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Belated Weekend Review

It’s Thursday and I’m blogging about last weekend. I could say it took me this long to recover, but that’d be a partial lie. Maybe like 70% true, 30% false. Or maybe even 60/40. Either way, this weekend really tired me out. It was fun, but it wore me down.

See, I’ve decided to do this 30-day squat challenge which I started on Thursday last week. (If you’re interested, I’m up to 80 now.) That normally wouldn’t be a problem. Working out, or pseudo-working out is better than nothing. But I forgot about New Orleans. I enjoy spending time in the Quarter, especially when I can show a friend around.

Unfortunately for me and A.M. Griffin, it wasn’t just hot this weekend, it was hot as balls. Pardon my crudeness, but it was a totaly sweaty nightmare. If you’ve never been to the French Quarter, it stinks. Especially when the heat and humidity is high. Bourbon Street doesn’t close as far as I know, so people party all day and night. When people party all day and night, they tend to lose control of some bodily functions and inhibitions and do whatever wherever. If you catch my drift. Don’t get me wrong, the Quarter is still a great place to visit. Usually after a good hard rain though, or if the street cleaners have been out.

That wasn’t the case this weekend.

But that isn’t even the reason I’m so tired. You see, I got to NOLA a little late. I blame it on that wrong turn I took, but by the time I got there it was 10 in the morning and I had to save Griffin from eating her entire stash of chocolate for breakfast. We hit the streets in the search of food…and returned to the hotel at 4 that afternoon. We only sat down twice in that entire time which means we walked a good 4 hours. No biggie, right? Wrong! We were dragging ass by the time we got back to the hotel. DRAGGING. I thought Griffin was going to melt in the heat. It was a nightmare. We had fun window shopping and people watching and staring at the guy in the one-piece swimsuit/jumper thing and heels and shopping some more.

We spent a lot of time in…*frown* I have a card for the store, but I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s an adult toy store. *cough* We actually probably spent more time looking for the store than we did in it. From one end of Bourbon to the other, we traipsed back and forth, ogling the pretty men without their shirts who were there for Southern Decadence Fest, eyeballing Prince and Michael Jackson impersonators and pausing in front of as many businesses with cool air as we could. Because that’s the trick of surviving a walk in the Quarter: Soaking up as much cool air as you can when doors open. Anyway, we finally found the store and bought a whole bunch of stuff to give away. I’m not going to say why we’re giving stuff away yet, but I’ll explain that later.

Anyway, the result of all this walking and shopping and goofing off? We were in bed by 11. Yes, we’re in New Orleans, the Big Easy and we were in bed for 11 p.m. Apparently I snored. I don’t recall. Whatever. It was a long, wearing weekend and we were only together 24 hours! Of course now we’re all excited about RomantiCon in October and RT in May. They’re going to be epic.

If you’re heading to New Orleans for RT next year, my recommendation is to get a lot of walking experience under your belt first, buy a pair of uber comfortable shoes and a bag  you can carry about a case of water in. You know, just in case the heat is atrocious the way it was this weekend.

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Not Quite Radioactive

Last week I shared one of the annoying songs I had to listen to this summer. I make it sound a lot worse than it was. My cousin’s daughter actually kept me highly entertained. I know, how wrong is it that I found an 11 year old hysterically funny? Well she is. She’s a cool kid and I loved spending time with her.

Of course now she thinks I’m going to be spending next summer with her as well. I had to explain that I was only home because of my shoulder and unless I win the lottery, I’ll be slaving away at work at all times. I miss those days, don’t you? The ones where you thought adults got to have all the fun and take time off when they wanted to. There’s nothing quite like graduating from high school to turn that reality light on again.

But that isn’t what I’m talking about today. Honestly. We’re talking about the music I’ll forever associate with a blonde haired, blue-eyed, freckled angel-demon type child. And that’s this song. Which is actually a pretty kick ass song. I really do like it. And so did my cousin’s daughter. Every time it would play on Nickelodeon (in case you haven’t watched it in a while, they play short snippets of popular songs between commercials) Megan would sing along and tell me “I really like this song, but I don’t get the video. What are they doing with the stuffed animals?”

I tried to explain it…in my own way, but even I was a bit doubtful I was able to describe the symbolism correctly. Even though I have a minor in English, I never was any good at all that hidden meaning stuff.

Anyway, what do y’all think? Have you heard this song before? Do you like it? What about the video? Any deep, hidden meanings you took from it?


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My Summer Pain

It’s been awhile since I blogged regularly, so I’m taking this slowly going with the things I missed about blogging. Mainly my What’s Playing Wednesdays. I’m a music hound, so of course I missed picking songs out for y’all to listen to.

Which brings us to today’s post. While I was laid up with the bad shoulder, camped out in the recliner and drugged out of my mind (those first few weeks), my cousin’s 11-year-old daughter came to spend the days with us. She’s a good kid and made the days fly by. But she’s also 11 years old which means she’d wait for me to pass out from the painkillers, steal the remote and put her shows on. It’s been a long time since I watched Nickelodeon all day long. But I did that this summer. Five days a week, six to eight hours a day. Sure, when I was on the medication I found it hilarious. Of course anything’s funny when you’re high as a kite. Later though, I realized she’d brainwashed me. Yes.

How do I know? Because she somehow managed to make my mind absorb the words to this song and remember them. And they’re engrained. Forever.

 If you’ve followed my blog for the last…I don’t even know how long I’ve been writing it. Four years? Five? Something like that,  you’d know that while I adore my music, bubblegum pop has never been my thing. I didn’t like boy bands when I was a pre-teen. While my friends were going nuts over Menudo when I was in elementary school or New Kids on the Block when I was in junior high, I was digging Duran Duran or Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull. I am not a boy band fan, never have been. But I know the words to this song. Why? Because we watched Big Time Rush nearly every day.

So that’s what this month’s theme is going to be. What I did this summer…as in what songs will forever remind me of my 11-year-old niece cornering me on my recliner and singing “Pink, fluffy unicorns covered in rainbows/pink, fluffy unicorns covered in rainbows!” while I cringed. CRINGED, y’all.

Now…sing it “It’s the only life you got/So ya gotta live it big time”.

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A Big, Scary Step

Hey y’all, I’m back!

Well, sort of. The surgery put me down a lot longer than I expected. It wasn’t just the surgery and the painkillers that brought me low, but the recovery was a pain in the ass. Sure, my physical therapist is downright cute. So is my surgeon. That’s what I thought the first couple of weeks of physical therapist. Now, 10 weeks in, I’m kind of like “meh, do you really wanna hurt me?”

But I’m finally to the point where I can move without too much pain, I only tap out during my physical therapy sessions instead of balling my fist with the intention of letting it fly straight at Jason’s cute face and my life is starting to get back to normal. Sort of. Still sleeping in my recliner, but at least I’m not in The Sling anymore.

Even better? I’ve been able to write. Yes! Nearly two months of attempting to write and having my hands swell or my shoulder ache thirty minutes means there was no way I could get more than a few hundred words down at a time. But the last couple of weeks have been better…and the better means I’m making progress on a story I have slated to finish by the end of August and finish a short story that I’m…are you ready for this? Self-publishing.

Freeze Tag comes out today and it’s my second non-paranormal story…or spoof ever. *frown* wow. It’s straight up contemporary with no witches, vampires, shifters, banshees, succubi…oh my. It’s part of a series I thoguht up called Crushes to Cravings where childhood crushes/first-loves turn into adult cravings. The stories are named after children’s games but I can promise you there’s nothing innocent about them.

It’s a scary thing taking that step into self-publication. You’re putting your stuff out there with no safety net. It’s just another step in my writing career. Maybe it won’t work out, maybe it will. Whatever happens, I’m very pleased with Dahlia and Foster’s story and the stories of those who are following. Not everyone finds the love of their life in a game of freeze tag at five years old, but Dahlia Flanagan did when Foster Blanchard caught her. Twenty years later he’s finally realized she’s the woman for him and everything is wonderful, until gossip of Foster’s infidelity rolls around the tiny town of Grand Terre, shattering Dahlia’s hopes for the future.

With her world crashing around her, Dahlia breaks up with Foster in the middle of Walmart and makes plans to leave her hometown. She’s heading for a new life, with a new attitude, which includes buying some sexy clothes to prove to herself no skinny skank has anything on her! But the therapeutic shopping trip takes an erotic turn when Foster shows up in the fitting room to convince her that when he tagged her all those years ago, he meant to keep her forever.

How has everyone been? Any good gossip going ’round? And if you could be so kind as to share the news about my short story, I’d be much obliged!


Not everyone finds the love of their life in a game of freeze tag at the age of five years old, but Dahlia Flanagan did when Foster Blanchard caught her. Twenty years later, he’s finally realized she’s the woman for him and everything is wonderful, until gossip of Foster’s infidelity rolls around the tiny town of Grand Terre, shattering Dahlia’s hopes for the future.

With her world crashing around her, Dahlia breaks up with Foster in the middle of Walmart and makes plans to leave her hometown. She’s heading for a new life, with a new attitude, which includes buying some sexy clothes to prove to herself no skinny skank has anything on her! But the therapeutic shopping trip takes an erotic turn when Foster shows up in the fitting room to convince her that when he tagged her all those years ago, he meant to keep her forever.


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Season of Misery

Today I’m over at CR Moss’s blog. I hope to see some of you there!

My mind is whirling with different themes this morning. I had a rant prepared about the younger generation and their determination to backtrack on the feminist movement. Then I thought about ranting about television shows.

Then I realized I don’t want to rant today. It’s disgustingly humid in south Louisiana this morning and I just can’t be bothered to get worked up about anything. That’s the reason why people down here seem so laid back. It has nothing to do with personality and everything to do with it’s too damn hot to move.

It’s probably why I don’t write as much during the summer as I do during the “winter”. Not like we have a real winter anyway, but when it’s cooler outside, I feel happy and energized. The minute the summer approaches though, my brain wants to go into hibernation. I’m pretty sure not everyone down here is that way. Some people actually lust for summer. I consider them freaks. Sorry y’all, but 110 degree days are nothing to be happy about.

I mean, if you really think about it, the worst parts of being in south Louisiana happen because of the summer. Mosquitos (meh, blood suckers), hurricanes (I hate evacuating), heat stroke (cause you know it happens at least once a year), and sometimes drought. What’s to like about that? *sniff*

Right now we’re only looking at the upper 80s in the way of highs, but it’s climbing which means I’m going to be one miserable woman. In other words, don’t expect too much of me from the end of May until at least September, maybe October.

But don’t worry, my friends, I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic in the middle of July when we’re just starting to bake.

What’s your favorite time of year? Or least favorite?

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Back To Normal?

Is it possible to hit the rewind button on life? Someone should really invent one because if I could, I’d hit that sucker and go back a couple of weeks ago before everything went bonkers.

I’m not going to reiterate the problems from last weekend, but you can read about it here. No, this weekend offered its own problems. As I mentioned on Friday, our a/c went out. With 102 degree days, I stayed home to make sure my animals were safe and as cool as possible while waiting for the repairmen. They replaced our unit and everything went back to being cool.

For twenty-four hours. That’s right. Saturday night, after a nice time at my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I decided to do some writing. I was feeling the buzz of creativity which means I stayed up later than usual. I stepped into the kitchen to replenish my water and smelled something “off”. I called in the mother lode to find out if she smelled it too.

Yup. Something was burning in the house. We called in the cavalry (my uncle and brother) to do some investigating. We looked all over the house for the problem but couldn’t find it. So I called my cousin’s husband who’s a firefighter. He suggested opening the air conditioner door and turning the a/c on. It’s a damn good thing he did that.

Yes! We had flames coming off the a/c motor! Frantic calls to the repairmen at nearly midnight resulted in them telling us they’d try to show up the following day. They did, by the way, but Saturday night was spent in full on “this-is-almost-as-bad-as-post-hurricane-electricity-outages” mode. Luckily, we have fans and turned those suckers on the circulate the air as much as possible.

Sunday dawned and the guys showed up…only to say they’d have to return on Monday to replace the cooling coils. *slump* They fiddled with the unit enough that we could turn it on, but not nearly as cool as we like it. The house started cooling off again…then the electricity went out.

As we were sitting outside watching the stormy weather, I looked at my mom and said, “Obviously we weren’t meant to have cool air this week. It was destiny.”

So what has fate thrown your way lately?


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Fantasy Man Friday

In case you missed all the drama this week, there’s been a lot going on. Broken pinky toe (me), snake in the kitchen, and now a broken air conditioner. It’s been out 24 hours now and we’re waiting for the repairman to replace the unit.

So I’m operating on about 3 hours of sleep in a hot house with a cat and a dog who keep staring at me like they’re saying, “Hey, you…biped…make it cool in here again!” Yeah, it’s not very pleasant which is why I made sure today’s Fantasy Man was cool.

Of course while searching for him, I almost used pictures of men I’ve posted before. There are so many men and I’ve sampled admired them all (well most of them anyway), that I sometimes get confused over who’s been featured on my blog and who hasn’t.

This guy hasn’t and I do love looking at this picture, not just for the “oh, that looks so refreshing” value, but for the “wow…that water has done wonderful things for his clothes” shot.

What do you think?

Mm, yeah, looks so nice and refreshing and…oh, who the hell am I kidding! I want to BE the water 😉

Happy, cool Friday to everyone. Have a safe weekend!


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It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here


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It’s Hot As…

Fill in the blank because honestly, I can’t think of what it’s as hot as.

Yesterday I was away from the interwebz, which made me an unhappy camper. To start off, I had a morning meeting which lasted until lunch. Oh sure, lunch was good. Grilled tuna steak that I didn’t have to pay for, but if I had known what I was being buttered up for, I’d have passed on food and slept.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my day job before, but I’m an environmental assistant. Glamorous sounding, huh? Not. I keep track of air permits and limits, water sampling (which means dragging my sorry ass into the rain with a bottle attached to a pole), hazardous waste pick-ups, and environmental audits. When we have inspections, I have to bring whoever wants to look over the facilities out into the yard (no matter what time of day or weather) and let them poke around.

That’s what happened yesterday. First, let me point out that I was dressed…well, not dressed-up, but I was wearing nice clothes and sandals. Luckily for me, my new blouse was very thin because I was sweating the minute I stepped outside. Of course, I had to trade the cute sandals for my steel-toes, but that’s for safety so I won’t complain.

From about 12:45 p.m. to 4:45, I toured our three Louisiana facilities with our environmental consultants. Yes, we had golf carts for each yard, but that doesn’t matter when you stop every minute to look this over, or to take a picture of that. Then if someone happens to see you, they want to know what’s going on (it makes people nervous when they see someone walking around with a camera and a clipboard). Add in the fact that we were three women in yards filled with men and I started to feel like Captain Kirk on an alien planet.

By the time we ended for the day, three well-dressed, well-groomed ladies were sweaty, sunburned, dusty, and exhausted. When I waved them off and got back to my office at nearly 5, I looked at my weather station which gives me the temperature and heat index. Want to know what it said? 115 degree heat index. At nearly 5 p.m.!! Is it any wonder I felt as though I’d been left on a deserted island for weeks? I was dehydrated and, yup, you guessed it: smelly. You already know my feelings on this issue.

I was so exhausted last night, all I managed to eat for supper was a packet of pop-tarts and a glass of milk. Today I’m feeling better, though still tired and so, so glad that this is my last day of work this week. Yup, I’m off tomorrow which means my Fantasy Man Friday will be awesome!

Oh, and on top of the energy-happiness-draining heat, I got a rejection letter yesterday. But I’m not calling it a rejection letter anymore. I’m calling it a not-quite-there letter because it was the best letter declining to represent me I’ve ever had. The agent was, of course, brutally honest about the faults in my manuscript and why she was rejecting it, but she also made me feel hope. She…well, I think she may have liked the story! So okay, yesterday wasn’t a complete bust. Yay!


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yup, it’s Friiiiidaaaaaay! And it’s a beautiful day! This is the kind of weather that puts me in the mood for the weekend. And I have plans for the weekend, oh yes, I have plans.

On the top of my list is a pedicure. Shame on me, but I haven’t had one since…October? Maybe even longer than that. My feet feel gross and not ready for summer. I’ll be fussed by the salon tech. She’ll “tut, tut” over my feet and tell me I need to come back more frequently, which I will. I do have a wedding to get ready for after all. Oh, and Nationals. I can’t go to Nationals without cute toes (or as cute as they can be).

Yesterday I ended up spending more money than I intended to, however, I did manage to get a lot accomplished. I found a pair of shoes that will be perfect for my dress, as well as a handbag. Then I had to buy a shrug to match the dress. And of course, to top it all off, I had to spend a small fortune at Lush. Oh Lush, how I love thee! I love your Honey I Washed the Kids soap, and your bath melts, and your bath bombs…*swoon*

So with all of that pampering I’m preparing for, I felt we needed a suave, sophisticated man today. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of girl who goes to pieces at a man in a tux, and then I couldn’t find one showing enough skin to entice me. Instead, I decided on an inspirational image of summer. See, I did manage to bring it back to some part of this post. So without further ado…

You know, I don’t like the beach. I’m not a beach person, but if I knew this man was hanging around ready to show his bum to the world, I’d camp on the beach. In fact, I’d ask him to invite his friends over and play beach party bingo…on his body. Woo-hoo *fans herself*

So, are y’all ready for summer yet?


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