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Heidi Lynn Anderson Guest Blog

Hey y’all, today I have the awesome Heidi Lynn Anderson on my blog with an interview and a little snippet of her latest release, Maggie’s Desire. It’s scorching hot, so get your fans ready!

Series: Welcome to Paradise: Book 2
Genre: Contemporary FMF Menage
Flame rating: Scorching

Released: 5/4/2013
Publisher: Silver Publishing

Dancia: Are you a plotter or a pantser, or a hybrid?
Heidi: I guess I’m a hybrid. When I start a story, I really don’t know what is going to happen, but as the story unfolds, I plot out the next chapter in my head. Mind you, I can’t remember what I plotted in my head, so I have to put on my pantser pants and let my fingers fly.

Danica: In your opinion, what makes a great hero?
Heidi: That is a great question. I think a great hero has some flaws and is willing to do what it takes to get his girl.

Danica: Do you prefer strong women for heroines, or the ‘damsel in distress’ type?
Heidi: I like the strong heroine. I think all women have week moments, but are still strong. I try to use that when developing my heroines. You can be a strong woman and need someone to lend you a hand. If that someone happens to be a sexy man so be it. 😉

Danica: What book are you currently reading?
Heidi: Whiskey Beach By Nora Roberts and Be with me by Maya Banks

Danica: Do you have anything in common with your characters?
Heidi: I try to put a little bit of myself in all my characters. The good the bad and the ugly, all get into my stories somehow.

Danica: What item, or items, is absolutely necessary to your writing mojo?
Heidi: I need my laptop and a diet Pepsi.

Danica: Do you have any rituals for writing or special locations that you prefer to inhabit when you’re writing?
Heidi: Before I sit down to write I need to make sure all my emails are cleaned out of my inbox.

I have a chair in my family room that fits my butt to a tee, so if my cat isn’t sleeping in it, that’s where I like to write.

Danica: Right now, what items are on your desk that you’d be embarrassed to admit to?
Heidi: Okay so I have a dirty secret. When a story has it’s claws in me, like it does right now. My poor family has to shovel me out from under the piles of dirty dishes and papers and what not that has built up during the day. They put on their HAZMAT suits and pull me out kicking a screaming. It is not pretty.


By day, Heidi Lynn Anderson is a wife, mother, and owner of a small Green-Cleaning company. By night, she spins erotic tales featuring hunky heroes and the women they love. When not working or writing, Heidi likes spending time with her husband and son, doing what Florida has to offer.

Website: http://www.heidilynnanderson.com/

Maggie’s Desire
Welcome to Paradise 2


Who would have thought a plan to get the attention of one man, would have Maggie Blake taking two men to her bed?

Maggie Blake has one desire, to experience what the way-too-sexy Brian O’Malley has to offer in bed. Too bad, he thinks of her as an annoyance and not as the hot willing woman she is.

Brian has one rule in life. Never let a woman too close, but club Paradise’s sassy little bartender threatens to change that rule and wiggle her hot little ass into his damaged heart.

Purchase Link:

Silver Publishing

Her mind conjured up images of their naked bodies fused together. White-hot pleasure bubbled inside her soul. Maggie forced her eyes open and stared right at Brian. She could all but feel him lean in and flick her earlobe with his tongue. A shiver danced over the tender flesh like a whisper. Her teeth bit hard into her bottom lip. She stifled the moan burning in her throat. Maggie’s breasts yearned to be touched. Her pussy flared with moist heat.

She wanted him bad. Swallowing back a whimper, Maggie squeezed her thighs together to relieve the throbbing ache between them. “God, you’re pathetic,” she said aloud. “You wouldn’t know what to do with Brian if you had him hot, hard, and calling your name.”

“What was that, Maggie?”

She jumped and spun. “Holy shit, Logan. Where did you come from?”

He frowned. “I’ve been here for ten minutes.”

“You scared the crap out of me.”

His eyes narrowed. He rubbed his thumb over her cheek. “Are you feeling okay?”

She stepped back. “I’m fine. It’s hot in here is all.” Her cell vibrated against her hip and she jumped again. “Shit.” Maggie fished the phone out of the pocket of the too tight jean cut offs. “Have I told you today, the uniforms here suck?”

Logan sent her a heart-melting smile. “Not from where I’m standing.”

She pulled denim down her leg so the shorts looked more like shorts and less like bikini bottoms. “Next time I’m going with you and Julie when you go shopping for new outfits.”

“If you had it your way, we would all wear over-sized cargo pants and baggy T-shirts.

She grinned up at him. “Just the women. The men would wear tight shorts and no shirts.” Her cell vibrated again. “Crap.” She glanced at the screen.

 NICK: The eagle has landed.

 She checked the time. “Holy shit, I’m going to be late.” Her pathetic fantasizing had her losing all track of time. She took a breath, pulled herself together, and typed back. Haven’t left work yet. See you in twenty.

Shoving the phone back into her snug pocket, she gazed at Logan. “Nick just landed.” Maggie motioned to the bar. “You got this?”

Logan sent her his signature grin. “No, but since Nick is here to help me and Ava with the new house, I guess I can make do.”

“Thanks.” She rushed out from behind the bar and pushed through the crowd toward the door. Maggie felt someone grab her ass. She spun and rammed her elbow into the offender’s ribs. “Back off, asshole.”

The guy stumbled. “Ouch, sorry. I was just going to ask if you wanted to go to a private room with me?”

She put her hands on her hips and examined him critically. People really pissed her off. “Hey, jackass. Just because this is a sex club doesn’t mean you can touch people without their permission.”

Ava’s Pleasure

Welcome to Paradise 1


When prim proper Ava stumbles into a Miami sex club, she isn’t expecting to find the man from her dreams. Navy SEAL Logan is just wasting time between missions until this naïve and innocent woman turns his world upside down.

Of all the sex clubs, she had to walk into his. How was Ava Cullen supposed to know her prim and proper aunt was part owner of the premier sex club in Miami and a top-notch Dominatrix? When she stumbled into club Paradise and came face to face with her dream man, she had a feeling she stood on the precipice of something life changing.

Navy SEAL Logan Turner always knew he needed more out of life than the next mission. That’s why he opened Paradise with his best friend Julie. It didn’t hurt that he could reap the benefits of owning a sex club. That was until a sexy, doe-eyed woman walked in, making his control slip for the first time ever.

Purchase Links:

Silver Publishing


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