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Because What Does It Say?

I’ve been going to physical therapy for my shoulder since June.  Five months later, I’m pretty comfortable with the physical therapist and his girls so it should come as no surprise that we talk. I also make them laugh. Mostly because I say things like, “I thought we were friends. You’re not supposed to hurt your friends” when they give me a new exercise to do.

So when I was driving to PT one afternoon and flipping through the radio stations and heard something that made me blink, I had to share it with them. I’d heard this song before, a while back just like everyone else, but I never thought it would be playing on what amounts to a Top 20 channel. (Satellite radio is organized that way so you can catch all the current pop hits without all the crap.) I paused on this channel because…Well, I was astounded. I’m sure back in the day people thought the same thing of “Pac-Man Fever” and “Disco Duck” but this just kills me because it’s hilarious.

If you haven’t seen it already, this is a group called Ylvis and they have a song called “What Does the Fox Say”. And really, what does the fox say? Really y’all. Really.

Anyway, enjoy!

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