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Crazy or Evil?

One of my critique partners (who is the bomb by the way), has given me a lot of food for thought. She’s critiqued two of my full manuscripts (90k+ words each). I think she worries I’ll be offended by her critiques, but to be honest, they make me laugh. Not because I don’t appreciate her input, but in the way she puts it.

For example, she’s pointed out that my characters talk to themselves. A lot. I’m talking it’s so much that after a while she says “ARGH! Not again!” or “Not the voices!”, lol. How can I be offended by that? It’s hysterical! However, this leads me to think maybe my characters’ inner voices are a reflection of my own internal conversations. I’m not crazy. I think…but wouldn’t a mentally disturbed person say that anyway? *ponders*

Anyway! I talk to myself a lot. I’ve done it since I was a kid. This is why people usually give me strange looks. It isn’t always about writing either. I mutter to myself. I laugh at some of the things I think about. I call it keeping myself entertained, but I’m afraid a psychologist/psychiatrist might see it differently. Hm.

Now for the evil part of the post. Apparently my villains rock? She said she loved one of my villains and I can’t help but to wonder why my villains are so much more powerful than my heroines/heroes. If I delve into the murky depths of my brain, I think it’s because the villains only want one thing. They’re not torn between goals, unlike my heroes/heroines.

I worried that the reason my villains were better characters was because I connect more with them. I suspect there’s some truth in that. I don’t dither. When I have a goal, I just do it. I don’t wring my hands and fight the compulsion. Of course, I don’t want world domination, so that might be a reason why. If I knew you in college, everything I said when I was drunk does not count. Drunken plans to take over the world do not constitute real intent. I mean really, who can take over the world with beer anyway? *ponders* Not going to think about that any further.

Now I have to think about the possibility that not only am I crazy, but also evil. I don’t think I am. Maybe I should see a shrink, just for some positive reinforcement, you know?

So what’s the funniest thing your critique partners have told you? Have you ever ended up questioning your own thoughts after reading some of your critiques?


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