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Diamonds in the Sky

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll remember that over the summer, I played song remakes. That was fun and weird at times. Some remakes should never be made while others eclipse the original.

I listen to my faithful satellite radio to and from the day job. I adorz it, precious. So when I hear a song that appeals to me, I listen for it. Today’s What’s Playing Wednesday song is one of those and then while listening to it one day, I realized it was a remake. Then a couple of days later, I caught the DJ talking about it.

Yes, this is a remake of Rihanna Diamonds. Don’t get up in arms about it. Fans of the superstar should see this as further proof that she’s a wonderful singer. Most of the time songs don’t get remade unless they’ve made an impact on the band/singer performing the remake.

So today I bring you Farewell 2 Fear’s Diamonds. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. I really like it.

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The Day The Earth Stood Still

No, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about the sheer awesomeness that’s taking place today. I mean, really? There’s so much awesome going on, I had trouble deciding on a song for today. If I tried to find something that fit the magnitude of fantabuliciousness…well, let’s just say that your computers would explode and you’d then try to sue me for it. So we’re not going there. *puts away her rendition of What About Me*

But what is this awesomeness, you may ask. First off, it’s Release Day times two. Yes, times two! My fellow Cabalite, Cara Carnes has a hot release today with Weekend Menage. Mega Happy Release Day, Cara! I’ll be featuring her next week with a giveaway, but her book is hawt. H.A.W.T. And it made me think that while the Cabal likes to bring the funny, we’re also some amazingly erotic writers. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I meant that we write some hot stuff. Despite our goofy, sometimes inappropriate humor which makes an appearance in the Fondled and Gobbled stories, this is what we’re all about:

If you’re old enough, you’ll recall the big buzz about Madonna back in the day. She was all naughty and sexy and wore her bra outside her clothes, but yeah, she was all about being the bad girl of the music industry. Just like the Cabal features women who are some of the bad girls of romance.

Then there’s the other release day. Oh yes, it’s finally here. Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It is out today! Do you hear that? That’s the roars of outrage from people with no sense of humor mingled with the howls of laughter from those who “get” what we’re doing. Yes, we’re serious about erotic romance and bringing the sexy. We’re all about that. But we also like to laugh and we wanted to share that with our readers. Some people won’t get this at all. They’ll read it as a serious erotic romance and become offended. I’m prepared for that. Because while we’re also the bad girls of romance…we’re also a bit like this:

*sigh* Yes, we’re silly and can be very goofy sometimes. Well, I can. I enjoy it. It helps me relieve stress to mock myself and others. Yes, I mock others. Just ask my mom.

Happy Release Day to the Cabal of Hotness! There’s no going back now! And to prove it, we’ve invaded the Naughty Author Chicks’ blog for nearly the entire month with our brand of funny. Check out the characters from both volumes of Fondled and Gobbled and be sure to get your copy!


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Remaking 5 Man Electrical Band

Yeah, I didn’t know that was the name of the band until I went to find the song. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

In my part of the world, we apparently have a overabudance of one-way streets. I don’t see the problem with it, but someone mentioned it to me years ago and ever since, I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to forget they just drove on a one-way.

For example, the highway I have to take to get home. There’s an exit ramp onto it from the interstate and “do not enter”, “wrong way” signs posted all over the road if you attempt to go against traffic. Yet at least ten times a year, I’ll see cars leave the gas station driving toward me on the one-way. It happened last week in fact. I was in the lane the person drove in with five o’clock traffic right behind me.

I flashed my lights over and over and over again to help them see the error of their ways…and it was only as they realized I wasn’t getting out of my lane that they pulled over, a frantic “Where’s the sign that says wrong way?” on their faces. Pauvre bete. I try not to get angry with them, but you know…traffic signs are there for a reason people. They’re not suggestions…unless it’s the speed limit signs.

So in honor of the signs people don’t read in my neck of the woods, I have the Five Man Electrical Band with “Signs” followed by the Tesla remake from the 90’s. I loved Tesla because of this song and what was that sappy one they had? “Love Song”. Good stuff. So which do you prefer?

The Original:

The Remake:


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The Theme Change

I only have two more weeks in the summer remake series I started way back in June…or was it May? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look over my old posts. It might seem silly, but it’s preyed on my mind since I realized summer is almost officially over. What am I going to do for What’s Playing Wednesdays? Sure, I could go back to letting my MP3 player randomly select a song for your entertainment, but that wasn’t as much fun as the remake series.

So I’m thinking of doing a color theme every month. Sound weird? Yeah, probably so, but I think I can d it. I used to work on a riverboat cruise…as a cocktail waitress. (Liberal arts degrees are not the way to go, my young friends!) I was only onboard for two weeks. In that time, I’d fallen out of my bunk and had to go to a hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. I had scalding hot water splashed up both of my arms and was wrapped up like a mummy by the first mate.

But it wasn’t all horrible. Sure, I had two mental breakdowns and cried my eyes out because I just could not understand the computer system we had to put our drink orders in, but what I did enjoy was the people I served. There was this one couple in their 70s. Each day, the husband wore the same shirt just in different colors. I thought it was funny and on the 2nd day after noticing, I would sing a song to him for whatever color shirt he wore. His wife was delighted and I think she went out of her way to choose colors I might not be able to find a song for. It’s a good thing my family had such eclectic tastes in music because she wasn’t able to stump me.

So I think that’s going to be the theme change on What’s Playing Wednesdays. I’ll only do the basic colors, mind you, but each month will have a different color and I’ll pick a song to go with it. Hopefully…I’m not sure about brown…I’ll have to research that one. Oh! I know at least one song, LOL. Anyway, this will start in October. I hope it doesn’t bore anyone!

Do you have any other music themes you wouldn’t mind seeing on What’s Playing Wednesday? I did also think about song title similarities…you know two songs from different genres with the same title, or I could do a decade by decade theme…hm. Lots to think about. Maybe I should’ve been a DJ instead of a writer.


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Remaking Ram Jam

Le sigh. Well, the blog tour is over. *sniff* I’m actually kind of sad. It was fun meeting so many new people and learning their thoughts on things like kick ass heroines and things like that. I’m also glad in a way because it frees some of my time for writing and beta reading. Did I mention I have a smoking hot story to read by my friend, Avril Ashton? Oh yes, this thing is so hot, my hard drive has threatened to melt!

But that’s not why we’re here today. No, today we’re here to talk about music. That which soothes the savage beast. The summer remake series has been so much fun, I don’t want it to end! But I suppose I’ll have to bring it to an end this month *sniff* Then I’ll have to come up with another theme…maybe a different theme every month. Something! Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.

Now if you don’t know who Ram Jam, don’t be upset because you’ve heard their song. I know you have. You have to have heard of “Black Betty”. You know, that wild, dueling guitar anthem of the 70’s. Well, I don’t know if it was an actual anthem, but it should’ve been. It’s one of the most kick ass songs from the 70’s…okay, not counting Black Sabbath’s stuff or AC/DC or Sweet or…you get the idea. It was originally recorded in 1933, but that Ram Jam version is just…wow.


Anyway, this song is near and dear to my heart. And I have no idea why. When I hear it I think of my aunt. I don’t know if this was something she listened to, but I hear it and I remember her wearing those short shorts she had, her halter top, and the long, flat hair. Or her big bell bottom jeans and her fuzzy t-shirt with her feathered hair. Crazy, huh?

I also think about the movie Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. Yes, I know, not exactly high-brow entertainment, but I love it! And I can totally see the evil one kick butt while this song plays. *Makes a note to watch the movie again soon*

In 2004, a band called Spiderbait remade this song. Actually, a lot of people have remade it. I just took a peek at the list and was floored. It’s a popular song! So which do you prefer? The 1970’s version of the one from 2004?

The sort of, not really original:

One of the most recent remakes:



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Guest Blogger: Arabella Strickland

Hey y’all…I hope you’re enjoying this week of guest bloggers because I’m having a blast! I get to do other things, like ogle smexy men for Fantasy Man Friday posts and write on my newest novella. I um, didn’t know if today’s guest blogger should have her say, but she um twisted my arm until I cried like a baby talked me into it. Today we have Arabella Strickland, Grant’s mom! Y’all be nice!

Ms. Bella? Go on.

Thank you, Danica. I resent the implication that I bullied you into letting me guest blog today. I am a sweet, little cow-swan who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Unless her name’s Isola Malone. *fumes* That…that…Amazon is going to ruin my Grant’s future! I’ve been sending the sweetest little cow-swans his way for years and then he meets this…woman and thinks she’s his mate? I don’t think so! My baby deserves a calm, drama-free life with no battles and killer imps or nymphs or dangerous predators like Amazons following him around. *sniff*

My son deserves to have a mate who’ll keep him comfortable, not go galloping through the countryside picking fights and being rude. And that Isola is r-u-d-e! Why, she nearly drove me off the road and then had the nerve to blame it on me! Grant swears she’s a sweetheart, but my poor baby doesn’t realize Amazons are dangerous. *whispers* Why, I even heard thy brand their men! Can you believe that? Like they’re…catt—nevermind, that’s a bad example.

Anyway, Danica asked me to play a song I thought might sum up my son’s problems with this Amazon and I had to pick my very favorite human singer, Mr. Johnny Cash. Such a dangerous man. *titters* I hope you enjoy the song and please help me convince Grant to leave that…Isola woman alone!

Um, thanks, Ms. Bella. Ah…so, she chose a Johnny Cash song and it just so happens that there’s a remake of it! Perfect for my summer remake series! “Ring of Fire” was remade by Social Distortion and I have to say I love both versions. What do you think? (About the song and Ms. Bella’s accusations?)

The Original:

The Remake:

Danica! You ruined my post! *sniff* Young people have no taste. Ladies, please back me up here.

Um…a little help here? I don’t want her to shift to her cow form and stampede me!


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Remaking Peter Gabriel

It’s me again, back with another song in the summer remake series! I came across today’s song years ago, but had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago. I love the original and the remake is just outstanding (or at least I think it is…so far y’all are not liking my remakes!) 😉

Peter Gabriel is one of those musicians who can do pretty much anything and you’re kind of dragged along for the ride. How many of you sing along to “In Your Eyes” when you hear it? Or “Sledgehammer”? Remember that video? Yeah…weird. But before Say Anything and Peter’s amazing success with “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time”, he had a song called “Shock the Monkey”.

I remember this video because it was so weird and I felt sorry for the cute little monkeys. Now the way the video is you’d think it’s a song about animal rights, but according to Mr. Gabriel, it’s a song about jealousy and how it can reveal your basic instincts. *shrug* Whatever, it’s a good song.

In 1999, an alternative metal band called Coal Chamber teamed up with none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne for the remake. It’s hard, it’s edgy, it’s downright awesome as far as I’m concerned. Of course, this isn’t supposed to be about me, but you. So what do you think of the remake?

The Original:

The Remake:


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