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Home Sweet Bed

I got back from RT yesterday afternoon and after dragging heavy suitcases all over the south, it was a massive relief to see my brother’s car waiting for me at the airport. It was even better to sit next to Bennett on the ride home. Even if he did tell me “no” to everything I asked him. Which was funny actually.

Danica: Were you a good boy for mommy and daddy?
Bennett: No.Danica: Somehow I knew that.

It was just great to be home. Normally my dog gives me the cold paw when I return from a long trip, but this time she did the lip smacking, head bowed, butt tucked under “Why did you leave me? No one takes care of me the way you do.” And then there was fat cat who had to lick my elbows and follow me everywhere. Actually, it’s been about 16 hours and they still follow me everywhere.

So much for a private shower, eh?

I had a lot of fun at RT. I took a ton of pictures which I haven’t retrieved from my camera yet, but I will try to get that done today so I can bore everyone with my “and this is a giraffe’s ass” slideshow commentary.

Next year should be a lot easier on me since RT is in New Orleans. No waiting in lines at the airport, no hoping the socks I’m wearing don’t have holes in them when I take my shoes off to go through security, no strange people sitting next to me on the plane. Just me and my car. Yay!

Are you planning to go to RT in New Orleans?


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Captain’s Log RT Day 1

We’re here! Well, I’m here. And in Danica World, where I’m the center of the universe, that’s all that matters. Because everything else revolves around me.  I’m rockin’ it too. I have the whole gravity thing going on, some sparkles (stars to the layman) and I’m out of sight!

Okay, I’m laying it on thick. But I’m here in the lovely Kansas City for Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2013. The flight from New Orleans to KC was fairy uneventful. No extreme hotties for me to ogle, but we were taken for a wild ride when we hit some high winds right before landing.

Then I loafed around the airport waiting for my partners in crime to arrive. Once we were all on the van (me, Lea Barrymire, Cassandra Carr and Shell Saunders-Bryce) I let the “other” me disappear and Danica slowly emerged. My hotel room? Awesomesauce. It’s pretty posh. Walked a bit, had food at the Crayola Cafe. Hello? More awesome.

And we left a calling card:

482520_607839189229095_795802365_nIf you’re ever in the Kansas City area, I highly recommend Tuesday night at the Flying Saucer. It isn’t easy getting a table, but if you do and it’s more room than you need, invite the next folks in line to join you. We did and they turned out to be a lot of fun. I hope they enjoyed themselves at the Fleetwood Mac concert and want to give a huge thanks for them buying our first round of beers.

Anyway, The Flying Saucer was great. The food was good (very good), they had an amazing beer menu (I worked my way through nearly all the pale ales they offered) and they had trivia night. If we would have had more people with us I’m sure we would’ve beat those college kids. Sure of it! There’s also a very trendy grouping of bars and night clubs that I’d love to explore some more. That might be on the agenda. And I need to get T-shirts while I’m here.

But we had fun. I wish I could chat more, but it’s the official “start” of the conference and I need to get a move on. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by the RT Book EXPO on Thursday afternoon from 4-6 pm. Even if you can’t make it, you can still buy books to support your favorite (and discover new) authors by clicking on their name on the Big Book EXPO page!

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The T-Shirt Addiction

I’m over at the Sultry Scribe today with an interview. Stop by for a visit!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to be upbeat. I really don’t like Mondays. Last night I stared into space wondering where the weekend went and trying to figure out how it got away from me so quickly.

But I’m not going to talk about depressing things like work weeks. No, I’d rather talk about my addiction. You all know how addicted to books I am. It’s gotten so bad that I have to physically force myself not to buy more because my checkbook can’t take it. But I probably haven’t mentioned my T-shirt addiction.

It is an addiction. I can promise you that nearly any time I go somewhere, I’m buying a T-shirt there. Why? Because it’s what I like to wear. I’m lucky that I’m able to wear casual clothes to work, but I don’t think my coworkers would approve of some of my shirts.

I have T-shirts from bars and pubs. T-shirts about games and books. Band/concert T-shirts. College T-shirts (my alma mater and my nephew’s college), place-name T-shirts, work place T-shirts. I even have Far Side T-shirts that I can’t bring myself to get rid of. They have holes, stains, and rips, but they stay in my dresser because I might wear them to go fishing or something.

I mention this because while we were in Ruston visiting my nephew, I bought two T-shirts with his college name on them. Two. On top of the one I’d already purchased several months ago. I can’t seem to help myself. When I was at Nationals in NYC, I bought two T-shirts. When I was in New Orleans for the FF&P conference, I bought a sweat shirt (in my defense, it was abnormally chilly that weekend). I have no doubt when I go to Ohio in October, I’ll be buying another T-shirt…maybe more if they have any to buy at the Football Hall of Fame Museum.

What’s your secret addiction?


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