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Remaking G Tom Mac

Y’all are probably like, “Who in the hell is G Tom Mac?” To be honest, I didn’t know who he was before today either, but I know you’re well acquainted with his music…especially if you were a fan of The Lost Boys.

Oooh, yes, The Lost Boys, that most wonderous vampire movie from the 80s. With the luscious Kiefer Sutherland. I think he was the first villain I fell in love with, first as Ace in Stand By Me and as David in The Lost Boys. Sure, my friends were all about Cory Haim and Jason Patric while I ogled Kiefer. That voice, those evil little smiles! *swoons*

So today, the last day of the summer remake series, I bring you “Cry Little Sister”. The Lost Boys movie was the first time I actually paid attention to a soundtrack. I still remember that opening scene of the movie with the dark water leading to the fairgrounds with this song playing…*shivers* Great movie and this song, which was remade by a band called Seasons After in 2009.

Tell me what you think and thank y’all for being a part of the remake series. I had a lot of fun hunting down and sharing song remakes for you. Next on What’s Playing Wednesday will be themed months. Starting in October I’ll be doing color themed months where I’ll be playing songs with the themed color in the song title, lyrics, or band name (and anywhere else I can find something related to that color if I have to get creative!) 😉 Hope to see y’all then!

The Original:

The Remake (I watched completely mesmerized by the video…see below)

Because I couldn’t help but wonder if he had trouble with the fangs while he lip-synced.


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Remaking Sweet

Today’s the 3rd day on the blog tour. It’s been great! I’m over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind (http://closeencounterswiththenightkind.blogspot.com) today for a review and another giveaway!

But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the summer remake series. Last week we had Johnny Cash taking on those whippersnappers, Social Distortion. It was good rockabilly fun, I thought, although not many seemed interested in it.

Today might be another flop because I had to go with one of my favorite songs ever. I know, I say that about every song, don’t I? Well, in this case it is. Every time I hear this song, I crank up the stereo and scream along. Well, okay, they don’t scream, but I can’t hit those notes unless I do. So there.

The band Sweet was a 70’s UK glam band. The reason I know about them is because my uncle loved their song “Little Willy”. This particular uncle passed away the year I was born, so I never got to meet him, but I listen to that song and imagine I know him rather well 🙂

However that isn’t the song being remade today. Nope. Today we have “Ballroom Blitz” which always makes me want to mosh. How crazy is that? I just listen to the words and I picture a big, writhing mosh pit. It’s kind of fitting, I think.

Anyway, in 1984, a metal hair band from Switzerland remade “Ballroom Blitz”. The band’s name is Krokus and I know this is a way back then song and remake, but really, I feel a little frantic this week, so it feels right.

What do you think?

The Original (Dig those costumes and that hair!):

The Remake (Check out those costumes! LOL):


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