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Quiz Winner

Obviously Liz was the winner of yesterday’s quiz. Liz, if you could e-mail me at danica.avet@gmail.com I can send you a list of books for you to choose from. Congrats!

So last night after work, I headed out to get a new cell phone. I’m wondering why I did this to myself. Now I have a new phone and weird things to learn. It isn’t that I’m opposed to learning something new, but that I feel like I’m making mistakes left and right. Oh well, it’ll be fun if I can get the phone to work!

It would’ve been much nicer if the sales rep had known how to use the phone but since it just came out, they hadn’t taken their class on it yet. Seems silly to me, to sell a phone before learning about it, but there you go. Now I’m like a toddler learning how to walk, but at least I’ll have taught myself which will make me an expert! (Because I’m an expert walker now…31 years of walking has done that.)

I really thought today was Thursday. I was hopeful it was Thursday. Mostly because we’d be that much closer to Friday. Other than that, I have nothing new to report. I will get this phone to work and then I’ll tweet all day, happy as a lark. Are larks happy? If so, why are they happy?

How are things in your world?


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