My New Pretty

Does anyone else find themselves in a gollum-like state? I know my five month old nephew does. If you take his pacifier away from him, he curls his little hands toward it in a very gollum way and I always have to say “My precioussss” when he does.

I feel the same way toward my Kindle. I bought that lovely, evil device right before Nationals in Orlando. Since then I’ve done my best to use up the entire memory. Alas, I’ve only accumulated 574 books in that time. I joked yesterday on Twitter/Facebook that I love my Kindle so much I’d marry it.

But then it’s younger, sexier brother came along. The Kindle Fire. Oh when it was released, I pined after it. I ogled it hungrily and wished I could have one. I cuddled my old, boring Kindle and dreamed of another. Basically, I was unfaithful to my Kindle because nothing can compare to the Fire in my mind. Yes, yes, I know there’s the Nook Tablet and the iPad five million (or whatever model they’re on now), but it was the Fire I wanted.

Even the name sounded awesome. I have mentioned before my awe and fascination with fire, so this shouldn’t come as any surprise really.

Yesterday I went to Books-a-Million in an attempt to write. I itched to put words down on paper, but I picked the most unfortunate spot to sit. You see, from where I sat, I had a perfect view of the Nook Color/Tablet station. It taunted me. Instead of writing, I found myself reading reviews and staring at the Tablet and the Fire. I even begged for help because I knew I’d end up buying one or the other.

Until I finally broke down and bought the Fire. *bites her knuckle* Oh the relief when I hit “purchase now”. Of course now I’m lost to exquisitely painful anticipation as I wait for it to come in. I had to send a message to my sister who’s been wanting a Kindle/Nook/anything for almost a year with the good news that she can have my old Kindle. She’s ecstatic. But my brother found out and he wants my old Kindle and pouted beacuse I already promised it to our older sibling.

I can’t be bothered with that really. I have more important things to think about, like what I’m going to do with the Fire when I get it. I’m actually a little nervous. What if it doesn’t like me? What if I’m not the kind of owner it wanted to go to? What if my old Kindle vows vengeance and does something to ruin my standing with Amazon, thus preventing me from buying anything?

Okay, I’m calm.

No I’m not. I won’t be calm until I have that new pretty in my hands so I can hug it and squeeze it and call it Fire.

Or my Precioussss….


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3 responses to “My New Pretty

  1. You’re going to love it and I know you’ll give it a good home.

  2. Susan Serigny

    Let me know if it’s worth the additional money. I think my original Kindle is losing charge-keeping ability.

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