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It’s A Texture Thing

I’m deviating from my usual Cajun French post today because I need to gather more intelligence before I delve deeper into the language. Before I get to the post though, I’d like to mention that I’ll be over at Queen Tutt’s blog tomorrow for an interview and giveaway. **Warning: It is an 18 and over blog**

Now for the purpose of today’s post. Last night my aunt stopped by and for some reason, we started talking about how she tortures bribes her grandchildren into eating vegetables with dessert. Not a big deal, right? Kids need their veggies, after all. However, I had to put my two cents in because of the vegetable (or is it a fruit?) that she chose to make her grandchildren eat. She’s an evil woman. Later I’ll discuss how she tried to fool me into eating eggplant when I was younger.

The dreaded tomato. Oh sure, y’all think I’m crazy because who doesn’t like tomatoes? They use them to make spaghetti (which I’m not overly fond of), lasagna (which I love), pizza (which I adore), and you can slice them up and put them on sandwiches and burgers…okay, so maybe they’re not all that horrible, but to eat them raw? Or in a salad? *shudder*

I can handle them on food where I can’t see what I’m eating and there are different textures to combat the…squishiness. What bothers me about it? Well, I think because it’s a deceptive vegetable/fruit thing. A ripe tomato looks like it has some substance, like it’s crunchy, but as we all know, they aren’t. They’re liars, fooling people into thinking they’re hard like an apple or a pear when they’re so not.

*shudders* Have I ever eaten a raw tomato? Hell to the no. And I won’t either. If food looks hard and crunchy, it should be hard and crunchy. If it looks soft and squishy, it should look soft and squishy. I eat sushi after all, it isn’t like I don’t enjoy squishy. But sushi doesn’t lie to me with shiny, tight skin. It doesn’t feel firm or hefty. It is what it looks like. Unlike the lying, cheating tomato.

And that’s all I have to say about that. What vegetables/fruits do you dislike?


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