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Veterans Day

I’m going to keep today’s post short. Mostly because I forgot about it until just now. I know, I’ve become such a horrible blogger! But I have so much going on, it’s easy to forget a lot of things.

Like giving thanks to the people who serve and have served our country. I’m sure I might have mentioned this before, but a lot of men in my family have been in the military. My grandfather joined the Army Air Corp right before World War II and was actually on his way to Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was attacked. I don’t remember many of his stories except that he hated pineapples after his stint there and he got to dance with Grace Kelly for a few seconds as part of a USO show. I thought that was pretty awesome.

My stepfather’s dad did a stint in Europe at the same time. Normandy Beach and I remember sitting with him and listening to his stories although I couldn’t tell you what they were. I just liked to listen to him talk and look at his medals. I thought that was pretty awesome too.

My uncle was an MP in the Army, stationed in South Korea. He doesn’t talk much about those days, although I think whatever he saw and did over there eventually brought him happiness because he met his wife there. Sure, they’ve endured a lot since then, but they’ve always had each other and I think that’s amazing.

My stepdad joined the Navy when he graduated high school. He became a Seabee. I used to laugh at his stories because part of the basic training was swimming and he couldn’t swim. When it was his turn to dive into the pool and do his thing, he dove straight for the side and sort of floated until he got to the other side. He totally cheated, but he did his thing and went to Vietnam. I was lucky to have gone to his company reunion when I graduated from high school. I say lucky because I got to meet the men who were in the pictures he brought back from Vietnam with him, talk to the people he talked about rarely. And they were great. We watched old slide shows of the guys’ time there and listening to them rag on each other, get choked up about someone they lost…It was touching. It wasn’t the senior trip my fellow classmates had, but it gave me a new appreciation for our military.

They sacrifice so much for the citizens of our nation. They give pieces of their hearts, their souls to doing what so many of us wouldn’t even think about doing. And they do it with pride, honor. That’s something everyone should respect and be grateful for. Because while everyone is born to take, not all of us are born to give and that’s what our veterans and current service men and women do. They give and give.

So today, I’d like to give my thanks to them all. To the veterans who keep our history alive with stories they share with the next generations, to the families and friends who’ve lost loved ones fighting for freedom, to the men and women who are serving now, doing their best to keep us free, there aren’t enough words to thank you for what you’ve done. But you have my thanks all the same.

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Fantasy Man Friday

Well, we’ve made it to another Fantasy Man Friday. Yay! I’m ready for the weekend, although it suddenly dawned on me that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. *blinks* When did that happen? I could’ve sworn it was just Labor Day weekend and now we’re already nearing the big holiday season? Yipes!

I had a good week. I started a third WIP *cough* but haven’t given up on my other two. All three are keeping me occupied and happy and feeling creative. I wrote one of the longest love scenes of my life in my 2nd christmas novella. It’s a little different writing a detailed scene involving three people. *cough cough* Um, other than that, things are great.

I got to spend quality time with my little man, Bennett and although we had a few differences in opinion (as in I wanted to hold him this way and he wanted to be held that way), he was very good for me. He’s such a sweet baby, but I’ll hush up because it’s Fantasy Man Friday.

Today is also Veterans Day. It’s the day we honor the men and women who have served, and are serving, our country. I admire all those selflessly risk their lives to protect our constitution. Today’s man is carrying the stars and stripes in a show of patriotism.

No, I have no idea if he’s in the military, but that’s okay. I think he’s doing a wonderful job showing his support for our veterans. Maybe we should start a petition to have a statue made of him waving the flag. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve taken a few ceramics classes and uh, I’d be up for some sculpting. *cough*

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Friday!


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We Salute You

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S.

I’ll be honest with y’all. When I was in high school, we had to take that ASVAB test…not sure what that all stands for, but when the scores came in, I had phone calls from the Air Force and Navy. Yeah, they wanted me. I probably should have joined the service because I had no idea what to do with my life, except I have a small…problem or two.

First, I’m bossy as all hell. It’s one of my personality quirks. I like to give orders. Joining the service wouldn’t have been a bad thing if I was able to be a commander starting out. You know, ’cause I do like to tell people what to do. But knowing I’d go in as a lowly grunt (or whatever they’re called), wouldn’t have sat well with me.

Secondly…I’m oppositional defiant. I absolutely hate being told what to do. It grates on my nerves like nothing else. Just ask my mother or siblings. If you tell me what and how to do something, chances are I’ll do it my way or do the exact opposite. I’m not alone in this, my whole family has the same quirk. But these kinds of personalities probably don’t belong in the military.

These reasons are why I so strongly admire people who do serve our country. I’m a patriot (the American kind, not the New England kind) and I strongly believe in protecting our values and way of life. They put their civilian lives on hold to train, to fight, to defend. Regardless of their personality types, they’re out there risking their lives. Their service to our country proves their strength of will and determination. Our soldiers, past, present, and future deserve our admiration, our respect.

So be sure to tell a veteran “thank you” for preserving the freedom our country was built upon. Give them a hug for the sacrifices they’ve made for us. Salute them for putting their lives in danger in the name of democracy. They’re true heroes and we should honor them as such.


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Veterans Day

Today is the day we honor the military men and women who fought for the freedom so many of us take for granted. If it weren’t for these men and women, the entire course of history would be changed. I hold a BA in History and I’ll admit, US History was never my favorite area of study. I’m more of a Medieval England, and Renaissance and Reformation girl, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the sacrifices made by our vets.

My grandfather was with the US Army Air Corps. It was the branch of the Army that eventually became the US Air Force. He was on his way to Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. He was a mechanic, working on the planes that carried Fat Man and Little Boy across the Pacific. When I asked him about his time in Hawaii (what an exotic place to be!) all he would tell me, was he danced with Grace Kelly (for 2 minutes) and hated pineapples.

My stepdad was a Navy Seabee during Vietnam. When I graduated from high school, instead of going on a senior trip like most of my friends did, I went to my stepdad’s Naval Seabee Reunion at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, Mississippi. It was the first time some of these men had seen each other since the war. My brother and I were the only non-spouse, young people there and they treated us like their own. We watched films from their tour and I heard stories about my stepdad he’d never told us. It was an eye-opener.

I admire the men and women who join the military. We all should admire and thank them. They’re all that stands between us and chaos. These are the people who fight for the rights we take for granted, they rescue us when natural disasters hit, and they die for us. For you, for me, for future generations. Never take them for granted, never forget that they carry the burden of their years in service for the rest of their lives, don’t forget their families who pray for them to come home.

So to all: Happy Veterans Day, thank you for your hard work and sacrifice on behalf of me and mine.

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