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The Army Ants Did Well

A few years ago my sister-in-law introduced me and my brother to this wonderful thing called Trivia Night. It’s a charity event where teams of 6 compete against one another in 10 trivia categories. Since that time she invited us to join her team, I don’t think we missed a single one. Then this year, we expanded to a new trivia night…and this weekend, we went to yet another, driving an hour out of the way to attend. We went as the Army Ants (of Big Bang Theory fame) and the team was me, my best friend since Jr. High, sister, brother, sister-in-law and my godson.

In all the trivia nights we’ve done, we do well. As in we’ll get anywhere between 76 to 89 questions out of 101 correct. Of course that always puts us in the middle of the pack. So this weekend at the new trivia night, when they asked our team how many questions we thought we’d get correctly, we wrote 83 on our little paper. Oh and because my friend who signed us up for trivia night put me as the team captain, when they made everyone announce this number, I had to shout out “83”…Which wouldn’t have been bad if everyone else hadn’t said 47…56…60….get where I’m going with this? When I oh so innocently said we were going to make 83 points, the other teams around us turned to stare and there was a collective “ooh”. I wanted. To. Die. And what does my team say? “You should’ve said 50!” Hello! You put the number on the paper. I just went with what the group agreed upon.

Needless to say we were confused, but we decided to use our whopping 83 as intimidatoin tactics. Those professors at the back table were shaking in their loafers. (not) We’ve always done well. But as soon as the first question was asked, we realized the err of our ways. These questions were hard. Questions about presidents’ dogs kicked off the start of a trivia night that ended with us making 55 points. 55! But it still put us at number 4 out of 11 teams.

It was a lot of fun, but then we always have fun at these things. We’re nerds. I know eventually we’ll end up having two teams of 6 because everyone’s going to want to play. Which is awesome as far as I’m concerned. It raises money for good charities, puts all our useless knowledge to use and gives us a chance to do something together for a common cause. Sure, there’s a lot of “stop shouting the answers” or “write it down” or “I’m 110% sure” going on, but it’s all in fun. I really can’t wait until the next one.

What did y’all do over the weekend?

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It Feeds the Geek

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m something of a geek, a nerd if you will. I’m okay with that.

I actually adore Monty Python movies and skits. I used to play video games before the graphics improved too much (3-D is not my friend) and I have a music fetish. I played a text-based Multi-User Dungeon for a decade. I was a level 28 Druid elf jokingly referred to as the hanging judge (I had a bit of a harsh reputation when I was on Council). I actually like sitting around chatting about physics (what I remember of it), philosophy, history and anything else that most people find boring. I’m a car whore and apparently I also have a fingernail polish obsession.

But deep down in the very heart of me, I’m a band nerd. Oh yes. I actually pouted when I found out the marching band festival was the same weekend as my nephew’s birthday party. I love those things. I adored being in band and even though I bitched about the hours spent practicing and the idiots I had to deal with on the parade routes, I really loved being in marching band. Concert band was okay, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

So when I saw this video posted on the news, I had to watch it. Again, and again, and again. Because it’s just that cool. It feeds the band geek and video gamer in my soul. The bands I was in, both in high school and in college, were never big enough for shows like this, but we were pretty awesome. I thought we were at least. Okay, maybe not high school, but college was fun. Freshman year we did a Blues Brothers show. I remember that one because it was the first time I’d marched backwards across the length of the football field in thirty-six steps. I wish I had video of it because it had to be funny to see 11 tuba players crouch down and stretch their short little legs that far. *laugh*

Okay enough reminiscing about the good ole days. This post is for the band nerds and the video game geeks who will understand it. The rest of y’all, just check it out because it really is cool.


Oh and tomorrow I’ve interviewed a smexy man who isn’t a caveman. *waggles her eyebrows* And today, my buddy Lea Barrymire has yet another Demystifying the Male post. This time it’s about male orgasms and other things I won’t prepare you for, LOL. Stop by!


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