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Grin and Bear It

This seems to be the week of rejections. I’m not going to go on about the latest such letter I received this morning. No, today I’m going to talk about perseverance.

I’m a very stubborn person. At least I call it stubbornness. Others call it oppositional defiance. I don’t like being told what to do, or that I can’t do something. Ask my mother. 🙂 I think this is part of the reason why I’m not as beat up about the rejections as I suppose I should be. Though no one has said anything negative about my queries, they’re still saying ‘no, it doesn’t interest us’ which just gets me fired up even more.

Perseverance is that quality we see in the underdog that makes us root for them. It’s what made me sit there and cry my eyes out for 300. I cry every single time I see all of those delicious men in their loincloths being beat down by the Persians. I cry and cry when King Leonidas is skewered by those arrows with the bodies of his loyal 300 Spartans littering the ground around him. They knew they weren’t going to win, but it didn’t matter. They gave Greece time to regroup, giving up their lives for the greater good.

So I think authors have to have more than a little of this same quality. We trudge on no matter the obstacles in our paths, no matter how many times we hear ‘you have a strong writing voice, but it just doesn’t suit me’ or ‘I just wasn’t sufficiently interested in this enough to request more’. We wrap ourselves in the cloak of our words, arm ourselves with our pens, and straggle down the road to publication anyway. How does that phrase go? ‘Return with your novel, or upon it.’

Do you have a special attribute you believe has helped you in your writing career? What’s your recipe for rejection?


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Feeding the Need to Read

It shouldn’t be surprising to people that writers love to read. I’m no exception to this statement. I’m actually obsessed with reading except my banking account struggles to keep up with my addiction. It is an addiction, by the way. When I’m not writing or doing something I have to be doing, there is a book in front of my face.

Just so happens a ton of great books came out/are coming out this fall. How do I know they’re great if I haven’t read them? I’m psychic. Really. No, okay, so I’m not. However, these are books by some of my absolute favorite authors (who don’t write fast enough to fulfill my appetite for their sexy heroes).

So what books am I looking forward to? Too many to name, really. But, let’s see what we have on the list, shall we?

Covet by J.R. Ward – Ward has been one of my favorite authors since I picked up Dark Lover years ago. This shouldn’t be surprising since she is THE WOMAN. I love her heroes, I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I have a feeling I’ll love her angels. I mean, c’mon…Lassiter? Hello!

Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter – This book is a double header. I’m stoked about it. These are two of my favorite authors (okay so I have a lot of favorite authors). Gena’s books ever since I read Heart of the Dragon. Her heroes are just so damn sexy! And her heroines are tough as nails. Gotta love that! I’ve been reading Kresley’s books since I picked up A Hunger Like No Other and let me just say, I get every range of emotion from her novels. My heart aches for her characters and I seriously laugh out loud…mostly at Nix and Regin…gotta love those Valkyries.

Okay so those are two books I really can’t wait to get my hands on. I don’t want to turn this post into a five page summary of every author I love 😉 But you get the idea!

So which books are you eagerly anticipating? Is there a series you wish could’ve kept going on until you were old enough to forget you read the first and start all over again?

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It’s Rejection Day!

Me and my melodrama. It hasn’t been a day of rejections, but I’m finally beginning to hear back from most of the agents I queried and the news hasn’t been good. Oh, they’re all very polite saying though my work sounds interesting, it just isn’t what they’re looking for. That’s okay. To quote my mother, “One day, you’re gonna remember this and you’ll be sorry”. Probably not. I know they have to find something they really believe in, which is why I’m not all that torn up about it.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from pouting about it. Then I get to thinking about what’s wrong with it. Is there something wrong with it? Am I just sending it to the wrong people? Maybe I shouldn’t have included the line ‘you’ll never read anything better than this’ (I didn’t do that, but its true!) 😉 Just kidding.

So now I’m dealing with rejection. This is where I pull out the tissue and sob about how none of the agents ever loved me and didn’t give me a chance. Uh-huh. No, this is really the part where I sit down with my current WIP and write the best story I can. That’s all this industry is about, writing the best story you possibly can and making sure you get it to the right people at the right time.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve commented on other author’s pages about rejections and my fears and I have two comments I’m going to share here (they’re not verbatim, but close enough):

I fear I’ll get a note from an editor/agent saying ‘This MS sucks so much, Hoover might be the only one interested in it.’

The other fear, is that the editors who have my full MS are going to send me an urn filled with the ashes of my manuscript. Attached will be a note that says:

Dear Ms. Avet,

We are sorry to inform you that your manuscript, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose has passed away. It fought the good fight, but after numerous slashes with the red pen, died from a lack of wit and plot. To save you the despair of burying your manuscript yourself, we decided to cremate it in an intricate ceremony complete with champagne and a weenie roast. The service was attended by all the editors here at (insert publishing house) and a lovely time was had by all. We’re sending copies of the pictures from the service and the after party.


Melodramatic? Who, me? 😉

Current score in Ruby’s struggle to publication: Agents/Editors 6, Danica and Ruby: 3


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A Blog Post on Saturday? Shocking!

And it really is shocking. I normally don’t get to sit at my laptop on the weekends. Okay, so it’s my own fault. Weekends are spent either shopping, cleaning house, reading (cough), reading, reading, or watching football.

However, I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Why? Well, it started with Cookie. I thought she fell in the toilet and got up to rescue her. Apparently, I dreamed it all. I got back in bed and tried to get back to sleep. I really, really tried. Except my brain wouldn’t let me.

Earlier this week, I blogged about how I lost my muse. Well, apparently she needed a break from me because she’s baaaaaack. She found me on Thursday and hasn’t left me alone since. So I got out of bed, put a big pot of coffee on, and started writing. I think I probably logged about 6,000 words today in fits and starts. You know, little breaks where I cozy up with ‘Lover Unbound’ (for the 4th time since I got it). I just love Vishous. Yummy. Um, anyway, so I’m in a groove and letting it take me wherever it wants.

As a result, I’m about 70% finished with this WIP. Yay me!!! I’m actually a bit surprised where it’s going. Since I’m a pantster, I go where my characters take me and this one has brought me to a place I hadn’t foreseen when I started writing. It’s so cool!

Just cause I’m in such a good mood…This is what I picture Vishous looking like. Gr…rrrrrr. Why am I suddenly thinking about Eartha Kitt in ‘Boomerang’ when she says, ‘Marcus, I’m not wearing any underwear.’ hahaha


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Fantasy Man Friday

Morning all, this morning started out just fine. I got to listen to Misfits and Slipknot on the way to the office, which put me in a marvelous mood. Best of all, I was already pondering what picture I was going to use this morning.

I’ve decided to use two pictures. Maybe it’s because we’ve been having such gloomy, rainy weather that I was instantly drawn to two pictures featuring water…in the best of ways, mind you.

So here we are with today’s Fantasy Men.

Vin Diesel…ooh, that torso! I remember watching him in Pitch Black. In one particular scene he was fighting with the female captain in the mud. He grabbed her and spun her around in that mud and I quivered. It wasn’t a love scene, it wasn’t even romantic, but boy was it hot! Come to think of it, I think it was raining in that scene as well…maybe I just like a wet Vin Diesel. Hubba, hubba!

Next on my two-fer Fantasy Men Friday, is the Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Brady Quinn. I’m not a Browns fan (go Saints!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire their good-looking QB. I came across this picture and went ‘ooooh, he’s precious!’. Considering he’s only 8 years younger than me, he isn’t jail bait which is what most of those young football players are nowadays (disgruntled mumble). So, here he is doing his own water pose:

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Let’s Get Physical

Okay, so today I’ve managed to put a huge dent in my current WIP. I started feeling creative late yesterday afternoon and stopped right in the middle of a love scene. It was a good scene too! However, I had limited time to work, so poor Piper and Connor had to quiver with anticipation a little longer.

I picked it up again this morning and wrote one of the hottest love scenes I think I’ve ever written. It left me in a bit of a daze until I snapped myself out of it and kept keeping on. I’m not sure how many words I’ve written so far today, but I’m liking it. I think the WIP is coming along swimmingly.

I’m doing my best not to think about Ruby, out there in the cold, cruel world, but she pops in my head frequently as she’s a character in this story as well. I’m the kind of reader who loves to visit with old characters, find out how they’re doing, and how they fit in the writer’s world. I think there are a lot of us out there, so I intend to bring old characters back in this series.

How about you? Do you like to revisit with characters you’ve read about? Do you like them to play a pivotal role in the rest of the series? How about love scenes? Do you sometimes get lost when writing them and think ‘Darn, I’m scorching the pages!’?

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Getting My Head on Straight

It feels like I haven’t really concentrated on writing in a while. I’m sure it’s due in part to my mom finding out she had a mass in her bladder and the subsequent worry about her and the future. My muse, who I’ve decided to name Ann, had abandoned me for the most part and I’m hoping to attract her back into my life.

One way of doing this is letting go of the stress. I didn’t blog yesterday because I was having a bonding day with my mom and sister after finding out that mom’s mass wasn’t cancer. The relief I felt when the results came back was overwhelming. Even now, twenty-four hours later, I’m still a bit stunned that she’s fine. I was hoping and praying, but I’m a pessimist by nature so that wasn’t working very well.

I hate feeling disconnected from something that I enjoy so much, so I’m working on getting Ann to sit with me today and work. She’s brushed by a few times to give me a few ideas, but nothing tangible. Most of the time, she gives me an idea of other projects to work on and I appreciate it, but that doesn’t help me with the two stories I have boiling on the stove. She’s coming around though, I hope. Just need to find the right enticement.

So far, I’ve managed to get her to sit with me long enough to really think about where we’re going in the two stories we’ve started. It took a lot of reading (finished 2 novels yesterday) and a sleepless night to get her to come back. After she’s given me a few more ideas, she’ll be sitting with me this afternoon to get them down.

What do you do to entice your muse? Do you read? What television? Take a walk? What gets your muse’s attention and how do you keep it?


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Weekend Warriors

I really hate Mondays. They always come too fast and last too long. The only good thing about Mondays as far as I’m concerned, is Monday Night Football and House. Of course, I still have to complain because House and football are playing at the same time.

I don’t have DVR, so it’s a matter of deciding whether or not I want to watch the game more than I do my favorite sarcasm-wielding doctor. This is okay with me. I’ve decided that television is going to rot my brain.

Case in point, I spent all day yesterday watching football. This isn’t anything new for me during the season. However, this is the first year I’m attempting to get some serious writing done as well. Last season, I wrote a little under half of Ruby’s story before football season and finished it well after the season ended (which included the Pro Bowl). I think I see now, why I didn’t write at all. I thought it was because I was fishing all last autumn, but I’m suspecting it’s because football doesn’t make me feel romantic and in love.

Oh sure, I love watching those big hulking men run back and forth across the field, slapping each other on the ass, sweating, grunting, wearing those uber tight pants. It just doesn’t say ‘romance’ to me. I came in today ready to write (or at least thinking I was ready to write) and found myself writing absolute trash. Just nothing worth saving. I’m disgusted! Where is my muse? I know where she is. She’s at home watching the NFL network hoping for a glimpse of her favorite players during game highlights.

Then, I just realize, I completely forgot about Fantasy Man Friday! Argh! So, in keeping with today’s subject:

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Week 1 Book Winner

LaTessa, get with me 🙂 You’re this (extended) week’s winner! You can e-mail me at danica.avet(at) and we’ll sort out which book you’d like 🙂

New contest starts this week.

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Bernice Has Left Her Cake Out…in the Rain!

I’ve mentioned before that FF&P Chapter has been having a 60 Days to PRO Boot Camp going on. Well, when I first learned about it, I was like ‘what’s PRO anyway?’ like a complete noob. Is it some not-so-secret organization with a special password and a handshake? Is there an initiation? Will I have to promise my first born to be a part of this group? (Well this…could sort of happen if you hand your first-born manuscript over to an agent/editor. Meep. Big meep.)

After I imagined a scneario where I found myself skulking through the RWA corporate offices with nothing but a thesaurus and an ink pen to help me get through the gauntlet of professional writers who were there to test my mettle, I looked it up online. Always best to do this before you start coming up with worst-case scenarios.

According to the RWA website (and I’m going to trust them on this one, I didn’t sense a trap), “PRO was created to serve RWA members who are pursuing publication, but are still waiting for “the call” from a publisher. PRO promotes the interests of RWA members who have submitted at least one completed manuscript, but have not yet been published, and, to enhance communication between those members and publishing professionals.”

“Hm,” I thought as I tapped my chin. “This seems strangely easy, there has to be a catch.” Of course there isn’t. I’m just a bit melodramatic at times.

Today I put my application for PRO status in the mail. It was fraught with danger! The car was suffocating (from the intense heat). I had to navigate an obstacle course (to get to the Post Office) and I almost got a paper cut! Then, to make matters more dangerous and fantastical, by the time I got back to the office, it had started to pour down. So then I had to dodge rain drops in an attempt not to get my hair wet since my evil umbrella was sitting next to my desk. *Glares at said umbrella* My hair is now twice the size it was when I came in to work today and of course, it waved up. Bye-bye straight hair, hello Bozo. But the application was mailed off, now we just have to see if I met all the requirements as requested.

Disclaimer: There was no gauntlet at the RWA corporate office as far as I know. If anyone knows differently, let me know! 😉

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