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Remaking Thin Lizzy

We’re continuing with the summer remake series. Today’s remake took me a long time to decide upon. On one hand, I was tempted to go with another Queen remake (a song remade by the same band remaking today’s song), but decided I had to go with Thin Lizzy.

Thin Lizzy was one of those bands that was both hard and melodic. Phil Lynott, the singer, has this velvet smooth voice I adore. Today’s song is actually a remake of an old Irish folk song. It was remade by Metallica in 1998 following very closely to the original, but adding their signature heaviness.

I don’t know what it is about this song, if it’s the lyrics, or the catchy guitar riff, but this is one of those songs that I have to listen to every time I happen to catch it on the radio. The best part is, it doesn’t matter if it’s Thin Lizzy’s version or Metallica’s. Tell me what you think.

The original:

The remake:


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Remaking Queen (and David Bowie)

It feels kind of funny write a blog post the day before it’s due. I didn’t blog much at all last week because of Nationals and I found that I missed it. I guess this really means I’ve turned into a blog whore. I can only hope y’all enjoy the blogging as much as I do.

Last week we had Cake taking on Gloria Gaynor and I knew before I put the post up that everyone would vote for Gloria. I can’t really blame them because she was pretty awesome. That’s a song that will definitely survive. Ha!

Continuing with the summer remake series, we have Queen featuring David Bowie. I remember when the song, “Under Pressure” came out. It was such a great song. I was a big fan of both David Bowie and Queen so when they did this song together, I was powerless against it. It’s a deep song, yet catchy as well. Two emo bands came together a few years ago to remake it and I think they did a good job. Sure, it isn’t David Bowie and Queen, but who is?? My Chemical Romance and The Used remade this song and okay, I like it a lot. What do you think?

The original:

The remake:



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Remaking Gloria Gaynor

You didn’t think I’d forget about my summer remake series, did you? Tsk. For shame! I would never forget something as important (and fun) as that!

Yes, I’m still in NYC and I’ll go out on a limb and say that future Danica is having a blast. Today she’s meeting with her agent in person for the first time ever and I’m sure she’s freaking out over what to wear. I recommend the black skirt and plain blouse, but she’ll probably go with her black capris instead. Le sigh.

So because I’m…or rather she (future Danica) is spending so much time surrounded by thousands of romance writers, I—we thought today’s song could go out to all the writers at the conference and those who weren’t able to make it.

This song is an anthem for a decade and a mantra for every woman who went through a bad break-up. I love this song. I really, really love it. It’s simply amazing and timeless. Then in the 90’s a band called Cake remade this awesome song…and made me love it all over again. It isn’t the best rendition if you were looking for an upbeat song. No. Cake is kind of like…laid back and funky and tongue-in-cheek.

Here, listen for yourself and tell me what you think.

Gloria Gaynor:



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Remaking Phil Collins

There’s still time to get your name in the hat to win a specialty Mardi Gras mask! Just leave a comment on Monday’s post about the top 10 Fantasy Men and you’re entered to win! The contest ends tonight.

Today marks the start of my summer remaking the song series. In place of the regular What’s Playing Wednesdays, I’ll be posting the original song and a current (sort of) remake of the song. Please keep in mind that the songs I pick are ones I love to listen to, but don’t necessarily know anything about the video (which is probably a good thing). And sorry, most of them are going to be metal or rock remakes. Please don’t leave me!! Come back! I promise they’re good covers!

Unlike movie remakes, I sometimes enjoy song remakes. I’m very serious about my music and have been known to attempt to put my foot through a speaker if I hear a remake that I hate. Or at the very least, scream and change the channel. It’s a passion and if you remake a song I love and you screw it up, I will loathe you forever and ever. That’s just how it goes. I can give you a million examples, but I’ll just stick to the ones I like.

Today’s song is one we’ve all heard. It’s probably one of Phil Collins’ most well-liked songs, In the Air Tonight. I remember when this song came out, it was an instant hit. Dark, brooding, but with such a catchy hook, it makes you want to listen to it at the highest volume and play air drums. Or is that just me? Cause I totally rock at air drums, air guitar, and air mic (yes, I pretend to sing as well).

One of the bands I’ve seen in concert, Nonpoint, remade this song and I think they did a pretty damn good job with it. They added a little more of a Latin slant to it and I think it gives this timeless song new life. What do you think?

The original:

The remake:


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