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What’s Playing Wednesday

I’m between themes this week since the summer remake series is over (now that it’s officially autumn) and next week I’m starting with the color themes. I think it’ll be orange in honor of Halloween and yes, I’m well aware it’ll be a difficult goal to conquer. The themes are flexible which means I can go with any song, artist, or lyric that has something to do with the theme. And that’s how I’m covering my ass. LOL

Today is going to be short and sweet. I hope. The book party I went to this past weekend was a private book party, invitation only kind of thing. That was cool. What wasn’t cool is that while I was showering, my mind went back to the party and because I love music, a song emerged.

“It’s my priiivate party, a party for reading, a party to do what I want to do” or something like that. Immediately, I was reminded of why Tina Turner makes me think of my brother. When he was younger, about 12 or 13, he’d sing “Private Dancer” complete with squeaky voice and everything. It used to crack me up so much, I tried bribing him into letting me dress him like Tina for Halloween.

Me: C’mon! It would be awesome! I’ll find you a leather mini-skirt, a wig, and red lipstick. You could so do it!
Him: No! Why do you always want to dress me up like a girl?
Me: Because you have perfectly arched eyebrows?

Yeah, I was a horrible older sister, but it was fun. So today’s song is for my brother, aka Mini-Meatloaf, aka Phe-Phe, aka Philly. One day, it might be when you’re old and senile and don’t care what you do, but I will dress you like Tina Turner and make you sing this song!


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