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If any of you are football fans, you may know about this already. However, if you’re not, then let me tell you about a big WHOOPS.

Sunday, the Oakland Raiders played the Denver Broncos. During a play, defensive tackle Tommy Kelly lost his pants. Yes, you heard me. His pants fell to his knees revealing nothing but a jock strap. Poor man. Luckily, the Raiders won so he would be able to sort of justify his embarrassment.

These sorts of things do happen, of course. But what about people just forgetting to put pertinent items of clothing on? Yes, it does happen. I remember a story my sister told me of junior high when a girl getting ready for gym class forgot to put her shorts on. She skipped out of the locker room in nothing but her T-shirt, panties, and shoes. Ouch.

No, I’m the person who starts a new job, goes to work dressed up…except for her fly which was open all day. No one told me!! Then there was the time I wore drawstring slacks to work…inside out and backwards. God. More recently, it’s been jean malfunctions. I’ve mentioned that before. Having a rip in the seat of my jeans and high-tailing it home.

So, what embarrassing things have you done, or witnessed? It’s confession time!

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