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The Readers

I’m going to break RomantiCon down into different categories. I think it’d be easier to keep track of everything this way rather than me just tell y’all about each and every single moment of the convention. If you want to know what it’s like, seeing and feeling is believing. Aw yeah, you read me right.

Feeling. As in this convention has one thing no other convention I’ve been to had.  Sexy menz whose purpose was to make you feel…both uncomfortably excited and flustered and relaxed. The relaxing bit didn’t happen right away for me, but I’ll get to that in the Cavemen’s segment of the recap.

Ellora’s Cave has some of the most awesome readers ever. We’re talking people who like it dirty and raw and have no problem letting you know. They combed over the ballroom for hours, going back and forth between the authors and the cavemen. I really, really wish I had gone to this convention as a reader just once. Don’t get me wrong, when I saw Laurann Dohner and Jaid Black, I had a squee moment. As in, Oh My Gawd, that’s, that’s…you get the idea.

EC’s fans are great. They’re curious, open and so eager to get to know the writers they follow. By the way, I have a stalker.

These are two of the readers I got to spend a lot of time with over the weekend. They were great. That Cindy…OMG, you just don’t want to know. Don’t even ask, but needless to say I’ll never ever ever judge a book by its cover again.

Another great reader who was more than willing to talk about anything and everything under the sun. I got a lot of great ideas at this convention just from speaking with the readers.

Our table was made up of walking dead survivors. We were bad ass, okay? However, after getting a look at some of the cavemen zombies, I wouldn’t have minded them nibbling on me. Heh.

I don’t have a picture of me with Nikki Brandyberry on my camera, but it was fantastic to finally meet her. It’s always fun to meet up with people you’ve been talking with online and instantly recognize them. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s so darn cute.

Tomorrow’s going to be about the writers because I met some awesome ladies and men at this convention who’ll knock you on your ass with their books.

Stay tuned!



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RomantiCon Eve

I know today’s Wednesday which means What’s Playing, but I’m stoked about leaving for Ohio tomorrow. Seriously, y’all. I’ve already left and I’m winging my way…in my head. I still have a day of work, a night of Duck Dynasty and last-minute packing to do, but I’m already enjoying the conference. Except in my dreams. Those are about my nephew’s radioactive incinerator in his apartment because he’s too cheap to pay for trash service. Don’t judge me! It was a dream!

I blame it on a combination of text taunts from him because his fantasy football team beat mine, HAZWOPER training and Chantix. Why couldn’t I dream about the cavemen? Or the plot of the WIP I haven’t touched in days? No, I dream about something like this. Hmph.

Anyway, I’m excited and I haven’t forgotten about October having a black theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays. Today I decided to leap back twenty years…wait, hold up. Twenty years? Seriously? *gets out the calculator* Yeah…1992 was twenty flippin’ years ago. That’s just wrong. I’m not supposed to be this old. I’m on the verge of having a nervous breakdown because I just realized I can remember when this band came out and everyone thought it was so awesome.

White Zombie, you know, Rob Zombie’s first band came out in the early 90s which is blowing my mind. I was in high school and thought I was hot shit. (Pardon my French) But then most teenagers think the same thing, so I’m sure y’all understand. Anyway, I had to get this album and I listened to it all the time. It was hard, wild and a little crazy. But I had no idea that Iggy Pop was in the video until today. That’s just cool.

Anyway, today’s song is Black Sunshine. Now I’ll go back to daydreaming about Ohio while I suffer through another HAZWOPER class. Think of me!


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