve always done a sexy man in pictures and interview. I haven’t done that in a long while and I think I’ve worn myself out with it. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking at sexy men or talking with them. What, are you nuts? I adore the menz! They’re just tough to tackle. Lea Barrymire, my buddy who does Tattoo Tuesdays, was trying to help me out for a while by asking her tattoo guys if they’d like to be here…but some were too shy for the questions we asked. But that’s okay. Men can be mysterious too.

So…I tossed around some ideas of what I could do for Fridays because Fridays has always been about the sexy for me. Hello, weekend! We all want to get in the mood for a little fun. Whether it’s wild and crazy or cool and mellow, Friday is easily the best day of the week and that’s why I’m going to kick off your weekends with some sexy songs. Yup, we’re going to start getting Freaky on Fridays.

I’ll even take requests for songs you think should kick off the weekend. Post your requests in the comments if there’s something you want to share with the class. If you have a great story about the song you want to include in the post, hit me up at danica(dot)avet(at)gmail(dot)com with the song, link and your story and I’ll be glad to add it.

So today kick off Freaky on Friday, I’m going with a song that I keep hearing that puts me in a mood to dance. Now, I can’t dance unless Jack Daniels is holding my hand, but when I hear this song…I’m like “oh yeah, I have rhythm and grace, oh  yeah, I can be smexy, smexy”. Luckily it only happens when I’m driving so I don’t actually do much more than wiggle in the driver’s seat (probably not a good thing).

Today we have Santana with Rob Thomas and “Smooth”. I can’t help it. Between the lyrics and that guitar…I’m a goner every time I hear it. Which doesn’t fit in with my metal head image, I know, but oh well.

Be sure to let me know what song you’d like to share for Freaky on Fridays!

Happy weekend  y’all!

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My Summer Pain

It’s been awhile since I blogged regularly, so I’m taking this slowly going with the things I missed about blogging. Mainly my What’s Playing Wednesdays. I’m a music hound, so of course I missed picking songs out for y’all to listen to.

Which brings us to today’s post. While I was laid up with the bad shoulder, camped out in the recliner and drugged out of my mind (those first few weeks), my cousin’s 11-year-old daughter came to spend the days with us. She’s a good kid and made the days fly by. But she’s also 11 years old which means she’d wait for me to pass out from the painkillers, steal the remote and put her shows on. It’s been a long time since I watched Nickelodeon all day long. But I did that this summer. Five days a week, six to eight hours a day. Sure, when I was on the medication I found it hilarious. Of course anything’s funny when you’re high as a kite. Later though, I realized she’d brainwashed me. Yes.

How do I know? Because she somehow managed to make my mind absorb the words to this song and remember them. And they’re engrained. Forever.

 If you’ve followed my blog for the last…I don’t even know how long I’ve been writing it. Four years? Five? Something like that,  you’d know that while I adore my music, bubblegum pop has never been my thing. I didn’t like boy bands when I was a pre-teen. While my friends were going nuts over Menudo when I was in elementary school or New Kids on the Block when I was in junior high, I was digging Duran Duran or Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull. I am not a boy band fan, never have been. But I know the words to this song. Why? Because we watched Big Time Rush nearly every day.

So that’s what this month’s theme is going to be. What I did this summer…as in what songs will forever remind me of my 11-year-old niece cornering me on my recliner and singing “Pink, fluffy unicorns covered in rainbows/pink, fluffy unicorns covered in rainbows!” while I cringed. CRINGED, y’all.

Now…sing it “It’s the only life you got/So ya gotta live it big time”.

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