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A Hero

I think I’ve mentioned about a million times now that I finished Primal Flavor last week. Can I get a “Woot-woot!”? Because yeah, it’s that bloody exciting. I just have to wait now to see if my lovely editor accepts it. I hope she does! *Fingers crossed*

I have books planned to write now. I sat down and counted all the works I have with more than 5k words and as of right now, I have six books I could hop on and start writing, possibly even finish. But I have a problem. I have characters slapping me senseless with their personalities and the back and forth between them. Yup, I have characters demanding their story is told now. Not later. Now, dammit.

*sigh* To quote my stepdad, if this is the only problem I have, I’m doing well.

But that’s a problem I’ve decided I have to solve. Now. The story I was going to write for my buddies in the cabal is going to have to wait because Coltrane and Kanda are demanding they get their story. NOW. And to be honest, I can’t wait. OMG. Yes, I just said OMG because y’all…Coltrane is my kind of hero. *swoon* My heart is pounding just thinking of his story because it’s going to be that bad ass.

And thinking of bad ass heroes, the song that immediately pops into mind when I think of Coltrane is this song by Pop Evil called Hero. So that’s today’s song. I really like Pop Evil’s music. They have kick ass guitar riffs, compelling lyrics and Leigh Kakaty has the rough, rugged voice I adore in my rock music. I hope you enjoy the song. I’ll be over here writing my poor little fingers to the bones.

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I Want That For You

As y’all know I love my music. I have to have it. Which means when I can’t get data through my phone and can’t listen to my satellite radio, I get pissy. The way it’s been doing all week.

Music feeds my soul, fires my imagination and relaxes me. Even when it’s stuff that’s fast-paced and hectic sounding, sometimes it calms me. Which is why I need it at the Evil Day Job, dammit! *seethes* Of course, even though I don’t have my satellite radio, I still have music. I carry an MP3 player with me everywhere I go and have music on my phone that isn’t connected to the internet. But I like having variety, like being able to say “I’m kind of tired of Slipknot. How about some Niel Diamond?” What? How can you not like Neil Diamond?

Mostly though, I like my satellite radio because it allows me to discover new bands that aren’t on the local radio stations yet and probably never will be.  Like today’s group. 3 Pill Morning. There are a lot of bands with the number Three (3) in the name, but these guys have a great song I’m sharing with y’all today. I Want That For You is a song I crank up whenever it comes on because it has catchy vocals and sounds passionate. I’ve been listening to it a lot while writing Primal Flavor.

What do y’all think?

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Women Rock

Just in case y’all think I’m entirely anti-female front singers, I’m not. I’ve seen several bands in concert with great female leads and for them, it’s about the music. Throwing tattoo and dark makeup on a woman who can scream doesn’t a good lead make. She has to make you forget about the fact that she looks cute. Because lets face it. Most of the time the lead singers are going to look good in a short skirt. I actually kind of like the same qualities in my male lead singers, but if it’s okay for guys to be biased, I can too.

Anyway, there are a few bands who severely rock and they just so happen to have a female lead singers. Notice I say “They just so happen” because that’s how it should be. It shouldn’t be about what equipment the singer is sporting, but the music they provide. One of my absolute favorites is Straight Line Stitch. I did a workshop at the FF&P Conference, Fantasy on the Bayou in 2012 about music and this is one of the songs I picked because it has power. I mean, I feel this song.

Then there’s the all woman band, Kitty. I remember when this song came out, I was like…there’s no way those are all girls! I saw the video and had to revise that statement. Yes, girls can growl and play every part in a band and still be cool and cute. In a kick-your-ass kind of way.

And if you think I only like rock bands with female leads, I’m throwing this one at you. I like the vocals, I like the beat. I like that it’s a little different from what I normally listen to.


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Marching To The Sea

It feels weird to have What’s Playing Wednesdays to myself again. The Cabal helped free me up a lot in January and February. I wish I could say I used that time wisely, but I’d be lying if I did. *cough* But, that time off did give me a chance to store up new favorite songs. And I have a lot of them!

Today I’m going with a song that makes me just close my eyes and quietly jam out (nothing like The Divinyls which make me sing I Touch Myself a capella *shudder*). Something about the vocals and the pushing guitar riffs reminds me of Mastodon, another band I’ve featured here on What’s Playing Wednesdays.

I’d heard this band many times before on Octane (my SiriusXM station which I heart so hardcore, it could be illegal), but the most striking thing I remember about them is hearing about their bus crash last year. Their bus fell 30 feet off a viaduct in August, sending three of the band members to the hospital with serious injuries. I hope they’re in recovery and ready to make more music soon.

In the meantime, give a listen to this awesome song, March to the Sea. I love this song so much. I hope you enjoy it!

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Porn Star Dancing

Yup, time for another What’s Playing Wednesday in the theme of stripping/exotic dancing. This time around, I purposely chose a clip that wasn’t the official video. As much as I enjoyed writing Magda’s book, I just couldn’t see myself playing a video with so many scantily clad women. Sorry y’all, if it had been men, it would’ve been a completely different story. Heh.

Anyway, today’s song is by a band called My Darkest Days. They seem to really like barely dressed women touching each other. Out of curiosity, I checked out another video by them for a song I really like and it was almost identical to this one. Go figure. LOL

Obviously this song, if the title of the post doesn’t tell you, is called “Porn Star Dancing”. It’s got a great beat, some killer guitar solos by Zakk Wylde, and some naughty lyrics to go with the video I’m not playing, LOL (If you’re dying of curiosity, it’s out there.)

So here’s “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days!

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The Red

Today is the last post for December’s red theme. I hope you’ve enjoyed the music and found things to add to your playlists! I think next month will be blue. I have a lot of blue songs in my head right now and I have to get them out. You poor, poor readers!

Today’s song is by one of my favorite bands. I can’t remember when I first heard of Chevelle. I imagine it was in 2002, or 2003, but once I heard this song, I was hooked. They have an edgy, melodic sound that I find very interesting. They show up a lot on my Pandora stations because their sound is similar to my absolute favorite band ever: Tool. Not exactly, mind you, but close.

I’ve actually played a song by them before on another What’s Playing Wednesday. I’m too lazy to go back and find the link, but I know I had them on here. Today’s song is called “The Red”. I hope you enjoy!

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Redlight, Greenlight

Keeping up with my “red” colored music theme for December, I’ve picked a song that has become something of a recent favorite. I hate that word really because favorite means you prefer something over all others and I can’t do that with music. If someone were to ask me what my favorite song was, I’d probably faint from indecision.

Every song has something to love about it. Kind of like people. But that’s too deep for this post. We’re going to stick to the music. This song is by a band called Redlight King. See? I worked “red” into the topic. The song is called “Bullet In My Hand”. It was a real toss-up for me whether I wanted to pick this song from a “red” band, or “Ultragigantor” by Red Line Chemistry since that one’s like my morning drive song. It gets me to the office because I’m trying to catch up with the driving guitar. “Bullet In My Hand” is my afternoon drive song because though it’s heavy, it mellows me out.

Oh to heck with it. I’ll give you both and let you decide.

Morning drive:


Afternoon drive:

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