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Feeling Lost

First of all, let me apologize to everyone who read my blog yesterday. I’m so embarrassed! I misspelled Monday. MONDAY! In my defense, I was so overcome by the Saints’ win, I wasn’t thinking of spelling. But all of that’s over with.

It’s silly to be so down that football season is over. I should be glad that my Sundays are my own again, but I’m not. I feel lost. Oh sure, I could find another sport to fill my Sunday afternoons, but I’m not into them as much as football.

I guess I have no choice but to spend my Sundays daydreaming plots and characters for upcoming books. With so much time on my hands, I could probably even churn out another two or three books this year. Or, I could start fishing again. Meh. Who would’ve guessed I’d be so glum after the Saints won the Superbowl?

I should be glad to have this time on my hands. I am…sort of. Okay, not really, although it will be nice to know I don’t have to stay home on Sundays or Monday nights. Have I mentioned I was petrified to leave the house on game day for fear that I’d bring the Saints bad luck? Yeah, it’s irrational, but it’s football. I’m allowed to be irrational!

So now I can focus on other things. I can visit my sister and share a box of tissue with her over our football season coming to an end. It’ll be fine, I’m sure. Tomorrow I’ll be better. I’ll have gotten over the funk and found something else to replace pigskin season. Maybe knitting.


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