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Takin’ Off Music

I’m not going anywhere. Just wish I was.

It’s Friday. Not a three-day weekend or anything, but it’s Friday and it seems I’m looking at another somewhat laid back weekend. I say somewhat since Saturday morning is going to be spent running around all over the place bringing my dog to the groomer (she looks like ewok), getting my oil changed (hopefully by some hot mechanics so I can daydream instead of go catatonic from boredom) and if I can squeeze in the time, get a pedicure. Oh, how I hope I can manage that!

It’s been a crazy-ass week. Seriously. I thought last week was bad, but this one wasn’t much better. If I didn’t color my hair, I have no doubt I’d be showing nothing but gray. Or if my hair was really cool, it’d do that instant-silver thing that Rogue’s did in X-Men. But my hair isn’t cool, so I’ll be recoloring it next weekend.

But the purpose of this post isn’t to bemoan my bad hair, my bad week and all the errands I have to run. No, it’s about getting out, getting away. From everything and everyone. You ever have the urge to hop in your car and just hit the road? I do. A lot. I love to drive. I love to see new places and commune with the highway with my music blaring. It’d have to be in a cool ass car though. Not what I drive now. And I’d have great hair. And cowboy boots because you have to have a good pair of cowboy boots when you hit the road. ZZ Top playing at top volume, fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror…and of course there’s a hottie (who isn’t a creep, serial killer, punk or otherwise not cool) lookin’ for a ride on the side of the road.

And that’s what brings us to the point of this post. There are a lot of songs I like to listen to while I’m driving (minus all that stuff that isn’t happening). Depending on my mood, those songs can be fast and hardcore metal. Read that as angry or needing to get pumped up to deal with something I don’t want to. The songs can be slow power ballads because I feel a need to reconnect with my youth. They can be dance hits which means I’m behind the wheel pretending I got moves like Jagger. But sometimes they’re songs that make me chill out and relax.

Gerry Rafferty is one of my go-to musicians for that. “Right Down the Line” and “Baker Street” are songs I will leave Tool and Avenged Sevenfold to listen to. Can’t help it. Then there’s another band that sort of has that same laid back, chilled out, hit the open road feel for me. That’d be Queens of the Stoneage. Maybe it’s because the singer was on Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations once and I liked how chilled out he was in his desert town with the music studio that wasn’t anything fancy. Whatever it was, when I hear their music, it instantly puts me in that zone.

Today’s song is called “If I Had A Tail” and it helps soothe my nerves. That’s my Friday gift to y’all.

Chill out!

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