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Fantasy Man Friday

JOY! Today is Friday which means there’s another Fantasy Man coming your way!

Of course I’m going to take a few minutes to talk about something. Today’s topic is crazy weather. This week has been a mess. Rain, rain, and more rain. Tuesday night, we had so much rain that when I left my house on Wednesday morning, I was worried I’d get bogged down on the highway.

I got to work and it continued raining. We were hearing of school closures because of levee breaches, and all I could think was: They’re not going to let me get home. So when I drove home, I wasn’t terribly surprised to see a police roadblock. Unfortunately, my house was on the other side of the roadblock. The troopers wouldn’t let me drive through, telling me I needed to get back on the interstate. I can tell you know, the air was blue while I drove all the way around to get to my house.

I went a very round about way and when I get to the bridge before my house, guess what I see? Not a single puddle on the road. What were they protecting me from? Oh, I know, they were doing their job, but they added forty-five minutes to my commute. (I’m such a whiner.)

So in honor of the police officer who was so rude to me, here’s today’s Fantasy Man.

I can promise you, the officer I talked to looked nothing like this! I mean, if he had, I’d probably have offered him a ride to the next, er roadblock…ahem. Do all officers look like that under their uniforms? No, I know they don’t but could you imagine if they did? You’d have women committing crimes daily! I’m on the point of finding where this officer works, stealing some whipped cream…shutting up now!

Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

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