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It’s Nearly Over

Y’all know I’m not a Saturday blogger. Generally, I like to keep my blogging like I would a regular job Monday through Friday with weekends off. Well, I couldn’t do that this week because it is Nationals and there are things I want to share (and I’m afraid I’ll forget by the time Monday rolls around).

Today marked the start of the workshop frenzy. I had a list of four workshops I wanted to attend and I only made 2. It isn’t my fault. It’s Avon’s and Berkley’s and Pocket Books’ fault. Yes, you heard me. It’s their fault. They had book signings today. Hello? Free books. I didn’t go overboard because I do know I need to fly home and also because for the most part, I already had the latest books of the authors I’d gone to see.

At Avon, I finally got to hook up with Teresa Medeiros. She recognized my name. Mostly because I’d tweeted about gawking at her and she told me I should’ve stopped by. She hugged me and let me take a picture with her. Sweet, sweet lady.

Then it was time for my workshop, then lunch. I kind of wandered around after lunch trying to decide if I was going to my workshop or the book signings. That was when I saw the tweet from Kresley Cole saying she was going to be at the signing. You know I was so there. I finally got to meet my role model. She was…fabulous. I took a picture with her, chatted about the upcoming books in her IAD series and, along with 2 other ladies, tried to wiggle some secrets out of her. She’s…just so awesome. *sigh*

So then because my fangirldom wasn’t quite over with. I went to Berkley’s book signing and that was when I saw my other hero: Nalini Singh. I vaulted…yes, I squealed and vaulted across the room…not quite as graceful as a gazelle.  I might’ve nearly shoved some people over the other author tables to get to her line, but I handled it like a pro when I finally got to her. I got yet another picture and got her latest release (I RULE…or rather, she rules).

Last night was also the FF&P party, The Gathering. The theme was Steampunk and I got some great pictures. The food and company was excellent and I (yes, I) was sitting at the table with Cynthia Eden who won two (count them, TWO) PRISM Awards. It was lovely and I would have enjoyed it more if my feet hadn’t swollen up like a couple of leeches. On the way back to our hotel, I was leading the charge through the revolving doors and…yup, I tried to walk through the glass. Eh. Not my coolest moment.

All in all, it was a great, great day. I got to meet the 4 authors I’ve been wanting to meet for years, got pictures with all of them (which I will post when I get back to my USB cable), and I met some new friends. Tonight is the RITA Awards and Golden Heart Awards banquet. I’m so excited to see who wins and sad because it’s the last night for talking with everyone.

I’m leaving first thing in the morning tomorrow, so I probably won’t blog about the banquet until Monday, but I promise I will. I’ve enjoyed sharing my first Nationals adventures with you and all I can really say is…I’m New York bound!


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This Little Piggy Begged for Mercy

Day 2 of RWA Nationals and my feet are ready to go on strike.

It started out well enough. I woke up early yesterday so I could have my normal two hour warm up before I started getting ready to face the day. I made it to and through registration with little or no fanfare. Then I had 4 hours to spare until it was my turn to volunteer to help set up for the Literacy Autographing.

I kind of wandered around…lonely as a cloud. Then people started noticing the little orange ribbon on my badge stating that I’m a newbie. I had so many new friends I didn’t know what to do with myself! Y’all…I sort of had lunch with Maggie Shayne! Well, she had lunch. I kind of stood at the counter waiting for my order to be ready. She and her friends were nice enough to let me jabber at them while they ate.

My feet started hating me around noon, but by the time the book signing was about to start, they were ready to remove themselves from my legs. I forced myself back upstairs to take a bath because there was NO way I was going to try to see my favorite authors smelling like a man. I did a walk-by gawking at Christina Dodd and Teresa Medeiros (who are both beautiful with great hair in person…damn them).

I finally got to meet up with Sayde Grace, and Jillian Chantal and then it was on to the signing. Let me just say…well, it was awesome. I showed great restraint because I only walked out of there with one book. Yes, one. Mostly because there were no more by the time I found my target authors. But that’s okay. I took a picture with Christina Dodd…Not posting it just yet since I don’t have my cables. But she looks fabulous and I look like I’m about to fall on her.

While walking around though, I managed to make contact with the authors I’ve enjoyed with upcoming releases like Christine Warren, Sophie Jordan, Sharon Page, and I got a great big ole hug from Michelle Marcos. *sniff* I felt so special. Then my feet had to hate me again.

It was…wonderful. Really. If you ever get the chance to go to one of these book signings (whether you’re an author or a reader) you HAVE to go. It was so chaotic and crazy, but it was great to see so many avid readers. It made me feel good to be both a reader and a writer.

So the morning’s task? See if my feet will work. My memory foam slippers are wonderful, but they might not be enough to make my poor toes look…well, more like toes and less like Vienna Sausages.


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That’s No Speedbump…

It’s a speed mountain!

Now that all the wedding stuff and feel good stuff is over, I can get back to my normal programming. Of course, this means that I’m going to bitch whine discuss writing and it’s pitfalls.

Last month, as some of you may know, I submitted my manuscript Succubus-in-Waiting to several agents. Within three hours of submitting, one of the agents contacted me and wanted the full. I sent it to her three days later and four days after that she wanted to represent me. I was over. The. Moon. Some little adjustments, a few more submissions to her, and we had a verbal agreement. I e-mailed all the other agents I’d queried and told them I was accepting representation elsewhere. Which, from what I understand, is the correct and polite thing to do so they don’t waste time on my stuff.

She sent queries out to ten editors. Six wanted the full and she was waiting to hear from the others. Hello? I wasn’t over the moon anymore, I was in the next galaxy. A month rolled by and I started freaking out. What if she hated it? What if she changed her mind? What if she didn’t know how to tell me no one wanted it? I e-mailed her twice with changes, but didn’t hear back from her. I prayed.

Yesterday I heard back from her, but it wasn’t news I was glad to get. She was no longer with the agency. She apologized, gave me a name of another agent with the same organization if I wanted to stay with them. She gave me a list of the editors she’d sent queries and manuscripts out to and wished me luck. I was stunned. I think I stared at the computer screen reading the e-mail three or four times. How could this be? What do I do now? I was in flat out shock.

I remained in shock the rest of the day, my stomach churning and nausea rising. I just couldn’t believe it. I’d stupidly pinned all my hopes on this verbal agreement and had nothing to show for it. I’d missed out on setting up agent/editor appointments at Nationals and working on a pitch because…I had an agent already. Duh. Now I’m in limbo.

When I went home and broke the news to my mother, she was livid. Naturally, her first instinct is to protect me (cause I’m sweet and adorable). Her upset actually helped me think things through. Is there anything better than someone you love defending you to the bitter end, even if they’re spouting conspiracy theories? No, not really. But she made me realize that this isn’t the end. My work is with six editors. SIX editors with big publishing houses. This is a good thing. It would be even better if someone wanted it. I keep a constant prayer in my head rotating hourly and sometimes more frequently than that.

I’m in wait and see mode right now. I need to see if the new agent is going to pick me up or not and if she isn’t, I have to start the whole querying process again. This is fine. I’m not crying my eyes out over this mess, not thinking it’s the end of the world because it isn’t. Sure, it isn’t quite a speed bump, but maybe this was meant to happen so I could truly appreciate my agent when I get him/her. Maybe this is a lesson for me to learn so I can understand that writing is a gift, not a right.


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Advice From Non-Writers

Lately I’ve begun to introduce my writing self to friends and family. For the longest time, the only people who knew I was attempting a writing career were my mom, my brother, sister, and best friend. I wasn’t comfortable revealing my “secret” self to the world. I’m still a little unsure about it, but I’ve grown more confident in myself.

A few weeks ago, my dad called me. Let me just first explain that we’re not terribly close. It’s no big tragedy or anything, but he doesn’t understand me and never has. I’ve come to accept that and I love him anyway. Anyway, I finally told him a few weeks ago (before the agent called) that I’m a writer. What was his first question? “Did you write about me?” Um, no. Sorry.

That wasn’t the first time someone’s asked me if I based any of my characters off of my friends and family. A friend of mine asked if I’d used my friends as a base for my characters. The answer again was no. Oh I might pick and choose little snippets of conversation only I seem to remember, or incidents they want to forget and twist them into the story, but for the most part, my characters are their own…people. Meh…weird.

So now on to the writer’s advice. At my nephew’s graduation, I broke the news to my dad and stepmom that I have an agent. My stepmom asked me what I wrote and I told her. Then she says, “I have a really good idea for a story”…yeah, okay! At the bachelor party, my sister-in-law’s cousin shouts down the table…And this is as close to word-for-word as I can get:

“When you write your next book, I have a great story. Ready? Okay, so it’s in the future when they can clone people. This man’s wife has lung cancer so they clone his wife to get the lungs from her clone. And get this! The man falls in love with the clone! Cause…it’s like his wife. But then she has to die cause she’s the clone and his wife needs the lungs! But it’s his wife!”

Me: “Have you thought on this idea a long time?”

Him: “Nah, I saw it on the King of Queens.”

It was funny, but it made me realize that people who don’t write always seem to have an idea of what would be a great book. They think it’s easy to sit down and bleed into a keyboard for months. They don’t realize that once you write “The End” the story still isn’t finished because then come the edits. But even then the story isn’t ready. You have to send it to a critique partner who’ll rip it to shreds and says, ‘AGAIN with the voices!’ or ‘There’s an awful lot of thrusting going on, sounds like an orgy!’. Then you fix all that thrusting in non-sexual situations and get rid of the voices and send it back to your critique partner. Then when they finally say, “Okay, this is good” you have to send it to other people and hope/pray/make sacrifices to the gods that you’ll be chosen above other equally desperate and more talented writers. Then you have to wait again!

So now, every time I see my mom or brother, the first question out of their mouths is, “Did you hear back from your agent yet?”, “Maybe you should call her.”, “Do you think she’s waiting until she has news?”. Meanwhile I’m in a constant state of paranoia (although that his lessening somewhat) that I’ll get a Dear Jane e-mail and she’ll break up with me. Not that we’re dating, but we’re in a relationship now. Kind of. Sort of. I haven’t signed the pre-nup yet.

(Wow this is therapeutic. See, this is why I blog. I’m so saving money on therapy.)

Anyway, I don’t even know if there’s a point to this post. Let me re-read it. I knew it, there’s really no point. However, there is an underlying message. Somewhere. I think. Oh right. Writing isn’t something you can just do. You have to work at it, perfect your technique. Kind of like playing pool or learning an instrument. You have to take lessons, learn from people who actually know what they’re doing. Okay, I’m going to stop rambling.

If you have anything else you’d like to add, feel free! I’m going to call this Rambling Tuesday. Or Rant and Rave Bruiseday. Hm.


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Wedding Bells

Saturday was my cousin’s wedding. It was thrown together in two weeks, but looking at everything my aunt did, you wouldn’t have suspected it. Now that this cousin is married and my brother is set to marry in June, that leaves me as the only non-married person in the family, other than the kids.

Oh sure, we have divorced and widowed people in the family, but I’m the last of the perpetually single. I don’t think this is a bad thing really. I like being single and independent. When I get the ‘when are you getting married’ question (which always comes up), I reply ‘I don’t want to get married. I like having authority over the remote control.’ It’s a flippant answer, but it’s better than me going on about divorce statistics, or giving in to the paranoia years of Lifetime movies have wrought within me.

I have nothing against the married state. I have nothing against parenthood. I just don’t know if it would fit in with the way I’d like my life to progress. I want to write. I’m not saying that marriage would prevent this, but not every husband out there would be supportive of it, and my chances of finding a man who would be supportive, isn’t the best.

So, if you’re married and write, do you have your spouse’s support? If you’re single and write, do you think you could find a partner who supports you completely?

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