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The Waiting Game

As most of you know, I sent queries out last week for my most recent manuscript, Tie Him Up. Now, I can’t say that I’m the patient type. Okay, no, I don’t have a drop of patience. This isn’t a good quality for a writer. There is no instant gratification in writing.

I’m not even going to discuss the agonizing writing process because I’ve done it many times before. No, we all know that’s like Chinese water torture. You write, revise, edit, revise some more, edit, then send it to your critique partners to check your edits. Then they have edits and you’re back to editing. But in the end, you should have a polished manuscript.

You send your pretty new manuscript out into the dangerous world and pray that it survives. You send a prayer up to a Higher Power that someone will want to read more of what you’ve given them, but you still have to wait. And waiting, is truly the hardest part.

I receive e-mails on my cell phone and I’ve found myself checking my phone every five minutes to see if there’s anything new. When I do see that little logo pop up on my phone, I can’t open it there. No, I have to get to a computer to open the e-mail because yes, there’s a chance I might need to sit down when reading it. So I hurry to the nearest keyboard to open my e-mail and…it’s another offer from DSW for shoes, or Victoria’s Secret telling me about a sale, or it’s one of my critique partners (I don’t mind those e-mails).

The disappointment weighs on you because you want so badly for someone to say, ‘Hm, this sounds interesting, I’d like to read more’. That’s all I want right now, but when nothing comes and I’m getting e-mails from retail stores, I want to cry. No, not cry, I want to send out flurries of “Did you get my query?” e-mails, but that won’t do. It’s only been a week! But again, patience is not my forte.

That’s part of the reason why I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. I wasn’t going to do it, but I know if I didn’t have something else to concentrate on, I’d buy one of those eyelid pry things from A Clockwork Orange to stare at my inbox and hit refresh every thirty seconds. No, NaNo just may save me from insanity, if it doesn’t drive me crazy first.

On an entirely different note, tomorrow we have a special guest and another book giveaway. Yes, you heard me, another book giveaway! Actually, two books. My critique partner extraordinaire, Daisy Harris, has a new book out and she’ll be stopping by for Fantasy Man Friday to tell us a little about herself. She’s also giving away two ARCs of Mere Temptation, the first book in her Mere series. Be sure to stop by to find out more about her, the book, and to see what delicious man I conjure up in honor of shapeshifting dragons, dolphins, and sharks 😉


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I Prefer the Word Caution Over Paranoia

I had this great big post planned discussing my paranoid delusions cautious personality. I could go into detail, but I’d rather advertise my insanity.

No, instead I’m going to just blather about nothing in particular to get my mind off of what I think should be happening. Isn’t that the truly horrible part about being human? We have expectations and when they aren’t met when we think they should be met, we start worrying, fretting, freaking out…or is that just me?

I admit it, I’m a worst-case scenario girl. I always have been. I remember being in 3rd grade and thinking “What would happen if the building collapsed? Would Duran Duran come save me?”…I never said I didn’t dream big. As I got older, those scenarios became more and more personal and bigger and bigger. I don’t know why I do this, but it does help when writing. I mean, when I’m writing, I think…’What could make this whole situation worse than it already is?’ and BINGO, I have it. Let’s throw some torture in there. Yeah! And how about a little insanity!

I think it’s my mom’s fault. Everything I do is her fault. Growing up, every time we had a hurricane, it was coming right for us. And they always have a mind of their own. It isn’t just nature taking its course, it’s personal. That hurricane is coming to get US. If any of you tell my mother this, you’re so going to get it.

So here I am, trying not to think about it. (BTW, that isn’t working…avoidance is not a good thing for me.) I’m going to try to think good thoughts (which won’t work either). *taps her fingers* Okay, none of that is working for me. ARGH!


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