Fire Woman

My Kindle Fire comes in today! Woo! *devil horns* Yeah, I’m that excited. And it seems appropriate that today’s What’s Playing Wednesday. This whole month has been devoted to fire songs. Okay, is anyone else having to physically refrain from doing the Beavis “Fire! Fire! Heh, heh, fire!” *cough*

Today’s song is by The Cult. “Fire Woman” is one of those songs that always makes me think of stripping. I don’t know why. It isn’t a bad thing, honest. I love this song. If I had to make the soundtrack to my life, this song would be in the list somewhere. Minus the stripping because no one wants to see that. However, “Fire Woman” is sexy. It’s fast, it’s awesome, and I crank it up when I’m listening to it in my car.

Give a listen to “Fire Woman” while I sit back and daydream about my Kindle Fire. *sigh*


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4 responses to “Fire Woman

  1. Love it!! Thanks for making my day. Enjoy your new fire!

  2. KAK

    Oh, Ian Astbury. ~lash flutter~ I’m so glad he returned to The Cult, because that band holds many slots on my “raunchy scenes” playlist. ~brow waggle~

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