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Remaking Gloria Gaynor

You didn’t think I’d forget about my summer remake series, did you? Tsk. For shame! I would never forget something as important (and fun) as that!

Yes, I’m still in NYC and I’ll go out on a limb and say that future Danica is having a blast. Today she’s meeting with her agent in person for the first time ever and I’m sure she’s freaking out over what to wear. I recommend the black skirt and plain blouse, but she’ll probably go with her black capris instead. Le sigh.

So because I’m…or rather she (future Danica) is spending so much time surrounded by thousands of romance writers, I—we thought today’s song could go out to all the writers at the conference and those who weren’t able to make it.

This song is an anthem for a decade and a mantra for every woman who went through a bad break-up. I love this song. I really, really love it. It’s simply amazing and timeless. Then in the 90’s a band called Cake remade this awesome song…and made me love it all over again. It isn’t the best rendition if you were looking for an upbeat song. No. Cake is kind of like…laid back and funky and tongue-in-cheek.

Here, listen for yourself and tell me what you think.

Gloria Gaynor:



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First Impressions

So, as many of y’all have probably guessed, I’ve never stayed in a city as big as NYC. I’ll admit to feeling very intimidated by it all. It’s not…quiet, lol.

Yesterday wasn’t really a conference day for me. It was more of a wake-up-before-the-crack-of-dawn-and-pray-I-make-it-to-the-airport kind of day. You’ll be relieved to note that, yes, I made it to the airport, made my flight, and even made it to the hotel…eventually. My shuttle driver was having conniption fits because every street she tried to take was closed off. Yeah, it took nearly 2 hours to get from the airport to the hotel, but it’s okay.

I got to meet with my publisher, Diana, with Siren as well as several Siren authors. We had a few drinks, talked about writing, and generally just had a nice time. One of the ladies, Cheryl Brooks, had her traveling sidekick, Willie, with her. Willie, in case you were wondering, is a naked male doll. He took pictures by margaritas and seemed to be enjoying himself. A lot. *cough*

One thing I will say about New York is that…well, these people seem to think they’re superhuman. Is there something in the water here? ‘Cause every corner we came to with a pedestrian light was more like a suggestion rather than a law. People were weaving in and out of the cars like they were nothing. I nearly put holes in my hands from wanting to yank the steering wheel out of the driver’s hands because I thought she was going to hit someone. I think we may have glanced a pole at some point. *shudders*

It’s going to be a quiet web presence week for me. I’m not paying the crazy prices the hotel has for internet service (at least for more than one day) and my phone keeps crapping out on me. So I plan to have a nice long blog next week to recap.

I hope y’all have a great week and if I can sneak any messages out, I’ll try!

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Nationals Conference Week

Well this is it. I’m leaving for New York City today, or rather, I’m on the plane right this minute which means…I wrote this before I actually…got on the…Yeah, okay. You get the idea. I know myself well, so let’s just pretend I wrote this after I got on the plane, okay? Ready?

Oh my God. I was up at three o’clock this morning! No, no, I wasn’t partying. I was trying to make sure I remembered to pack my underwear. I don’t make a habit of not bringing any, mind you, but with  my luck that’ll be the one thing I forget. My dog was following me around the house trying to figure out what I was doing. She doesn’t like it when she sees the suitcase come out. The cat, on the other hand, wanted to help me pack. I’m bringing lots and lots of white cat hair with me to NYC. You’re welcome.

Before I could even leave the house, I had to make a list for my mom who’ll be taking care of my monsters while I’m gone. It went something like this:

1. When you bring Mia (the dog) outside, be sure to bring a big cup of ice for her to chew on. It has to be ice from the ice maker though; not the cubed ice.

2. Give Mia her medicine to her twice a day and you have to give it to her on a spoon. She’s a big girl and will lick it straight off the spoon. You’ll only have to clean a little bit of the floor.

3. If you give Mia a treat, you have to give Cookie (fat cat) a treat, too. I know she’s fat, but we can’t give special attention to either one of them.

4. Keep Ty (old cat) in water. Seriously, fill up her bowl even when it isn’t empty or she’ll wait for you to walk down the stairs and try to trip you. Ms. Princess can’t drink from a half-empty water bowl.

5. You have to give Cookie and Mia a lot of pettings. Ty could care less as long as she has a full water bowl. Cookie always wants her pettings right when you’re ready to go to sleep so you may want to go to bed earlier to make sure you have time to actually sleep. Mia wants attention all the time, so you won’t be resting at all.

6. Remember not to close the bathroom door all the way when  you’re about to take your shower. Shower time is their entertainment.

Now on top of these instructions, I’ve had to leave instructions for my brother to go to my house and pet the cats and dogs. Not that they’ll appreciate my care. When I return on Saturday, I can promise you that Mia will be happy to see me, but when I call for her, she’s going to give me the cold paw. Cookie, on the other hand, will be thrilled I’m  home and cover me in her cat fur (a sure indication of love).

The problem I’m going to have between now and Saturday is how in the Hell am I going to sleep without my babies???

Have a great week everyone! I’ll try to get online at some point, but I can’t make any promises. I will post a big review next week with pictures, so I hope you stop by!


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Fantasy Man Friday

Well, it’s Friday again. Yay! Woot-woot!

It’s been a topsy-turvy week. My brain is on overload with plans and lists of things I need to do before Nationals. I’m leaving on Monday, so I have to get everything ready this weekend. I already did my clothes shopping (thank God), but that’s only half the battle. It’s going to be fitting everything in my suitcase and making sure I don’t forget anything that has me going in a million directions.

On top of that, I’ve got to get a pedicure (these puppies are in sad shape, I tell ya), get my hair colored and trimmed (because I have a root system that would shame an oak tree), and buy my babies food while I’m gone. My babies are the cats and dog, by the way. I’m going to miss them so much *sniff* Who’s going to stomp on me while I’m sleeping or snore and smack their lips when I’m trying to fall asleep? *sniff, sniff*

Ah well, I’ll get over it. This week was also the official start of summer. I really think they should move the date up to at least May 12th because we’ve had record highs here since mid-May. It’s been miserable. I really don’t like summer, you know. Oh, well there are some things I like about it. Like today’s Fantasy Man.

He looks ready for summer, doesn’t he? With his shorts falling off and those rippling muscles dripping with water…*drool* He could totally drip on me. Rar.  *cough*

I’m going to do my best to blog next week, but it all depends on whether or not I can get a free wi-fi connection. The prices at the hotel are nothing less than highway robbery, but maybe I can try posting from my phone. Hm. We’ll have to see. I do have regularly scheduled posts ready to go, so you won’t be bored! I hope.

Have a happy Friday y’all and a great weekend!


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Cajun French: Pirogue

I promised to talk about this word last week. The dreaded Pirogue. Oh, it isn’t that bad unless you’re me. The word pirogue is pronounced many ways. I’ve heard it pronounced “pee-row”, but I say “pee-rog” (rhymes with hog).

The pirogue has been around for what seems like forever. If you watch Swamp People, you may have heard Troy Landry (probably my favorite swamp person) say that Christopher Columbus probably had a pirogue on the Mayflower…yes, I know he didn’t come to the Americas on the Mayflower, but that’s what Troy said. yes, I almost died laughing, but hey, he made his point! Pirogues have been around for a hell of a long time. They’re especially useful in south Louisiana because they can go into 2″ of water with no problem. They can be rowed or pushed with a pole, depending on how deep the water is.

Pirogues are narrow, shallow boats. They’re kind of like our version of an all-terrain vehicle. They aren’t terribly heavy, so they can be carried if needed, used in deep water, or shallow water. In the old days, they were made of cypress, but modern pirogues are generally made of fiberglass.

That’s a typical pirogue. It looks pretty harmless, doesn’t it? I suppose if you grew up riding in them, there’s nothing to it. These boats are used mostly for hunting so imagine sitting in it with a gun and a dog while you’re out duck hunting. *shudders*

A few years ago, at the height of my fishing fetish, my godson decided we needed to try to  fish further away from the bank. We packed up the pirogue and headed to the spot. I got in…this thing is shallow, remember? It’s also very wobbly.

I was fine climbing in and even paddling out. I was enjoying myself until my nephew found the spot he wanted to fish. He dropped the anchor and we started to get settled and that’s when the boat wobbled to the left. I grabbed the side and leaned to the right. It nearly flipped. I put a hand on either side and clutched tightly. I wasn’t going down. Oh sure, the water was only about 6″ deep, but it’s the lack of control I hated.

The conversation I had with my nephew kind of went like this:

Me: Bring me back.
Him: But we’re already here.
Me: I don’t care. I want to go back. Now.
Him: The water’s only 6″ deep, Nanny!
Me: I. Don’t. Care!

Meanwhile, my brother, who’d stayed on the bank, was laughing his fool head off because my nephew had to paddle by himself. I was too busy clutching the boat in the hopes it wouldn’t flip over. By the time we got to the bank, I was semi-hysterical and babbling that I was going to kill my brother.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Logically, I knew the pirogue was fine and we weren’t going to flip, but my instinct was to get to land. Yeah…pirogues are murder for your self-esteem.


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Remaking Lil Wayne

Before I get to the remakes…have you stopped by Four Foxes, One Hound to enter for a chance to win a $150 prize pack? You should! It’s got goodies galore!

I hope y’all are enjoying the summer remake series as much as I am. So far, the remakes haven’t been doing well. Seether and Nonpoint lost their matches by a landslide and no one seemed able to choose between Faith No More and The Commodores. I’m beginning to think people are loyal to the original, which is cool. I feel the same way about movies.

Anyway! The newest match-up is between two different genres of music. I imagine it can’t be easy to take a song and make it fit your chosen form of music, but I have to admire people who are able to do it. It makes me wish I were more musically inclined.

I hadn’t heard the original version of the song when I heard the remake. Funny, huh? I thought the remake was the original, so when the DJ said “That’s a remake of Lil Wayne”, I was a bit stunned. So I of course had to listen to the original and it was like listening to a completely different song. But I’ll let you be the judge of it.

I have the remake by Framing Hanley on my MP3 player and when my sister heard it, she called it “the nasty song”. She likes it! She does, she just thinks it’s naughty,  which it is, so beware!

Original by Lil Wayne:

Framing Hanley (I cut out the first part of the video since it was too long):


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Cover Love

So I just got the cover for my 4th Veil book, Ain’t No Bull and I couldn’t help but put up a quick post o’ love about it.

This is my minotaur and Amazon book. I know, neither of them look like what they are, but that’s the whole point! Ain’t No Bull begins as a case of mistaken identity and just goes crazy after that. Grant, my hero, is a minotaur who can change from human to bull to a half-man, half-bull. Isola “Izzy” is an Amazon who um…well, she’s sexy, playful, and kick ass. This book is smokin’ hot and I’m not just talking about the cover *cough*

I love this cover so much, I almost posted a clip from MTV’s The State. Do you remember that show? I was going to use a Barry and Levon and $240 worth of pudding clip to show the love, but the quality was kind of poor. So instead, I’m just going to say, “Awwwwwwww, yeah.”


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Guest Blogger Marsha A. Moore

The Memories in my Collection of Sea Glass

When my father was still living, we spent many hours on vacations searching for and collecting sea glass. I still have our jar full of weathered “gems” sitting on my writing desk. The title of my latest release, Sea Glass and Sand Memories came quickly, when I had only a shred of the plot and setting in mind. It has a double meaning. To me, the title is all about the memories of those family trips, the wonderful times I had with my father who I miss a lot. The second meaning of the title comes with the ending. When my main character, young woman named Kate, returns to a familiar location in search of sea glass, she finds a surprise in store for her.

Sea glass is glass found on beaches of oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes that has been tumbled smooth by the action of waves, water, and sand. The results are pieces of broken glass, frosted and smooth like gems. In a rainbow of colors, the original source determines the color and texture. The most common are Kelly green, brown, and colorless, mostly from bottles used to sell beer, juices and soft drinks. Less common colors include jade and amber (from whiskey and medicine bottles), lime green, forest green, and soft blues (from soda bottles during the 1960s or earlier). The rarest colors are purple, cobalt/cornflower (Milk of Magnesia and Vick’s VapoRub bottles) and aqua (Ball Mason canning jars).

Dad and I aimed for any color other than clear with equal delight. Many great pieces of our collection came from the setting of my story, the western coastline of Lake Michigan, the dunes area. That area of shore has a relaxed, time-stands-still feeling I think made a good setting to harbor a mysterious ghost story. It’s a quaint artsy area, a quiet place where unusual happenings could pass unnoticed for years…until the right person stumbled in like Kate.


Looking forward to a relaxing week at a Lake Michigancoastal resort, Kate finds much more than the picturesque dunes she intended to paint. Adventures start when her requested room is switched beside an unusual couple – a witch and her lover, a ghost.

During her stay, the handsome ghost, Anson, tries to ensnare her into helping him escape the witch who killed him and then enslaved his spirit. That witch holds him captive on the property of his mother’s resort. Anson wins Kate’s heart and loyalty, but is that enough to set him free?

Warning: This story contains paranormal sex, pagan abuse of a ghost spirit, nightmares, and happy family memories.


A loud knock on my door made us hush.

I held my breath.

I heard metal scraping, as though the door bolt slide open. A shadow moved across the rug in the main room.

My pulse rang in my ears.

Zandra stood in the bedroom doorway, her face ashen. “Lover, you and I have something to discuss. Leave her!” she commanded.

Anson gathered his clothes and left obediently. With only a chilling look cast at me, she turned and followed him.

What would she do to him? I dressed quickly and quietly, moving to a position under their sitting room window, listening to every noise. Soon, they argued.

“I own your soul,” Zandra pronounced.

“You possess me only by your black deeds.”

“You are my lover. What do you think you’re doing with that girl?”

“I will never love you.” His voice remained composed and assertive.

She declared, “Then, you will never love her.”

I rose up just enough to peer through a slat in the blind.

She stomped across the room, snatched an amber-colored bottle from a shelf, and yanked out the stopper. She turned toward Anson. Her face looked like a corpse, drawn and white. She proclaimed, “Captus anima!

My mouth dropped open as his form vaporized into smoke sucked in by the bottle. When all his matter entered the vessel, she quickly replaced the stopper.

Her lips curled. “You will never love again.” Then, she looked directly at me.

Horrified, I dropped down. My heart thumped in my chest. Had she seen me? I waited. Nothing happened. Then I heard her footsteps, but they sounded from farther in the apartment. I crept back to my room. I sat on the floor, completely still, listening. Still nothing. A faint glow of dawn shone through the window. What should I do?


Author Bio:

Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. Her creativity also spills into watercolor painting and drawing. After a move fromToledotoTampain 2008, she’s happily transforming into a Floridian, in love with the outdoors. Crazy about cycling, she usually passes the 1,000 mile mark yearly. She is learning kayaking and already addicted. She’s been a yoga enthusiast for over a decade and that spiritual quest helps her explore the mystical side of fantasy. She never has enough days spent at the beach, usually scribbling away at new stories with toes wiggling in the sand. Every day at the beach is magical!

Links to Marsha and her books:






Sea Glass and Sand Memories purchase link



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It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here


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Fantasy Man Friday

It’s that day again. Yes, I don’t even have to say it, do I? I want to though. I really, really do! I’m over at Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind today to talk about humor and…I can’t remember the other stuff, but I hope you’ll stop by to say ‘Hi!’

Anyway, this weekend is Father’s Day and I was trying to think of a way to incorporate hot men and fatherhood. It was hard for me to figure out how to do this without grossing myself out. When I think of Father’s Day, I picture my dad or stepfather. I don’t think about hotness.

So to get over the ick factor, I did a search for hot dads and found…a lot of them. Oh yes. Brad Pitt (sorry, he’s still one of my favorites because he’s so pretty!), David Beckham (rar!) and lots and lots of other celebrities who are proudly seen with their children.

Then I stumbled across this picture:

Yeah…he’s virile. Did you count them babies? Three of them! And he’s cute and he has a tattoo and a nice smile. He’s a regular guy and I think that’s sexiest of all, to be honest. I might ogle the hotties with ripped bods and perfect faces, but at the end of the day, I adore a regular man.

When I see a picture like this, it makes my biological clock kick me in the backside because yeah, babies. I frequently see-saw between wanting children and not wanting them, but there’s something about seeing a strong man cuddling a child that makes my secret maternal side go “aww, babies!” and my naughty side immediately start thinking about how babies are made (if you don’t know, you should probably buy some of my books).

So this post is for all of the gorgeous men out there who adore, cherish, and protect their children. Mamas, you go up to that man and plant a big kiss on him and tell him how sexy he is for being a great father.

Happy Father’s Day!


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