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Musical ADD

So I took back control of the turntables today. I hope y’all have been enjoying learning more about my fellow Cabal members. Trust me, they’ll be stopping by again starting next week. But today it’s all me…

And I’m having musical ADD. Probably because I have about six WIPs vying for my attention. When I hit send on Dean’s List in December, other stories demanded their time and they still demand it. Loudly. The only problem is they’re all sort of shouting at the same volume. So my brain is caught in an endless loop of my kick ass bounty hunter sci-fi type story which fits this song by the Wu-Tang Clan:

I work on that story for a good while, but then I start thinking about the next Cajun Heat story and the  heroine who’s also kick ass (is there any other kind? really). Colette is her name and she’s been working on me…and her hero (not saying who that is), but she’s got problems. Self-esteem issues which are always tough to write, yet she isn’t one to complain. She just puts her head down and keeps working and gah…I just want to hug her or play her this song by The Amity Affliction which, while it’s loud and screamy, it’s also powerful:


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg my friends. My brain? It’s a war zone in there. I’m sure I’ll settle down with one story as soon as one character steps up and says ‘Yo, pipe it down, Danica’s writing about me.’ Until then, I’ll write a little here, write a little there, fight the plot bunnies here…and try not to let new characters have at me.

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