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Fantasy Man Friday

Happy Friday, y’all! Before I get to my regular post, I’d like to announce the winner of You Bet Your Banshee from Avery Flynn’s blog is…Laurie! Congrats and thank you for taking part in the giveaway! There’s one more chance to win, this time over at CR Moss’s blog, so stop by!

I was ready for this week to end. Phew! Okay, mostly because I have the most awesome weekend planned!

You heard me. I actually have plans for the weekend! Saturday morning I’ll be getting my hair done again because Saturday night I’m headed to New Orleans for the Bust-Out Burlesque show at the House of Blues. Whee! I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t be so excited, but I am. I’m going for research purposes and I’ll get the chance to chat, in person, with a burlesque dancer I’ve been interviewing. I’m so looking forward to seeing her perform.

Then as if a burlesque show isn’t enough naked skin, I’m heading up a Girls’ Afternoon Out to see Magic Mike on Sunday. Woo-hoo! So ready for that, I tell ya. I don’t care if the movie has no plot. It has sexy men wearing barely anything and gyrating. Who could ask for anything more?

Okay, maybe we could ask for a smexy Fantasy Man. I think this guy fits the bill. I wouldn’t mind seeing him do the full monty.

How about you? Look, he’s practicing. Not that I care if he can dance, well not the kind of dancing that requires music, if you know what I mean 😉 Who knew tighty-whiteys could be so sexy? Rar.

Happy Friday! I hope y’all have a safe and fun weekend 🙂


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But It’s More Fun If We Do

Today we’re wrapping up the end of our stripping/taking clothes off themed What’s Playing Wednesdays. Before we get to that though, don’t forget there’s still time to win a copy of You Bet Your Banshee over at Nikki Brandyberry’s blog, or over at Avery Flynn’s blog. I’ll announce the winners on Friday. Enter today!

When I started trying to find the last song for this month, I ran into a stumbling block. I wanted something that was fun and catchy and I found it. Awesome, right? Well, yes, except this song suggests doing the opposite of the songs I’ve been playing all month. We had My Darkest Days, Wyclef Jean, and Tom Jones, but this week we’re going with Jermaine Stewart.

“We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” came out in 1985. I had no idea what the song was about when I was younger, but I did know I liked it. I’m showing my age again, huh? Oh well, tell me you don’t want to sing along. I dare you!

Enjoy 🙂


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Quick Monday

Hey y’all, not much to report for the weekend.

I spent most of Saturday (after running errands and getting my pedicure which I messed up only twenty minutes later) working on edits for Primal Song. It’s exciting to see the changes in the manuscript. I might have boasted to my editor that I’d have the edits to her by this week rather than three weeks from now. This means I have to actually pay up. LOL So I’ll be busy, busy this week, but it’ll be so worth it.

In the meantime, I’m taking part in some giveaways! There’s still time to win a copy of You Bet Your Banshee over at Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind and as if that isn’t enough, I’ll be over at Avery Flynn’s blog today. I hope to see some of you there!

Here’s to hoping we have a fantastic week!

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Fantasy Man Friday

So, so glad it’s Friday at last!

Not much to report for this week. I must have a procedure in July to break up a kidney stone and discover if there’s anything in my bladder. Luckily I’m not in any pain. Well, except for my shoulder, which is still hurting. My doctor wasn’t worried about it as much as my kidneys and bladder, so that means another trip to his office if it continues.

One of my cousins said something about your body falling apart after 35 and I have to agree with her. Oh sure, my blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are all fine. It’s the rest of me that’s having problems. Achy joints seems to be the biggest difficulty, but that’s part of having been a very active, accident prone child, I’m sure.

So I figured the only way I’ll starting feeling better is if I have something nice to look at. And then I found this guy:

Oh wow…I feel much better. Honest. In fact, the only way I’d feel a lot better is if he took off those jeans and gave me a full body massage. Heh. Ahem.

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you have a safe and fun weekend. I’ll be bringing my dog to get her “hair” done and hopefully I can squeeze a pedicure in at some point. What are your plans?


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Leave the Hat On Please

Today I’m over at Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind talking about something very weird I’ve seen while on Bourbon Street. Comment to win a copy of You Bet Your Banshee!

Continuing this month’s theme of stripping/dancing/taking off clothes, we have something in a slightly different genre.

For those of you who’ve never seen The Full Monty, you’re missing out. It’s one of those movies I will watch over and over again, not just because it’s cute and funny and British, but because it’s a good story.

For those of you who have seen the movie, you can probably guess what today’s song is. Yup, it’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Tom Jones. This song was originally written and performed by Randy Newman and covered several times. I’m not playing the Joe Cocker version because I always feel like poor Joe is about to have an aneurysm when he sings. I think Tom Jones’ version is smooth and sexy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good quality video of this version, so you’ll have to make do with very bad graphics.



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The Freak Out

It’s funny really. Up until about eight years ago, I was adamant about never owning a cell phone. I had many reasons for my resistance. Mostly because I hated the thought of people being able to call me at any time and expecting me to answer. I really don’t like talking on the phone. When work took me further away from home, getting a cell phone was essential in case of an emergency. Then smart phones came out and I resisted that too because what was I going to do with one? I caved again.

I’m talking about this today because I forgot my phone at home and was too far away to turn around and go back for it. My brain immediately went into withdrawal mode. How was I going to check my email without my phone, how was I going to be able to see if my edits came in? What about Twitter and Facebook, how was I going to keep in touch with my peeps? Or, what if Gerard Butler finally calls my phone to tell me he’s been dreaming about me and wants to make me his wife?

Okay, that last part isn’t happening, but the others, yeah. I’m sans cell phone today and it’s freaking me out. I never realized how essential having one had become to my life. As a writer, it helps me keep in touch with people (writers and readers).  As a somewhat normal human being, it means I can contact my family and friends whenever I want.

Without my phone, I feel like a castaway. Like I’ll suddenly look at my stapler and decide I need to name it Stan and have meaningful conversations with it as we sit around the garbage can fire I start by rubbing two paperclips together.

Ah, see? Dementia is already setting in! Oh woe is me!

Do you feel freaked out when you don’t have your phone with you?


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Fantasy Man Friday

Oh wow, thank god it’s Friday. I didn’t have an awful week or anything, I’m just glad it’s over.

A little bird told me I should have edits for Primal Song next week so I’ve been frantically trying to get as many words on Immortal Envy (Olympus, Inc.) in as possible. It isn’t that I expect a lot of edits, but things usually don’t go the way I plan, so why chance it?

Next week I also have the start of a three-day blog tour giveaway happening for You Bet Your Banshee. I’ll be over at Nikki Brandyberry’s blog on Wednesday, June 20th, Avery Flynn’s blog on Monday, June 25th, and CR Moss’s blog on Friday, June 29th. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win a copy of You Bet Your Banshee.

In other news…I have no other news so let’s get to the good stuff. I know you’ve been waiting for it all week. Last week’s man was nummy goodness and I don’t think I’ll find anything to compare, but I’ll give it my best!

Really, these photographers need to snap the picture when they get to the good part, don’t you think? Of course if they did, I wouldn’t be able to post them and share these beautiful men with you. I’m pretty sure there’s a rule on wordpress about that…and if there isn’t, I still wouldn’t be able to share them with you because of um, um, decency! Yeah, that’s it. Decency. I would never try to corrupt others with what I look at so I’d suffer in silence…eye glazed, drooling silence. *cough*

Happy Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend!


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Fact and Fiction

So last week was the premier of Cajun Justice. I’m sure most of Terrebonne Parish watched at least the first episode because we wanted to see how we were portrayed. I had to give myself a week to gather information from other people and to compose my own thoughts.

First of all, a lot of people I’ve talked to were disappointed. I’ve heard everything from “Everyone is going to think we don’t have teeth down here!” to “Do they have to find the worst people to show?” Which is kind of normal, I think. Any time there’s a hurricane or some other disaster, the media gravitates toward the people who don’t represent the area as a whole. So yeah, that was disappointing.

Secondly, the voodoo thing. I know I’ve mentioned the gris-gris before, but it isn’t all that common (as far as I know). I’ve never met anyone associated with the practice, or witnessed a ritual anywhere but on television. However, superstition is a big part of the culture here. That part is true, or it was in past generations. Today, I wouldn’t say there’s as much superstition as there used to be unless it was passed down.

Next is the heat. Okay, they definitely got that right. I’ve been moaning about the heat since the end of March.

Also, while we do have a very healthy alligator population, they’re not in everyone’s yard. Okay, that isn’t entirely true. Where you live in the parish would dictate how often you would see an alligator. The closer you are to the bayous and canals, the more alligators you’ll see. Of course, saying that, the entire area is cut with bayous, canals, and drainage ditches. They may have exaggerated that part a bit, but it does hold a grain of truth.

All in all, most people I talked to found the show silly. I was able to laugh about it because I had my godson sending me text messages throughout the two-show premier, especially when the deputies found the paranormal investigators. Here’s how our conversation went:

Nephew: Ghosts!
Me: Cajun ghosts at that!
Nephew: Which is even worse because you can’t understand what they’re saying.

So did you watch Cajun Justice? What did you think about it? I’m going to continue watching if only for the entertainment value and the heckling I can do with my nephew.

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Porn Star Dancing

Yup, time for another What’s Playing Wednesday in the theme of stripping/exotic dancing. This time around, I purposely chose a clip that wasn’t the official video. As much as I enjoyed writing Magda’s book, I just couldn’t see myself playing a video with so many scantily clad women. Sorry y’all, if it had been men, it would’ve been a completely different story. Heh.

Anyway, today’s song is by a band called My Darkest Days. They seem to really like barely dressed women touching each other. Out of curiosity, I checked out another video by them for a song I really like and it was almost identical to this one. Go figure. LOL

Obviously this song, if the title of the post doesn’t tell you, is called “Porn Star Dancing”. It’s got a great beat, some killer guitar solos by Zakk Wylde, and some naughty lyrics to go with the video I’m not playing, LOL (If you’re dying of curiosity, it’s out there.)

So here’s “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days!

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Giveaway Results

The weekend is over *boo, hiss*, but it’s not all bad news. I’ve picked the winners for the two copies of You Bet Your Banshee from my release day giveaway and the giveaway held on Stacey Espino’s blog. They are…Marsha and flchen1! If you missed a chance to win this time around, never fear for I’ll be giving away three more copies at the end of the month. I’ll announce those guest appearances closer to the dates.

It was a horrible weekend. The weather was atrocious. Seriously atrocious. I think it might have been worse than when we had Tropical Storm Lee pass through her over Labor Day weekend. Rain, rain, more rain, and wind. My yard looks like a pool which means my pampered puppy tiptoes to do her business and old cat refuses to leave the porch.

I took a break from writing, but not brainstorming. In fact, I had one of the best brainstorming sessions with my mom yesterday. Sometimes writers need to talk to a non-writing person to get their thoughts straight. She helped me get through a huge plot snarl I plan to untangle this week and hopefully I’ll be able to send that story off to Evernight in a couple of weeks. Then, the WIP I finished last week is in the final stages of pre-edits for me to submit to Ellora’s Cave which I’m hoping to send to my editor this week.

Lots going on and more to come it seems, but that’s what a writer’s life is like, isn’t it?

How was your weekend?

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