My Freaky Feet

I know I talked about my sister-in-law and baby Bennett (who’s expected to arrive today or tomorrow) on Monday, but I completely forgot about my experience boot shopping on Saturday!

For the benefit of those who aren’t regular followers, let me just say I’m very tight-fisted when it comes to shopping. Books don’t count. Those aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessary. However, this weekend I found myself at a specialty store to buy steel-toe boots for work.

I’ve decided it was time to invest in a new pair of steel-toes and stop wearing my good sneakers to work. Have any of you ever bought good quality steel-toes before? If not, let me just tell you they’re expensive. As in, I paid more for these boots than I did for the dress I wore in my brother’s wedding last year. Yes. They were twice as expensive as a formal dress. *shudders*

But that isn’t the point of today’s post. Oh no. I had to get fitted for the right boots. The store I went to was small and the sign in the front boasted that the store held over twenty sizes and a range of widths. This was going to be so much fun (insert sarcastic eye roll).

I told the owner what I was looking for. Waterproof steel-toes since most of the time my work takes place in the rain, or after it rains. Before I could even look at the shoes on the shelves, the owner said I needed to be fitted.

I toed off my sneakers and placed my feet in the little metal things that look like torture devices. The man bent over my feet and started taking measurements. He tapped my heels, tapped my toes, tapped the sides of my feet and paused.

Him: This is really strange.
Me: What’s that?
Him: You have perfectly proportioned feet. I’ve never seen that in twenty years.
Me: You mean my feet are perfect? (Go figure it would be my feet.)
Him: Yes. Do you know what this means?
Thinking I’m about to win a prize, or get a huge discount on my boots, I eager say, What does that mean?
Him: It means you’re a freak. No one has perfectly proportioned feet!

I laughed. What else could I do? And it was funny. I suppose my freaky feet broke the ice with this guy, especially since I wasn’t offended and we joked while I walked around in the expensive steel-toes. He explained how shoes should fit and why they should fit that way and told me these boots should correct my knock-knees. I didn’t even know I had knock-knees. *mutters* But I really couldn’t take offense because he made me laugh.

So now you all know I have freaky, perfect feet. Aren’t you jealous?


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3 responses to “My Freaky Feet

  1. I am TOTALLY jealous. For sure. AND I think he would have gotten a kick out of how freaky you really CAN be- Santa’s reindeer, anyone?

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