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Baptized by Fire

Well today marks the last day of the fire songs. I had a lot of fun with these and I didn’t have to scramble to find songs to fit the theme! Yay, me!

Immortal Love, the first book in my Olympus, Inc. series is supposed to come out next month, so I’ll probably pull songs I mentioned in the manuscript for What’s Playing Wednesdays. That should be fun and I’ll no doubt have to reread my story to make sure I don’t skip any.

Today’s song is by a band I’ve played before. Spinnerette is a pretty neat, alternative band. Their song “Baptized by Fire” is one I have to sing along with. I especially love listening to it when I’m in the car because there’s something about the lyrics that makes me picture driving into the sunset.

What do you think?


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It’s Ghetto Love

I was lazy yesterday. I guess that kind of just goes with the territory considering it was Fat Tuesday and all I did was write, read, and nap. It was lovely. I did think about posting something, but obviously my thoughts never came to fruition.

It’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday. I spent a lot of time trying to remember songs with the word “love” in the title. I never realized how hard it was to actually pick my brain for themed songs. It seemed so easy when I started out. Next month I think I’m going with fire for the theme. I know lots of fire songs.

Okay, so anyway, back to love. This band is one that I really enjoy. I find the music to be very driving and upbeat and the vocalist is great. It’s kind of edgy and raw, but not in the way of heavy metal. It’s definitely dance type music, or at least I think it is. The band is called Spinnerette and today’s song is called “Ghetto Love”. The video isn’t terribly exciting unless you like looking at the singer the entire time, but I do love this song.

I hope you enjoy!


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