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In The Mood…

Ohmmm. I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for today. I must’ve blown a circuit or something on Saturday with my big writing day because ever since I’ve been dragging ass. I want to sleep. In fact, sleep is like the sexiest thing in the world to me right now. Like, if Gerard Butler, M. Shadows or Vin Diesel were to say, “Danica, would you like to come with me to my secret hideaway and so I can shower you with more pleasure than you could possibly handle?”

My response would be, “Eh, is there a comfy bed?”

Okay, maybe not. Cause those men are sexy! I’d probably latch onto them like Velcro and never let them go. “But we can be together forever! Oh look, it’s Vin/M. Shadows/Gerard.” (Because I can be fickle.)

Anyway, sleep sounds delicious. Except I keep having weird dreams. I suppose with RomantiCon coming up, my brain is trying to get me ready for it or something because I’ve had several dreams about the conference, or a conference, then more recently I’ve dreamed about doing squats. I’m talking about a gazillion squats. Is it any wonder I’m so tired when I wake up? I’m working out in my dreams!

So yeah, we need some music about dreams or sleeping or something. *thinks* Several songs came to mind, but they were all slow and depressing. So I chose this:

I do enjoy Stone Sour. A lot. And the title is fitting, isn’t it?

Hope y’all are sleeping more than I am!

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Bad Blogger, No Treat

Would you believe me if I said I completely forgot to blog yesterday? I totally did. For some reason I thought I had a guest blogger? Or maybe I was so tired from the weekend, I didn’t care. But whatever the reason, I forgot to blog and now I’ll never win Erotic Romance Author Blogger of 2013 *sniff*

*shuffles her feet*

Last week was exhausting. I didn’t mention it here, but my great-nephew had to go to the hospital for surgery on Thursday. He’s fine now and hopefully he’ll start gaining the weight he so desperately needs. On that same day, I had a check up with my orthopedic surgeon who suggested surgery. Of course he also said I could just let it try to work itself out, but I’ll have to deal with pain until then. I opted for surgery. Now I just need to decide when is a good time for it. Oh and later that morning, between my doctor news and Mason’s surgery news, I along with A.M. Griffin and Lea Barrymire joined the crew at Cave Chaos Radio for some fun and laughs. So yeah, last week was tiring.

Really though, the weekend was exhausting. The weather was gorgeous which meant I had this insane urge to do stuff. By do stuff, I mean I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday morning. Finished reading a book I’d started, went back to bed by 7:30 and woke up at 10:00 with just enough time to meet my brother-in-law and sister at the Tractor Supply Company. We’d made plans to get Mom’s Mother’s Day present early and they wanted me there for 10:30. Er. Sure. I brushed my teeth in the shower, put on mismatched clothes and raced there.

We got Mom’s present and she was thrilled with it. So yay! I also took her on a mini-road trip on Sunday which we both enjoyed. I really do love to get behind the wheel of my car and explore the area. The weather was perfect for a drive. It’s times like that I wish I had a Harley or something. Then I recall how many times I ran into trees with my bicycle, how many times I wiped out and I revise my opinion and wish for a convertible. Yeah.

Anyway, that was my weekend and I’m glad to be back…not really. I’d do the weekend all over again. Especially the sleeping part. That was awesomesauce. I need all of the rest I can get before RT next week. What did y’all do over the weekend?


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Today is the Day

Can you hear me squeeing from here? I’m so excited! No, I didn’t get a mega-million writing contract. No, Gerard Butler hasn’t returned my many phone calls and agreed to be Mr. Danica Avet. It’s better than all of that.

Today my new mattress comes in! Wheee! There’s a lot of happy dancing going on in the Avet household, I tell you. If you recall this mattress set is the only thing I bought on Black Friday. When people say “So you bought yourself a Christmas present,” I tell them it’s actually for everyone who comes into daily contact with me. Trust me, you want me to have this mattress for your continued health.

I suppose some people would say my old mattress was just fine, but it killed my back. Each morning I greeted the day with a huge stretch and a grimace as my lower back cringed at the thought of moving. It was so bad my dog even greeted the day with a stretch and a little puppy groan. It’s sort of a habit with us. I think we’ll both sleep much better on the new bed.

Of course my belief in this mattress is based on the fifteen minutes I tried it out. Yes I tried it out for fifteen minuets while the salesperson talked with me. It felt a bit like a slumber party…in public, but in the end I knew I had to have this bed. And it’s coming in today! *squee*

Do the happy dance with me folks, hopefully I’ll be rejuvenated tomorrow morning!


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Rainy Day Blues

It is a miserable day here in South Louisiana. It started raining over an hour ago (not that I really know exactly when it started since I was taking my lunch hour power nap) and doesn’t look as though it intends to stop any time soon. Normally I love rainy days because it usually means it’ll be a little cooler while the sun is hidden, but on the other hand rainy days make me oh so sleepy.

It’s my own fault, of course. For about three years now I’ve been sleeping with a white noise machine that plays the sound of rain falling. It’s so soothing and it really does help me sleep better at night. Except now, like Pavlov’s dog, when I hear the rain beating against the roof, my eyes get heavy and I want to start snoring. I should clarify though, that when a hurricane is about to make landfall in my area and it’s raining, I don’t sleep a wink. There’s nothing comforting to me about knowing a catastrophic natural event is taking place. A lady I used to work with said she sleeps better during a hurricane. I just can’t do that.

What is it about the sound of rain that’s so relaxing? Is it the rhythm of the water hitting the shingles on the roof? The way the air turns cooler? Whatever it is, it always makes me want to curl up under a thick cover and hibernate. Gotta love the rain, except when  you’re at your desk and unable to sleep.

In other news, I’ve been writing steadily and managed to knock out 4,000 words on the current WIP. I think it’ll be complete by either Wednesday or Thursday. Yes! I brought 3 packs of different colored post-its to the office just in case I had time to try plotting out my next WIP.

I’ve joined NaNoWrMo this year and I have an idea in mind, two characters (though one won’t tell me her name), and a month to write out plot ideas. I’ve attempted the NaNoWriMo once before with dismal results. Being a pantster during a writing competition isn’t cool, so I’m going to try writing with a storyboard for the first time. I hope it works!

So is anyone else giving NaNoWriMo a go? What’s been your experience with the contest? Have you finished the goal?


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