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My Freaky Feet

I know I talked about my sister-in-law and baby Bennett (who’s expected to arrive today or tomorrow) on Monday, but I completely forgot about my experience boot shopping on Saturday!

For the benefit of those who aren’t regular followers, let me just say I’m very tight-fisted when it comes to shopping. Books don’t count. Those aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessary. However, this weekend I found myself at a specialty store to buy steel-toe boots for work.

I’ve decided it was time to invest in a new pair of steel-toes and stop wearing my good sneakers to work. Have any of you ever bought good quality steel-toes before? If not, let me just tell you they’re expensive. As in, I paid more for these boots than I did for the dress I wore in my brother’s wedding last year. Yes. They were twice as expensive as a formal dress. *shudders*

But that isn’t the point of today’s post. Oh no. I had to get fitted for the right boots. The store I went to was small and the sign in the front boasted that the store held over twenty sizes and a range of widths. This was going to be so much fun (insert sarcastic eye roll).

I told the owner what I was looking for. Waterproof steel-toes since most of the time my work takes place in the rain, or after it rains. Before I could even look at the shoes on the shelves, the owner said I needed to be fitted.

I toed off my sneakers and placed my feet in the little metal things that look like torture devices. The man bent over my feet and started taking measurements. He tapped my heels, tapped my toes, tapped the sides of my feet and paused.

Him: This is really strange.
Me: What’s that?
Him: You have perfectly proportioned feet. I’ve never seen that in twenty years.
Me: You mean my feet are perfect? (Go figure it would be my feet.)
Him: Yes. Do you know what this means?
Thinking I’m about to win a prize, or get a huge discount on my boots, I eager say, What does that mean?
Him: It means you’re a freak. No one has perfectly proportioned feet!

I laughed. What else could I do? And it was funny. I suppose my freaky feet broke the ice with this guy, especially since I wasn’t offended and we joked while I walked around in the expensive steel-toes. He explained how shoes should fit and why they should fit that way and told me these boots should correct my knock-knees. I didn’t even know I had knock-knees. *mutters* But I really couldn’t take offense because he made me laugh.

So now you all know I have freaky, perfect feet. Aren’t you jealous?


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A Pleasant Pain

As most of y’all know, RWA Nationals is right around the corner. It seems like it took forever to get here and now that it is, I’m slightly panicked by the thought. Oh, not in a “Oh-my-God-I-have-editor/agent-appointments-and-think-I’m-gonna-hurl” kind of way. I’ve been lucky that last year it was too late to set one up and this year that I have a fantabulicious agent I get to meet for a chat. No pitching sessions for me. Yay.

No, I panic because of clothes. Last year I wore flip-flops and sandals most of the time which sounds like a great thing, right? Oh no, my second toe went numb by the second day and I didn’t get feeling in it again for at least two months. This year I’ve resolved to avoid those types of shoes. Actually, it isn’t the shoe thing that worries me. Like I said, it’s all about the clothes.

This is New York we’re talking about. Bryant Park. Tim Gunn…God forbid I wore something bad and he saw me. He’d think I was a disaster area in need of help from FEMA. So saying, I went shopping this weekend. Last year I went with just my sister and we stayed around town to pick up a few odds and ends. It was okay. This time though, we recruited the mother lode, loaded up the car, and hit the outlet mall.

I tried on so many things that I never ever would have picked for myself. I had to put my foot down on some items because…I am so not a ruffles type of woman. *shudder* I haven’t worn ruffles since I was five and those were the only kind of undies my grandmother would buy me. Thank God those days are over. I can firmly say “Hell no” to ruffles. I tried it on to appease my sister, but thank the lord she didn’t say it looked good.

I even managed to fit in a pair of capris two sizes smaller than I wore last year. Yay for dieting! I still have a long way to go, but I was happy that I could see some progress. When it was all said and done I spent more money on clothes than I ever have in my entire life, including what I bought last year, most of which I have to get rid of now since they’re too big.

So what am I complaining about? Well…I suppose I should be glad that the day was pleasant, but I hate shopping. I don’t know if it’s the trying on clothes that I hate, or the exchanging of money. Put me in a book store, or at a perfume counter and I’ll go buck wild (yes, I also bought new perfume and smell sweet today because you know I have an issue with smelling bad). Clothing stores, shoe stores, and okay, anything not related to books or perfume and I freak. It just seems like a waste to me when I have perfectly worn clothes at home. Yes, I still have some T-shirts I had in high school and college which was…a while ago *cough*

It was nice though. I now have clothes that may not shame me at the conference and that will be comfortable to wear. I’m still wincing over the total cost, but it’s worth it, right? I mean, I have to look presentable, right? I can’t just walk around in my jeans and band T-shirts all the time…right?

Oh, and to top off the weekend of torture…I bathed old cat yesterday. It was a two person effort and we were positive she’d slash our throats, but she was surprisingly good. I was in charge of the washing while Mom held her immobile (or tried to). I think I’ll be seeing Ty’s big green eyes glaring at me for several weeks to come. She didn’t attack us at all, just kind of had all her claws out waiting for us to get close to her. Later, after I dried her well and let her clean herself, she jumped in my lap and let me brush her. And no, she didn’t go for my femoral artery either.  Poor kitty.

So that was my weekend. How was yours? If you’re going to Nationals, have you done your shopping yet?


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Please Leave A Message…

My week is going to be thrown completely off-balance because today and tomorrow I’m at a training seminar for work. Can we say boring? Yes we can! Oh, sure, it’s kind of cool to hear horror stories about hazardous waste leaks and all, but the rest of it isn’t as fun.

This weekend was a good weekend even though I bought the ugliest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. My sister insists they aren’t ugly (but that’s because she has a pair just like them!). They’re not really ugly, per se. They just aren’t in my usual style. You see, I like shoes with big chunky heels. Hey, I grew up in the 90’s. They don’t make heels like that anymore. Everything these days are spiked heels which I cannot wear without worrying about breaking a leg.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to even try these shoes on. When the sales person brought them to me I know I curled my lip at them. They were that unattractive to me! Then I put one foot in the shoe and all prejudice melted away. It was like…air! I quickly slid the other shoe on and raced for the mirror. Yes, they looked just as horrible as I thought they would; yes, they make my feet look huge (which they are, but I generally find shoes to minimize their size); and yes, they have no heel. But O. M. G. Comfortable! They’re so comfortable! I bought them. And I don’t care what others may think!

So that was my weekend. I’m between sizes in jeans…which kind of sucks when I needed a new pair to replace the ones I ripped recently. Then I spent the rest of my weekend working on Romance Trading Cards. If you haven’t heard of things, you should check them out. They’re awesome! I made some for my recent releases…and I can only hope they look somewhat nice. (I don’t have finished product pictures yet, but will post them when I do).

That was my weekend. What about yours? I won’t be able to reply right away, but I will respond when I get a chance. So…leave a message after the <Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep>


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Cajun French: Cajun Reeboks

Okay, so it isn’t exactly Cajun French, but it is a part of the culture here.

If you were to walk around most parking lots in Cajun country and happened to look at pick-up trucks, you might see Cajun Reeboks wedged between the cab and bed of the trucks. I’ve always wanted a truck, just so I could get a pair and stuff them in that spot because…well, it’s kind of like a gun rack; everyone has one!

What in the world are Cajun Reeboks, I hear you ask. Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you about! Cajun Reeboks are short, white rubber boots. Like these:

Not what you thought, are they?

Rubber boots are important in this area, not just because of the rain, but because if you dig more than two feet into the ground, you will hit water. Shrimpers and fishermen wear these boots as opposed to a darker color because of the heat. You’ve seen Deadliest Catch, right? Well, down here, it’s the Hottest Catch. When the heat index is around 115 and you’re working on a boat, being comfortable and cool is a priority.

It should tell you how popular these boots are that they have their own nickname around here. I’m saving up for a pair of steel-toe rubber boots *rubs her hands together* I can hardly wait! *cough* Sorry.

So, if you’re in south Louisiana and you hear someone mention Cajun Reeboks, or you see someone walking around wearing a pair of these boots, just remember it’s a way of life down here.

Have questions about Cajun French, English, or the way of life? Send me an e-mail at danica.avet@gmail.com and I’ll make it the topic of an upcoming post!


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