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Scavenger Hunt Winner

Whew, is it just me, or was that scavenger hunt…savagely fun? Bouncing all over the place, visiting new blogs, interacting with new people. You gotta love being an author!

But y’all just want to know who won the $50 gift card and a copy of Dean’s List. Well, random.org selected…SHANNON ROMEIN as the winner of the grand prize package. Shannon, I’ll be sending you an email for your information.

Wait, where are y’all going? Don’t leave just yet. Because we had such an awesome turnout for the scavenger hunt, I’ve decided to hand out two more prizes! One winner will receive a digital copy of Dean’s List and the other winner will receive a $10 gift card (Amazon, B&N or ARe).

***UPDATE: The winner of the $10 gift card (Amazon, B&N or ARe) is Shelly Hammond! And the winner of the digital copy of Dean’s List is Victoria Brinius!***

Those winners will also be selected randomly later today. So be sure to stop back for an update on this post.

I can’t thank y’all enough for the wonderful celebration scavenger hunt. I had so much fun and I hope everyone else did as well. Be sure to check out Candlelight Book Promotions because I know they have more giveaways coming up. And definitely check back here because there’s always more to come!

Happy Easter, everyone!


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At The Hop

I know I usually reserve Thursdays for Cajun French lessons, but today I’m announcing the winner of the Mardi Gras mask from Monday’s blog post and announcing that I’m taking part in Coffee & Romance’s Spring Into Summer Blog Hop! This is my first and I hope I do things right *bites her nails*

That means there are lots of goodies up for grabs, so be sure to check it out!


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Fantasy Man Friday

It’s been such a busy week! Between blog tours, writing, and making plans for the weekend, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe. Um, well obviously I’ve managed to find the time since I’m still alive, but you know what I mean!

Before I get to the Fantasy Man, I’d like to announce the winners of this week’s giveaways. From Nikki Brandyberry’s blog, the following ladies had their numbers pulled: Cindy, LaTessa, and Peep!. Ladies, thank  you so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you enjoy your prizes! From Rachel Firasek’s blog, the lucky winner is: Eva!

It was so much fun to read the comments everyone left and I was very honored to see familiar faces this week. Y’all are the best! That doesn’t mean it’s over though. No indeed! Next week, I have two more giveaways planned and hopefully I’ll see more of you there. On February 15, I’ll be over at Jillian Chantal’s blog for another interview and giveaway. Then on February 17, I’ll be over at Avril Ashton’s blog for yet another interview and giveaway. I hope to see you there!

Now for the item of business everyone’s been waiting for. Friday’s are my favorite day of the week without a doubt. I know, I know. It’s everyone’s favorite day, but for me it means more than just posting a sexy man on my blog. You see, the entire week before Fantasy Man Fridays, I spend time searching for the perfect Fantasy Man. Oh, yes…

*ten minutes later*

Sorry! So sorry, I got a little distracted by today’s Fantasy Man. I’ll show you why:

Ummmm…um…At first I thought he was holding some kind of…I don’t know, scarf or something, but I’m glad to see he isn’t. He isn’t as muscular as some of my regular Fantasy Men, but yeah, I don’t mind at all! That glistening skin, those cheekbones, the way his pants are barely hanging in there…Oh, yeah. Ahem.

Er…what was I going to say next? Um, I can’t remember. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a safe weekend!


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