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Porn Star Dancing

Yup, time for another What’s Playing Wednesday in the theme of stripping/exotic dancing. This time around, I purposely chose a clip that wasn’t the official video. As much as I enjoyed writing Magda’s book, I just couldn’t see myself playing a video with so many scantily clad women. Sorry y’all, if it had been men, it would’ve been a completely different story. Heh.

Anyway, today’s song is by a band called My Darkest Days. They seem to really like barely dressed women touching each other. Out of curiosity, I checked out another video by them for a song I really like and it was almost identical to this one. Go figure. LOL

Obviously this song, if the title of the post doesn’t tell you, is called “Porn Star Dancing”. It’s got a great beat, some killer guitar solos by Zakk Wylde, and some naughty lyrics to go with the video I’m not playing, LOL (If you’re dying of curiosity, it’s out there.)

So here’s “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days!

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More Guest Blogging

It’s been an crazy week and it isn’t over yet. You Bet Your Banshee released yesterday. I’m hosting a giveaway here on my blog that will run through the weekend. Today I’m going to be over at Stacey Espino’s blog with another chance to win You Bet Your Banshee. I’m talking about songs to take your clothes off to over there so be sure to stop and comment.

I’m also involved in the Keyboards and Kink blog hop which ends at midnight tonight. It’s a thirteen author anthology, which means lots of hot stories. If you’d like to win a copy, be sure to take part in the hop!

And tomorrow is another release day. Why do I feel like Forrest Gump when I say that? Like “I got to visit the president again“. But it’s true. Not the president part, but the release day part. What a crazy week.

To top it off, tonight is the premiere of Cajun Justice on A&E. Y’all. Seriously, I have to watch this show just because I know it’s going to provide me with endless hours of blogging material. I think nearly everyone in Terrebonne Parish is going to be watching it as well if only so they can complain about how they make us seem. It should be interesting.

Oh, did I mention I finished one of my WIPs? Yup, I wrote The End on Primal Design on Tuesday afternoon and sent it off to the lovely Avril Ashton for a beta. Hopefully it doesn’t suck. Now I just need to buckle down and finish Immortal Envy (Olympus, Inc. 2) and start working on my reaper book for the Three Kingdoms trilogy.

So much to do, so much to do!


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Release Day Strip Off

Woot! Today’s the release of You Bet Your Banshee (The Three Kingdoms) and I’m so excited about it that I’m giving away a copy to one lucky commenter. But first, did you know there’s still time to win a copy of Keyboards and Kink Anthology which releases from Evernight this Friday. Just visit as many of the author blog sites participating in the blog hop for a chance to win!

And now on to the banshee release day song. This month is all about stripping/taking your clothes off for What’s Playing Wednesdays. I know, it isn’t my regular fair and I’m sure someone will be very put out with me for the objectification of women, but the heroine of You Bet Your Banshee is a stripper. She became one as a way to make fast money. Did I mention she’s also a banshee on the run which means she can’t exactly get a job where paperwork is required? Or that she has a very unique skill that makes her a good stripper? Yeah, well, she does.

So when I was thinking about a theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays, I realized there are a lot of songs out there about stripping, taking your clothes off, etc. and decided that was the direction I needed to take in honor of Magda.

Today’s offering is Wyclef Jean’s “Perfect Gentleman”. I really do like this song and when it came out, I was immediately hooked. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and well, just because she dances from pole to pole, it don’t make her a ho, no. Which is exactly how I portrayed Magda.

So, to win a copy of You Bet Your Banshee, just tell me what your name would be if you were an exotic dancer. Would you go for something traditional, or something else? The contest will remain open until midnight June 10th and the winner announced on Monday, June 11. And don’t try to tell me you’ve never given any thought to stripping, even if it’s only in your own home. I’ll also be over at Stacey Espino’s blog tomorrow with another chance to win, so be sure to check back for the link!


What’s a banshee to do when she’s sentenced to death because of her inability to cry? Move to Earth and become a stripper, of course. For ten years, Magda O’Quinn has lived on Earth, supporting herself with her butt-shaking skills and hiding from the banshee queen who wants her death, before she discovers people are hunting her who won’t stop until she’s back in Fairworld.
The first to find her is hunky Halfling, Ryvan Keller, an agent of the fairy queen. The attraction Magda feels for him is panty-wetting to be sure, but there’s no way she’ll give in to her attraction and meekly follow him back into the hell of Fairworld. She’ll have to battle extreme lust for a sexy Halfling, fall in love, and defeat an evil queen before she can get back to the business of having a life again.


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