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Cajun French: Cajun Reeboks

Okay, so it isn’t exactly Cajun French, but it is a part of the culture here.

If you were to walk around most parking lots in Cajun country and happened to look at pick-up trucks, you might see Cajun Reeboks wedged between the cab and bed of the trucks. I’ve always wanted a truck, just so I could get a pair and stuff them in that spot because…well, it’s kind of like a gun rack; everyone has one!

What in the world are Cajun Reeboks, I hear you ask. Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you about! Cajun Reeboks are short, white rubber boots. Like these:

Not what you thought, are they?

Rubber boots are important in this area, not just because of the rain, but because if you dig more than two feet into the ground, you will hit water. Shrimpers and fishermen wear these boots as opposed to a darker color because of the heat. You’ve seen Deadliest Catch, right? Well, down here, it’s the Hottest Catch. When the heat index is around 115 and you’re working on a boat, being comfortable and cool is a priority.

It should tell you how popular these boots are that they have their own nickname around here. I’m saving up for a pair of steel-toe rubber boots *rubs her hands together* I can hardly wait! *cough* Sorry.

So, if you’re in south Louisiana and you hear someone mention Cajun Reeboks, or you see someone walking around wearing a pair of these boots, just remember it’s a way of life down here.

Have questions about Cajun French, English, or the way of life? Send me an e-mail at danica.avet@gmail.com and I’ll make it the topic of an upcoming post!


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