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Cajun French: T’es Nu

This week’s Cajun French phrase is another gift from my sister-in-law. About three months ago, I played a Cajun French version of “The Streak“. When my sister-in-law heard it, she picked up phrases she remembered hearing her dad say and told me I had to use this phrase.

Are you ready? Because those of you who are romance writers…well, you might be able to actually use this phrase in your books. You know, if you wanted to and you could totally share the royalties with me when you hit the NYT Bestsellers list đŸ˜‰

The phrase is t’es nu, which means…you’re naked. Bwahaha! Okay, I’m not going to be a juvenile about it. Really. Naked! Bwahaha! *cough*

T’es is pronounced “teh” and nu is pronounced almost like “new” except there’s a little…more emphasis on the “u” sound. It almost sounds like “tu-nu” with the N having a more nasally sound and the emphasis on the “nu” part of the phrase. Does that make sense? I swear, one day I’m going to record people so you can hear what it sounds like.

Anyway, my sister-in-law said she remembers hearing her dad say this to her niece. You know how toddlers think clothes are optional? Yeah. Grandbaby comes running out of the bathroom wearing nothing and he exclaims, “Aubrey, t’es nu!” or “Aubrey, you’re naked!”

Now when I give my dog a bath, I tell her, Mia, t’es nu!” and she always looks guilty because she doesn’t have her shirt on. Of course, I accuse the cat of being naked too, so it’s probably just her reacting to my tone instead of the words…but how cool would it be if the dog understood Cajun French? Except…I don’t really speak Cajun French, which means this entire time we’ve been misunderstanding each other. *sigh*

Anyway, do you think you can use this phrase?


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