Fantasy Man Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! What a glorious day (so far).

Today is my baby’s 18th birthday. Okay, so he isn’t really my baby, but I love him like my own. It’s hard for me to believe that the chunky little baby I carried on my hip the entire summer I was fifteen is now the lean handsome young man he is today. Not to get all sappy on ya’ll, but I don’t think I could love him more if he were my own child. He’s a great kid and I just had to share a little of him with ya’ll.

This is my baby with his girlfriend. *sniff*


Okay, on to Fantasy Man Friday. No, I wasn’t letting you all ogle my handsome nephew. Hmph. As his nanny, I consider it my sacred duty to protect him from females. Unfortunately, his girlfriend got him at school and as much as I protested, the school board wouldn’t let me follow him around to protect him. Darn it! Just kidding. She’s a sweet girl and they’re cute together.

On that note. Today’s Fantasy Man…sheesh. This was a difficult decision. There are so many men and so little time! I think I know who to use. Here we go:


How’s that? It’s a shame we can’t see his face, but we can console ourselves with the rest of him. Ahem.

Happy Friday,  ya’ll and if I’m not around tomorrow. Happy Halloween!


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2 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Sorry, Danica, but this bod don’t do it for me. TOOOOO MUCH — I guess I like my man to be fit, but not hard.

    I know many will disagree with me. That’s why God made men in so many varieties.


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