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Cajun French: Pas Bon

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It’s time for another Cajun French lesson. This week’s phrase is actually one I know well, but hadn’t thought about using until my sister-in-law reminded me of it. There are so many little phrases we use that it’s easy to overlook them as something unique to this area. I may have to start making a list of words and phrases as they occur to me so I don’t forget any.

Anyway, today’s lesson is one most parents use. Well, my mom did at least. Not in Cajun French, but in English. When we were misbehaving, or picking on her, she would tell us, “You’re no good!” Is this something other mothers say? Or is it just a Cajun French thing? I mean, I’m sure most parents would say “You’re bad!” instead of “no good”. Y’all will have to tell me because now I’m curious.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s concentrate on saying someone is no good in Cajun French. The phrase we’re going to use is pas bon. The pronunciation would be “pah bahn” (no n sound).

You could use this expression under many circumstances from children to people. Instead of telling someone “You’re so bad” in a joking manner, you could just cluck your tongue and say, “Pas bon!”

If I’m not mistaken, someone in my very extended family is actually nicknamed Pas Bon. That should give you an idea of what kind of kid they were. It could be kind of like that Bill Cosby thing when he said he thought his name was Jesus Christ because that’s how his dad always started off his scoldings. I can see it now, this child’s mother was probably fed up with his antics and shouted, “Pas bon kid, stop doing that!”

Actually, come to think of that, I remember my grandfather saying “No good kid” a lot when we were being especially bad. And when we did something very stupid, it was a long-suffering sigh, a shake of his head, and a muttered “stupid kid”.

And just for the hell of it, here’s a lady who really is pas bon. She admits it!

I hope you’re able to use this phrase!


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