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Fly On The Wall

It’s been a very stressful, hectic two weeks. Between traveling for work, a panic attack that lasted for several days and ended with me being put on beta blockers, and then my mom going in the hospital, I haven’t had a minute to really think about anything. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Somehow in the middle of all that, my brain has decided it knows what it wants to do about a book dilemma. We’ll see if it actually works. I hope it does because with all the time I’ve been missing from work, I’ll need the moneyz!

Enough about the drama. Although, it is helpful sometimes. For instance, today’s song is dramatic and thought-provoking. When I hear it, I instantly blank out and imagine every line of the song. Well, not really blank out. I sort of zone out the chaos going on in my head and concentrate on the song, the melody and the lyrics working together to soothe me. It’s almost become a theme song, I listen to it so much. It’s a great song and I hope you enjoy it as well.

The band is called Thousand Foot Krutch and I’ve been enjoying their music for a few years now. Great lyrics, catchy riffs and rhythms make them a good driving down the highway band. Here’s Fly On The Wall.


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Diamonds in the Sky

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll remember that over the summer, I played song remakes. That was fun and weird at times. Some remakes should never be made while others eclipse the original.

I listen to my faithful satellite radio to and from the day job. I adorz it, precious. So when I hear a song that appeals to me, I listen for it. Today’s What’s Playing Wednesday song is one of those and then while listening to it one day, I realized it was a remake. Then a couple of days later, I caught the DJ talking about it.

Yes, this is a remake of Rihanna Diamonds. Don’t get up in arms about it. Fans of the superstar should see this as further proof that she’s a wonderful singer. Most of the time songs don’t get remade unless they’ve made an impact on the band/singer performing the remake.

So today I bring you Farewell 2 Fear’s Diamonds. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. I really like it.

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Mother’s Helper

Today is the last day of the mother/mama/mom themed What’s Playing Wednesdays. There were a lot of Wednesdays this month!

Next Wednesday is the release day for my newest book, You Bet Your Banshee, and I have a special theme ready just for my heroine. I’ll let y’all know what that is next week. Nope, not letting the cat out of the bag┬ájust yet!

So this week we have The Rolling Stones. I’m not a huge Stones fan, but they do have some classic music that I can’t help but sing along with. There are some songs they came out with that I loathe though, so yeah, that kind of turned me off from them. “Beast of Burden” would have to be one of them and “Emotional Rescue” is the other. They drive me flippin’ insane and I nearly break something if they’re playing. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always disliked those two songs.

But today’s song is one I can tolerate very well. “Mother’s Little Helper” is one hell of a cynical song and I’m kind of surprised it’s only been remade a few times and none of those have gone to the top of the charts. You’d think it would be popular. *shrug*

So here for the last themed day of Mother’s Day month, we have The Rolling Stones! (I’m not quite as awesome at announcing as Ed Sullivan.)

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