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Post 1,000 Woo-Hoo

Here it is! The 1000th post on my blog.

Seems like it should be more impressive than that, doesn’t it? Hm. Well, I can’t exactly give y’all fireworks and mostly naked men dancing around, but I do have a giveaway scheduled.

First though, let me just say that it’s been a wild ride. Blogging isn’t all that easy when you’ve been doing it a while because you don’t want to start regurgitating posts. Which I think I’ve done a few times. I’ve blogged about writing, getting through the rejection process, getting an agent and losing an agent. I’ve blogged about sexy men. Lots and lots of sexy men. I’ve even interviewed several of them. By the way those were some of my most visited posts. I also blogged about life in south Louisiana, shared some Cajun French with y’all. That’s the set of second most viewed posts. Yup, seems everyone is curious about how to pronounce things or what have you.

Secondly, I have the best friends ever. The writing community is amazing. Simply amazing. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on my road to publication, through the rocky pass of being a published writer and everything in between. If you ever embark on this same wild ride, be sure to surround yourself with people who will tell you like it is, but do it with their shoulder and a bottle of booze handy, who won’t run you down to make themselves feel better, and who’ll understand what you mean when you start talking about the voices in your head talking to you while you’re taking a shower and not think you’re insane.

So saying all that…here’s the giveaway. I have several of these awesome people offering up prizes. Be sure to enter and tell your friends.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And because it’s What’s Playing Wednesday…I just gotta share this song with y’all. Because it says everything. Let’s get this party started!


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The Next Big Thing

 Writing is a peculiar business. *ponders* It makes for strange bedfellows as well, but that’s probably the best part of it. You never know who’s going to float into your life and impact it. One of those influential people is someone I met recently. I saw this lady I thought was another one of my editor’s authors (I kept doing that) and waved her over. Next thing I know, Lea Barrymire, Cara Carnes and A.M. Griffin and I were cutting up as though we’d been friends for years instead of just meeting.
Lea, who you can visit here, is a talented author of muy caliente romance. She tagged me in this game called The Next Big Thing. The great part about this game is it gives readers and writers the chance to explore new authors and get to meet them. I hope you’ll check out more about Lea, the other people she’s tagged, the people I’ve tagged and those who tagged her. See? Lots and lots of connections!
And now for my part in this crazy game. *crackes her knuckles*
What is your working title of your book?
I actually have three current works in progress. Today though, I’m working on Primal Flavor.
Where did the idea come from for the book?
I’d be lying if I told you where I came up with the idea. Ideas just sort of pounce on me, not the other way around. I was probably doing something completely unrelated to writing and though, Hm, I need to write a book about an overprotective, man-whore of a chef who can turn into a tiger and has issues seeing when his “charge” is all grown up.
What genre does your book fall under?
It’s a paranormal shapeshifter erotic romance. Say that ten times fast.
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Ooh! Um…tiger shifter…big tiger shifter. I’d have to go with Chris Hemsworth for Zach and Lauren Ambrose to play Ginny.
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Um, I think I just said that…An overprotective, man-whore, tiger shifting chef finds big trouble in the human he’s always treated like a little sister when she decides it’s way past time to grow up.
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I’m hoping it’ll be picked up by Ellora’s Cave. Fingers crossed people. Fingers crossed.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Uh, I just restarted it. For the eightieth time. But if my word count holds true to past books, I can probably have the first draft written in 3-4 weeks.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I don’t really know. Maybe the Shelly Laurenston Pride books? But I’d never compare myself to her. She’s awesome. I heart you, Shelly!

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
The series is based on a small south Louisiana town and I guess I drew inspiration from growing up and living down here. There’s so much craziness, it’s kind of hard not to write about it.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

You’ll pee your pants reading it. No, that’s not something people want to do. Um…it’s a fun book, I think. With humor, heat and a man who makes food sexy. What more could a woman want?
And now for the authors I tagged. Be sure to look for their The Next Big Thing blogs the week of November 26, 2012
Message for the tagged authors and interested others:
Rules of the Next Big Thing
***Use this format for your post
***Answer the ten questions about your current WIP (work in progress)
***Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them.
Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:
What is your working title of your book?
Where did the idea come from for the book?
What genre does your book fall under?
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Who or what inspired you to write this book?
What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Include the link of who tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged.

Be sure to line up your victims in advance.


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Song Association

I know y’all won’t be shocked to realize that I associate almost everything with music. I might have even mentioned this before, but for me nearly everyone, every situation I come in contact with ends up connected to a song in some way.

For example, one of my former co-workers was an interesting guy. He was my mom’s age and if you listened to him talk, you can just tell he did a lot more than study in college. He had the craziest stories and this slow, drawn out speech pattern that made him sound a bit like a hippie. Well, I remember riding along one day and War and Eric Burdon’s “Spill the Wine” came on the radio. My brain instantly connected that song with my friend and when I mentioned it to him, he said that was one of his favorite albums. Go figure.

So yeah, people connect to music in my mind. Before you ask, it has to be people I’ve met and talked with for a prolonged amount of time. Usually. Sometimes that doesn’t matter.

As for situations, I had one recently that surprised me. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Rebecca Zanetti’s Hunted at the FF&P Conference. By the way, excellent book. Yet it was one particular scene that happened in the book that brought a song to mind. I’ll try not to give away spoilers, but the scene was between a potential bad guy and a future heroine who’s still a child. The bad guy tells the little girl a parable about the frog and the scorpion and when she asks who he is in the parable, he tells her he’s the scorpion (if I remember correctly). The potential hero for this little girl appears and the bad guy goes away. The little girl looks at her hero and asks who he is in the parable and he replies, “I am the water”. (Forgive me Rebecca, if I got this wrong! I’m going off of memory.)

With that line, I had to put the book down because my brain instantly flipped to a song. I don’t know if Rebecca listened to this song when she wrote this scene, or if she gave it any thought, but it was the perfect song for the scene (which is something I tried to explain in my workshop).

The song is “I Am the Highway” by Audioslave. If you read Rebecca’s book when it comes out, do me a favor and listen to this song first and tell me if it fits the scene or not. I might just be crazy (I highly suspect I am).

This isn’t an official video of the song, but I find I like it. The people in this video were moving from L.A. to Washington.

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Conference Wrap-Up

Well, I’m back. *sniff* On one hand I didn’t want the conference to end because I was having so much fun with my fellow FF&Pers, but on the other hand…I missed my pets, my family, my shower, and Lord, I missed my pillow. Those hotel pillows were one of two sizes and neither were right for me.

My workshop went well. I think. I kind of zoned out when more than two people showed up. Rebecca and Staci (two of the most awesome people ever) both assured me it was fine, but all I could hear myself saying was, “blah, blah, um, blah, blah, you know, blah”. I was glad to have it over.

None of us could have expected the horror we were about to witness...

There we were, about sixteen people crowded on the sidewalk across from the creepiest house with a gruesome history. There were three other tour groups in various spots around the house as well and all were focused on the horror before us. Then we heard music. At first I thought it came from a club close by, but soon after the music started, the truck (which appeared to be empty) parked in front of the house started to bounce. And bounce. And bounce. The dome light came on and I saw an ass bouncing through the windows over the tour guide’s shoulder.

I blinked a couple of times because…well, it just didn’t seem right. Besides, I was horrified by the story Adam was telling us, but that ass kept bouncing until finally it all stopped. I heard, “I love New Orleans!” and three people poured out of the truck. Two women and one man. More rapid blinking. The trio walked to the grocery story catercorner from the Lalaurie House without a care in the world.

It was only as we rounded back on Chartres Street that we started talking about it. Some of the people in our group (Rebecca) didn’t realize what was going on in that truck until the rest of us told them. Oh yes, they were uh…enjoying their sexual freedom and apparently worked up an appetite because they went to the store after.

Besides the surprise of witnessing a menage trois happening mere feet away, the tour was an absolute success.

Saturday was spent in workshops learning about fans, crafting blunders, and looking at very graphic forensic photographs before I headed out back into the Quarter with three other authors who wanted to shop for souvenirs, take pictures of some of the architecture, and in one case, try absinthe. Yes, we went on a hunt for absinthe and I even tried some. If you don’t like black licorice, I don’t recommend it.

There's a tiny blue flame coming from the sugar cube, but the camera on my phone couldn't catch it.

Claire Ashgrove after her first taste of absinthe.

Saturday night’s dinner was OMG amazing. Have I mentioned we have good food down here? If you like to eat, you should absolutely take a visit to south Louisiana and eat until you can’t go anymore. There was a raffle and a ton of door prizes to win and everyone had a blast. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of goofing off, and good will.

Despite getting to bed after midnight, I was up before dawn to take Heather Long out to Cafe Du Monde for beignets. Le sigh. I’ve been dieting for so long, eating those beignets was like tasting Heaven.Mais, they were good. We made it back to the hotel in time for me to hide the powdered sugar evidence and ready myself for the signing which was fun as well. I was lucky enough to be seated at the same table as Rebecca Zanetti (that’ll never happen again so we took complete advantage of it) and right next to Claire Ashgrove who became a very good conference companion. We laughed, we talked, we signed books, and pretty much enjoyed two hours of hanging out.

As I said, I was sorry to see the conference end, but my body is glad for it. My feet, hips, and back are complaining this morning about my walking and lack of sleeping. I’ll need to rest up this week because next week I’m heading out to Pensacola to hang out with my Gulf Coast friends for the weekend. Hopefully my witnessing the Bouncing Truck on Governor Nicholls hasn’t targeted me for Sex on the Beach (and I’m not talking about the drink folks).




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Fantasy Man Friday

Greetings, my lovelies! It’s a dreary, rainy day here in south Louisiana, but who cares? It’s Friday, but more importantly, it’s Fantasy Man Friday.

Before I get to that though, here’s what’s going on. I’m still on my blog tour and you still have chances to win at the places I’ve been this week. Check out my contest page (http://danicaavet.com/Contests-Appearances.php) for locations. Today I’ll be at Escape by Fiction (http://escapebyfiction.blogspot.com/2011/09/cbsl-aint-no-bull-danica-avet-book-tour.html) with a review and giveaway (they just keep coming, don’t they?).

Secondly, today over at Darker Temptations (http://darkertemptations.wordpress.com/) with a scavenger hunt giveaway! We have a slew of prizes up for grabs, are you ready for this??

What you can win:
From Sayde Grace – two digital copies of her books

From Cynthia Eden – an ARC of Angel of Darkness or a digital copy of Never Cry Wolf

From Danica Avet (that would be me!!) – digital copy of any one of the Veil series and a set of Romance Trading Cards

From Rebecca Zanetti – signed copy of Fated

From Kristin Miller – digital copy of Intervamption

From Marcella Burnard – signed copy of Enemy Gates

From Katie Reus – digital (or audio) copy of Deadly Obsession and a digital copy of Destined Mate when it comes out in October

From Erin Kellison – signed copy of your choice from the Shadow series

Isn’t that awesome?? I mean, that’s a lot of books! I’m tempted to enter myself, but uh…well, that would be cheating wouldn’t it? Since I know where everything is and all…I’ll just have to watch while everyone else enjoys the game. So be sure to stop by if you’re looking for a bunch of paranormal goodies to read!

And now for the Fantasy Man…rar. I really debated for this one. I had to find a man who spoke to me today. Well, they all speak to me, but some tend to speak more than others, you know? Just like real men. Of course, most of the time they say stuff like “lick my six-pack abs” and “you know you want to bite my thighs”…but there has to be more to it than that, right? *snort* Okay, I lied. What do you think of this one?

*drools* It’s like he’s begging me to tie him up and have my very wicked and imaginative way with him. That happy trail…*fans herself* G-R…GRRRR He brings out the Eartha Kitt in me. Well, not that I really have an inner Eartha Kitt…maybe an inner pervert, but she’s on the surface a lot more than inner and why am I explaining this to you when I could be drooling over this man? Go away now and don’t forget to stop by Darker Temptations.

Happy Friday, y’all, have a safe weekend!


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Lundi Gras

Happy Lundi Gras! You’re probably wondering what the hell Lundi Gras is. Well, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, so today means Fat Monday. It’s also known as Shrove Monday. *shrug*

Anyway, I have a lot of news to report, so get out your notebooks. Ready?

First of all, the winners from Ciara Knight’s blog interview and giveaway are…Rebecca Zanetti and Susan Fields! Yay! I had such a wonderful time on Ciara’s blog and I’m so thankful she invited me over to meet some of her readers. Okay, it sounds like a cocktail party, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it felt like that…minus the drinks (unless y’all had some and didn’t share) and minus the uncomfortable party dress (yay for pajamas!).

Secondly, today I’m over at Rebecca Zanetti’s blog for another interview and giveaway! It was an honest drawing on Ciara’s blog. I promise. Random.org is my friend and doesn’t accept bribes as far as I know 🙂 So hop on over to Rebecca’s blog for your chance to win another hand-painted mask!

Third, (I told you I had a lot of news!) my first book in the Veil Series, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose is now available for print! You can order it from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. Yay.

Then, tomorrow is the release day of my second book in the Veil Series, Succubus-in-Waiting. I’ll be hosting a “parade” over at Falyn Donaldson’s blog. You flash your hot men to me and I’ll “throw” you some goodies! Be sure to stop by for that, it’s sure to be a lot fun 🙂

And the last bit of news, (finally!) I received an e-mail over the weekend about a local writer’s conference. It’s only one day, but it looks to be filled with a lot of great information and speakers. If you happen to be in the New Orleans area on the weekend of March 26, you may want to check it out: http://www.terrebonne.lib.la.us/jubilee2011.pdf

So that’s everything! I hope everyone has a great day!


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What A Release!

Okay, so I don’t really have anything to blog about today. I rejected several ideas all morning long and finally decided I’d pimp some friends out (because I’m a good book pimp like that).

This week is a book release frenzy, so I hope you have a paper and pen ready to take notes!

First off, Rebecca Zanetti’s debut release, Fated comes out today from Kensington Publishing! If you remember, Rebecca was nice enough to stop by last week for an interview (which I had so much fun with) and a giveaway. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to win an ARC (like me), I recommend you go out and buy Fated.


Cara Paulsen does not give up easily.  A scientist and a single mother, she’s used to doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter.  But “Whatever it takes” has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous stranger with an attitude problem…
                                    OR ELSE

Sure, the mysterious Talen says that he’s there to protect Cara and her daughter.  He also says that he’s a three-hundred-year-old vampire.  Of course, the way he touches her, Cara might actually believe he’s had that long to practice…

Next up, is Cynthia Eden’s release in the Deadly Series, Deadly Lies out from Grand Central Publishing. Cynthia is a cool lady with some really great books you won’t want to miss!

She wants to hide the past…

FBI Special Agent Samantha Kennedy is haunted by memories of the serial killer who abducted her. To keep the darkness at bay, she pretends to be a different, more confident woman. This Samantha doesn’t fear every unknown face. So she throws caution to the wind and shares a night of unbridled passion with a handsome stranger.

He needs to uncover the truth

One night isn’t enough for successful entrepreneur Max Ridgeway. He wants more of the sexy, smart, mysterious woman who slipped away before dawn. When they meet again, their attraction is undeniable—until his stepbrother goes missing, and Max realizes that Samantha isn’t who she seems. But they must trust each other to trap a ring of blood-thirsty kidnappers before the nightmares that terrorize Sam become irrevocably real.

As a merciless criminal spins a web of . . .


Then we have the release dates of the Sizzler ladies! Jillian Chantal’s second book with Siren Publishing, Surfer Bride, is being released today and trust me, this is one lady who can make you drown in her story (bwahaha, so did not intend that pun!). *snicker* Okay, getting back to the book! You have to pick it up. Her heroes are muy caliente!

Quincy Holt, a world champion surfer, was in love with a police officer, Fennimore Smith. He dumped her over a rumor that she cheated on him. Two years later, she’s moved on and is engaged to Percy Hicks, a British man that she believes could make her happy. Quincy thinks her fiancé is an antiques dealer but he’s actually a firearms smuggler. A smuggler being investigated by her former lover, now an ATF agent. When Percy’s private plane full of weapons is confiscated while Quincy is aboard and she’s arrested for arms dealing, Fennimore Smith flies to Bali to rescue her and get her to testify against Percy. She turns him down as she has plans of her own. She sets off to London on a quest to trap her fiancé and bring him down. Will she survive her mission? Will her former lover have to rescue her again?  

And last, but not least, is the amazing Sayde Grace’s first book in the Moonlight Cravings Series, Untamable which is being released on Wednesday, February 23, 2011. Don’t let Sayde’s innocent southern lady looks fool you, this book is hot and a paranormal at that! You don’t want to miss it!

Waking up tattooed, mated and a werewolf would shock most people but for Siddalee Brighton it’s just another day.

Siddalee has always held a burning hunger for her best friend, werewolf Jasper Gandillion. But she never realized what belonging to the animal within him would mean until he marks her in a show of passion and dominance, awakening the werewolf inside her. Siddalee was the first of many illegal breeding experiments that the Luna Werewolf Nation Alpha, Dane Velham, created and the only one strong enough to stop the monster from torturing other women and creating more experiments.

So with all of these great books released this week, you shouldn’t have a problem finding something sizzling hot to read!


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Interview & Giveaway with Rebecca Zanetti

Today we have a very special guest, Rebecca Zanetti, stopping by for an interview and a giveaway. I met Rebecca at Nationals in Orlando and I thought she was such a funny, sweet person that I just had to have her on the blog. Her debut novel, Fated, is out next week by Kensington Brava. You simply have to check it out.

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories.  She resides there with her husband, children and extended family who inspire her every day.  Rebecca has completed several manuscripts, winning award throughout the writing industry for her work.  Recently she finished FATED, the first book of a vampire series, “The Dark Protectors,” which will be available February 22, 2011 from Kensington Publishing.

Fated looks like a very sexy read. What inspired you to write this novel? I’m guessing vampires aren’t roaming around Idaho…unless they really are and you’re just not telling anyone! 
If vamps were roaming around here, you’re right, I wouldn’t tell anyone!  This book wouldn’t leave me alone.  Everyone said not to write about vampires, that they were overdone.  So I wrote this one for fun, just for me to read once in awhile.  Then it sold.

What’s your writing schedule like? Do you wake up to the dulcet sounds of harps and float to your computer which miraculously turns itself on and opens your novel? Because I wish that’s how it is for me. 
HAHAHAHA.  On writing days I stumble out of bed, get the kids off to school and start drinking coffee with a chocolate protein shake mixed in.  Then I put on music, comfy socks and start writing.  Sometimes I forget that I haven’t really gotten dressed and end up opening the door to the UPS guy if he’s delivering stuff.  (Hopefully shoes).  He’s actually laughed out loud at me before.

What’s the best part of being a writer? Is it the paparazzi? Or the endless parties with A-list actors? If you see Gerard Butler, tell him to call me 😉 
The best part is that I can be as odd as I want.  You can’t be too ‘out-there’ as a lawyer, but it’s expected in writers.  The real ‘me’ gets to show up.  And if I see Gerard Butler, he’s busy.  I’ll call you later.

How many books do you plan in this series? I hope it’s a lot because I adore book series with lots and lots of books (but you have to write them fast because I’m a fast reader).
I have nine I’d like to write.  The heroine in FATED has a little girl named Janie who all the races want because she’s so gifted.  The last book is her book, and it all ties together. 

I had a chance to meet you at Nationals in Orlando (and y’all, Rebecca is like super sweet!), was that your first Nationals’ conference? What was the best part about it for you? 
My first Nationals was in D.C. the year before and I had just started writing.  I hadn’t joined any online chapters and didn’t know a soul.  So I went to the workshops, met people and spent the evenings watching movies and going through my stuff in my hotel room.  This year, I’d sold to Kensington and had joined several online chapters, so my nights were full.  It was fantastic to meet my online friends like my critique partner and your pal, Sayde Grace.  I also met a lot of new friends like you.  J This coming year I’ve applied to teach a workshop or two, so we’ll see what happens.

What do you do when you’re not writing sexy vampires and the women they love?  
I’m a lawyer teaching legal classes two days a week right now and I’m happily married with two kids in elementary school.  My husband, Tony, is pretty cool…and very supportive of this whole writing gig.  He’s outdoorsy so we spend some time snowmobiling in the winter and playing at the lake during the summer.  I bring my laptop.

What are your plans for the future? You know, other than having your book made into a movie with Gerard Butler as Talen? (Because I want to be on set…you have to let me be there!) 
Okay – truth time.  Dage Kayrs, who is the hero in CLAIMED, is all about Gerard Butler.  I had Gerard’s picture on my wall as I wrote that book…CLAIMED is Book 2 in the series and will be released in October.  Dage is the King of the Realm, the ultimate male…and who else would he be based on than Gerard Butler?

What’s your favorite movie and why? 
Life with Father.  It’s a goofy, true story set in the late 1800s (and filmed when Elizabeth Taylor was about 16) about a wife wanting her husband to get baptized.  Irene Dunne plays the wife.  Well, it’s more about their hilarious relationship.  But it’s hard to explain unless you see it.  If you’re sick, or down, or just need a smile…watch this movie.

And finally, the most important question of all: does Talen wear boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or does he go commando?  
He goes commando…and I think that word is actually used in FATED. 

Cara Paulsen does not give up easily.  A scientist and a single mother, she’s used to doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter.  But “Whatever it takes” has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous stranger with an attitude problem…
Sure, the mysterious Talen says that he’s there to protect Cara and her daughter.  He also says that he’s a three-hundred-year-old vampire.  Of course, the way he touches her, Cara might actually believe he’s had that long to practice…

I’d like to thank Rebecca for stopping by today. Her book will be out February 22, but you have a chance to win an ARC here today! To win, leave a comment pertaining to this burning question: Who is your favorite vampire of all time? (movies, or books)

P.S. I’m having a giveaway as well over at Jillian Chantal’s blog. Be sure to stop by for a chat!


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