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Fantasy Man Friday

Woot, woot! We made it through another week. Le sigh. This weekend looks to be gorgeous and…strangely event free. It feels funny when I have a “free” weekend. Of course they’re never really free. On the weekends I have nothing to do, I generally clean house…yay. And yes, that was meant to sound sarcastic.

It isn’t that I hate cleaning house…I just would rather not. I mean, while I love a clean bathroom, I can’t stand the chemicals. Honestly, they give me a headache which means if I start in the bathroom, the rest of my day is shot. I’ll end up in bed feeling like someone beat me over the head with a hammer—a sledgehammer. If I do other things around the house, mopping and stuff, then by the time I finish that I don’t want to do anything else. I could avoid all of this though, by hiring someone to clean my house. That’s my goal in life, by the way. To have a person come to my house, clean it from top to bottom, change the cats’ litter boxes (yes, I have two), while I write.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Even better is if the person who cleaned my house looked like this:

With muscles like that I just know he could get all of those hard to reach places. I can totally see this hunk on his knees, scrubbing the floor, his back muscles flexing, his tight little butt clenching as he leans over to remove a coin I accidentally-on-purpose glued to the floor…Rar. Of course this is all assuming I even let him get that far. I might need a bath first and I’m pretty sure he could work out all the kinks in my muscles, you know, from heavy writing *cough* I’m going to shut up now.

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend!


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Cajun French: Buchon

Another fantastic thing about the book party last week is I was able to learn more Cajun French words to share with y’all.

Today’s word is Buchon pronounced “boo-shawn” (soft n). This means to nod off to sleep. You know what I’m talking about. You’re so tired you look like a bobble head because your head dips down and you jerk it back up, then it falls back and you jerk up again. Over and over until you either succumb to the sleep, or you force yourself awake.

The thing is unlike saying “nodding off” buchon is used like “he’s doing the buchon“. It almost sounds like a dance the way it’s said, like they’re nodding their heads along with the music. Maybe that’s how it started? Because if that’s the case, I’ve done the buchon at every rock concert I’ve ever gone to which is why I always end up with whiplash afterwards.

I hope none of you are doing the buchon while reading this post. *sniff* So to keep you awake and interested, I found a great clip of a little girl doing the buchon at the zoo. Hope you enjoy!


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What’s Playing Wednesday

I’m between themes this week since the summer remake series is over (now that it’s officially autumn) and next week I’m starting with the color themes. I think it’ll be orange in honor of Halloween and yes, I’m well aware it’ll be a difficult goal to conquer. The themes are flexible which means I can go with any song, artist, or lyric that has something to do with the theme. And that’s how I’m covering my ass. LOL

Today is going to be short and sweet. I hope. The book party I went to this past weekend was a private book party, invitation only kind of thing. That was cool. What wasn’t cool is that while I was showering, my mind went back to the party and because I love music, a song emerged.

“It’s my priiivate party, a party for reading, a party to do what I want to do” or something like that. Immediately, I was reminded of why Tina Turner makes me think of my brother. When he was younger, about 12 or 13, he’d sing “Private Dancer” complete with squeaky voice and everything. It used to crack me up so much, I tried bribing him into letting me dress him like Tina for Halloween.

Me: C’mon! It would be awesome! I’ll find you a leather mini-skirt, a wig, and red lipstick. You could so do it!
Him: No! Why do you always want to dress me up like a girl?
Me: Because you have perfectly arched eyebrows?

Yeah, I was a horrible older sister, but it was fun. So today’s song is for my brother, aka Mini-Meatloaf, aka Phe-Phe, aka Philly. One day, it might be when you’re old and senile and don’t care what you do, but I will dress you like Tina Turner and make you sing this song!


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Life is Just a Fantasy

OMG, I can’t believe I remembered that line. You know, from Aldo Nova? Bwahahah! I guess my brain is on track this morning. Either that or I’m in an 80s mood because while I dressed this morning “Eye of the Tiger” played on loop in my head. It’s hard being me sometimes *sigh*

There isn’t much to report. Um, well not since yesterday at least. I watched football…ate some Moose Tracks ice cream which is now my favorite thing in the whole world and I could kill my oldest nephew for telling me about it. I mean, it’s the perfect ice cream! It’s vanilla with chocolate fudge swirls and chips and then to top it off it has chunks of chocolate covered peanut butter. *swoon* It’s almost as awesome as Gerard Butler…except Gerard wouldn’t go straight to my hips…although…heh heh.


So the fantasy part of this post has to do with what’s going on in my family. There are six of us playing fantasy football like we do every season. Don’t leave! I swear it’s a good story! Anyway, fantasy football is fun…if you win. Do you want to know what my rank is right now in both leagues I’m in? 5 of 8 and 4 of 4. Yup, you got it, I suck. I wish I could say I don’t get it, but I do. I don’t get the big name quarterbacks…oh, I lied. I finally got Peyton Manning after playing this game for three years…and he’s on injured reserved! Gah!

But the best part of it is I may not do well in fantasy football, but I kick serious ass in the pick ’ems. You know, each week you pick which teams you think will win and you assign confidence points to support our picks. I’m in a college pick ’em and an NFL pick ’em and I lead in both. Booyah! *victory dance in the end zone* I know, it’s sad. But really, I have to lord it over my relatives somehow and obviously that won’t happen on the field of battle. No, I have to take my wins in the shadowy pick ’ems league. *sigh*

There was some discussion at the book party about the Gronkowski brothers. Do you know how I’m talking about? If you don’t, here you go…take a look at this:

These are the Gronkowski brothers, Dan, Rob, and Chris. Do I like the fact that two play for the Patriots *growls* and one plays for the Colts *sniff*? No, not really. I mean look at them! The shortest of the trio is 6’2″! They’re like modern-day vikings…and they’re all muscled with short hair and tight butts and rar, okay, so I don’t just watch football for the sport. There’s a lot of man candy waiting to be discovered. But…I do like the game as well. Honest!

Anyway, that’s my bit of nonsense for today. But before I leave you, here’s a little ditty to get you through your Tuesday


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Excitement, Excitement

As y’all know this weekend I had a book party. It was great. I had so much fun and just enjoyed talking about books and sexy men and, well pretty much what I talk about on the blog.

It wasn’t a big crowd, which was actually good for me. It meant I didn’t have to freak out. My poor aunt was supposed to join us, but shortly before we were scheduled to head to the location, she was attacked by her kitty…seriously. She was! She had her other cat on the sofa and was clipping her claws when the male leapt on her head and started tearing into her like she owed him money. She was left with some scratches on her back, gouges on her back, and kitty bites in her scalp. I was nice enough to give her a pass on the party, although I did announce her absence as “I’m sorry she couldn’t make it, she was attacked by her pussy”. Which was a great icebreaker! (Thanks Denie!)

There was food, wine…more wine oh and more wine. I don’t remember how many glasses I drank before the reading, but it was enough that I didn’t rush through my words or stumble over them (much), and I even managed to make eye contact with people just like my prof told me to in Speech 101! She’d have been so proud of me. *sniff*

After the reading, we had a nice little question and answer session or what I remember as being the “Danica is talking lots and lots about nothing important” session. But it was what happened after the conversation that really kicked the party off. The hostess had bought a game called Pin the Lips on the Hunk or something like that. I don’t remember that part, only that it turned out to be the funniest part of the evening. My sister went first, her lips ready to stick to the “hunk”. I spun her around with her blindfold on and she placed the lips right in a very sensitive spot which was just short of the winning “spot”. Everyone who followed missed that crucial spot, but lo and behold, it was my mom’s turn.

I gave her two spins (because she’s not that steady on her feet when she’s walking normally) and let her go. I watched—we all watched—in stunned fascination as she sauntered right up to the hunk in his boxers and placed her “lips” right over the gold spot.

Here she’s pointing at her winning “spot”. If there wasn’t any glare, you could see my sister’s “lips” no more than 2-3″ above Mom’s. What does this mean? It means I come by my uh whatever you want to call it that makes me an erotic author naturally. Mom will most likely beat me next time she sees me because of this post, but I do believe it was so worth it!

So that was the party in a nutshell. We had a blast, I sold some books, and got to talk about my favorite subject: erotic romance. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, that was probably the wine talking 🙂


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday!

I took a vacation day so I can prepare myself for the book reading tomorrow night. Okay, I’m sick to my stomach with nerves, but I’m going to be just fine…as long as I don’t have one of my infamous choking fits, or start slurring my words and leaving things out…oh hell, I’m a nervous wreck.

Anyway, today I have plans. Big plans. My dog has an appointment with the groomer—no, she isn’t coming to the book party, but she gets pampered when mommy gets pampered. I’m hoping to get a pedicure and at some point, have my car cleaned out by a professional. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve vacuumed the thing for two years…yeah, taking care of cars is so not my thing. Then I have to swing by Bent Pages to pick up the books for the party. Independent booksellers rock! Just sayin’.

But you’re not here for any of that. You don’t want to read about my “OMG What am I going to wear” panic, or my “Do I wear heels or sandals” freak out, or my “Holy cow, I need to buy food for the beasts” wailing. You’re here for the menz…and you know I have them.

So feast your eyes on this naughty little bit of man candy:

Oooh yes. He’s another one of those gorgeous rugby players…I really have to start watching this sport. Do they take their shirts off and pose? If they do, do they need oil girls? Cause I feel the need for a career change…*bites her knuckle* Rowr, this man has a flippin’ 8 pack. Do you see that? Or am I counting them wrong? *goes back to count again and again and again…*

Happy Friday y’all. Hopefully I’ll have pictures from the party on Monday! Have a safe weekend!


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Cajun French: Ayeee

Uh, so I spent a long time trying to find an example of this, but didn’t have much luck. The Urban Dictionary says this means “what’s up”. In south Louisiana, this is kind of like a “wow!” or a yodel kind of thing.

It’s so hard to explain really. I just know that it’s terribly embarrassing if you’re graduating and your dad sends out this “AYEEE!” at the top of his lungs in a mostly quiet auditorium. *cough* It’s sort of similar to a yodel because the “a” part is a bit lower in octave and then it climbs to a higher pitch at the “e”.

I guess you could say it’s kind of like a cowboy’s “yeehaw” or a whoop since most of the time the “yodel” is used to express excitement. Just won a game? AYEEE! Kid’s graduating from high school/college? AYEEE! Just had some really good crawfish? AYEEE! You get the idea.

Now, I did find a clip of a commercial where the AYEEE is used, but the quality isn’t the best. You have to turn your volume up high to catch it. Meanwhile, I’m going to see if I can get a clip of my dad doing his AYEEE and play it for you in the future.



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Remaking G Tom Mac

Y’all are probably like, “Who in the hell is G Tom Mac?” To be honest, I didn’t know who he was before today either, but I know you’re well acquainted with his music…especially if you were a fan of The Lost Boys.

Oooh, yes, The Lost Boys, that most wonderous vampire movie from the 80s. With the luscious Kiefer Sutherland. I think he was the first villain I fell in love with, first as Ace in Stand By Me and as David in The Lost Boys. Sure, my friends were all about Cory Haim and Jason Patric while I ogled Kiefer. That voice, those evil little smiles! *swoons*

So today, the last day of the summer remake series, I bring you “Cry Little Sister”. The Lost Boys movie was the first time I actually paid attention to a soundtrack. I still remember that opening scene of the movie with the dark water leading to the fairgrounds with this song playing…*shivers* Great movie and this song, which was remade by a band called Seasons After in 2009.

Tell me what you think and thank y’all for being a part of the remake series. I had a lot of fun hunting down and sharing song remakes for you. Next on What’s Playing Wednesday will be themed months. Starting in October I’ll be doing color themed months where I’ll be playing songs with the themed color in the song title, lyrics, or band name (and anywhere else I can find something related to that color if I have to get creative!) 😉 Hope to see y’all then!

The Original:

The Remake (I watched completely mesmerized by the video…see below)

Because I couldn’t help but wonder if he had trouble with the fangs while he lip-synced.


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Sarcasm, I Has It

I think I may have mentioned before about my penchant for sarcasm. I don’t mean to be sarcastic. I don’t intentionally set out to say things that might make people feel horrible or embarrassed or anything, it just…sort of spews out. Like a volcano. And I don’t hold back for age either. Shameful really, but this is why I’m no one should trust me with the rearing of children (Are you listening my darling sister-in-law? Look at my nephews and you’ll see my mark on them…just sayin’, poor baby Bennett will have  a tongue sharper than your carving knives).

Anyway…I’m at the salon with my sister. This little girl, she couldn’t have been more than seven or eight was at the station next to us. She was there with her mom and aunts getting ready for a wedding. She twirled and danced and sang and annoyed me. (I know, I’m horrible!)

She looked over at me sitting in my chair with foil in my hair and said, “I’m a princess today”” all smug-like. I glanced over at her in her cute little dress witih her pretty long hair and said, “I’m a queen every day.” She blinked at me. My sister hid her face behind her hands laughing hysterically. The little girl kind of eased away. I know! I know, I’m going to Hell, but she asked for it!

Then yesterday I had a conversation with two of my co-workers. One of them knew about my exciting sushi excursion and asked me about it.

Co-worker 1: So, did you get your sushi?

Me: Yes and it was excellent!

Co-worker 2: Sushi?! Isn’t that raw fish? *Co-worker 1 and I nodded* Oh, man, what are you a cannibal or something?

Me: Well, since I’m not a fish, I think I’m safe…

Was that wrong? I don’t think so. I mean, hello? Do I have gills? Fins? Scales? No. And the Japanese have been eating sushi for centuries with no problems unless they go for the puffer fish and since I don’t plan on eating a fish that might kill me, I think I’m fine. Really.

So see this book reading/signing I’m going to this weekend? You can see why I would worry about how I’ll act. Notice I’m not worried about my sister who claims to be my number one fan (no cause for concern, I’m keeping her away from sledgehammers and logs and knives and anything else). I’m not worried about my mom slapping me on the back hard enough to puncture a lung and saying I’m a “bad girl”. I’m worried about what’ll come out of my mouth. Sarcasm I have in spades…social graces? Meh.

How about you? Do you worry about saying something you really shouldn’t?


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Sunday Drivers

I didn’t have the weekend I thought I would. I had plans. Big plans. Sure, I did have the sushi I’ve been dreaming about for months and months and it was good. There was much rejoicing.

However, my plan to put a serious dent in my latest WIP didn’t go well. I had the idea that writing away from home would help tempt my muse back to my side. I headed out for a little cafe with big dreams…and realized there wasn’t any parking available. Rather than fight to get into the place, I went to the library.

When I was in high school, I’d have to wait at the library across the street from my school after band practice. It really sucked not having a driver’s license, but it opened a whole new world to me. I’d been reading voraciously for three or four years, so putting me in the library meant there were books to be had! I would browse through the fiction section, picking out twelve to seventeen books at a time and read them in a week. It was Heaven. That’s the library I ended up trying to write at on Saturday.

Don’t get me wrong, it was gorgeous. Recently renovated, it’s everything you could possibly want in a library and I was in serious awe as I looked around. I got a study room for my writing session, pulled out all the necessary equipment for my muse…laptop, hard drive, MP3 player, ear buds…gum…and she left me sitting there for two hours. Two hours! Nothing worked. I tried playing with the music, trying to find the perfect song and nothing. Oh sure, I wrote, but it was all crap and I deleted it as soon as I read it. I then tried to go home for my writing session with no luck. My muse has abandoned me.

Sunday, because I’d decided to skip the store in favor of writing, I had to grocery shop. After spending five minutes pouting because they were out of The Peanut Butter Company’s Dark Chocolate Dreams, I bought what I had to and left. Football was coming on and there was no way in hell I’d miss it. Except every car I got behind seemed intent on driving as slow as possible. OH. MY. GOD. The Sunday drivers were out in full friggin’ force.

And I picked up this Sunday driver phrase from my stepdad who accused everyone driving in front of him as one. I use it all the time now as I’m trying to pass cars going slower than I believe they should…meaning they keep to the speed limit. It drives me insane. INSANE! Is it the warning signs of road rage? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I have places to go and things to not do and people who drive with all the time in the world kill me. They really do.

So…uh, what was the point of this? Oh. The weekend wasn’t horrible, but it was far from perfect. My muse needs to kick her boyfriend out of bed, have a healthy breakfast that doesn’t include alcohol, and return to me so I can write my next novella. Otherwise, I really will go insane.

How was your weekend?


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