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Caveman Justin’s Song Pick

With RomantiCon right around the corner, I wanted to give my audience a chance to relearn the cavemen. No, I’m not interviewing them again. I figure they need to get all the rest they can get because once October rolls around, these men will be busy, busy!

Instead, some of them were nice enough to take over my What’s Playing Wednesday posts. They’re going to pick songs they’re into at the moment whether it’s something they like to rock out to in their cars, work out to, dance to or just relax to, these are the Caveman Picks.

Today we have Caveman Justin who also happens to be an author with JustinEllora’s cave. Justin also makes me feel like a slacker because he’s always busy doing something constructive. Me? Not so much.

Justin chose a country song to share with y’all. Country music isn’t a genre that makes a frequent appearance here on What’s Playing Wednesday. And in his words…

I like it because its got a good beat, Kenny Cheney is awesome and the meaning behind it. Just enjoy the moment no matter what others think.

His song choice? “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney. And while you’re listening to this, be sure to check out Justin’s bio on Ellora Cave’s website, his caveman bio and friend him on Facebook! If you’re going to RomantiCon in October, be sure to look for him.

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Baptized by Fire

Well today marks the last day of the fire songs. I had a lot of fun with these and I didn’t have to scramble to find songs to fit the theme! Yay, me!

Immortal Love, the first book in my Olympus, Inc. series is supposed to come out next month, so I’ll probably pull songs I mentioned in the manuscript for What’s Playing Wednesdays. That should be fun and I’ll no doubt have to reread my story to make sure I don’t skip any.

Today’s song is by a band I’ve played before. Spinnerette is a pretty neat, alternative band. Their song “Baptized by Fire” is one I have to sing along with. I especially love listening to it when I’m in the car because there’s something about the lyrics that makes me picture driving into the sunset.

What do you think?


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