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Nationals Wrap-up

I know, it’s been several days since you’ve heard from me. In fact, if you actually want to hear my voice, you’re so out of luck. Nationals destroyed my voice and I sound like I have a secret to share with everyone. I don’t. Not really.

Nationals was fun. No doubt about it. I met so many new, wonderful people and was able to meet up with people I met last year. I didn’t grab the wrong bag at the airport this year, but I did almost get on a first-name basis with the security guards at the hotel. No, not in that way. I sort of locked myself out the hotel room safe, then two days later had a door that wouldn’t lock. They were very nice, by the way.

I wish I could talk about everything that happened, but that would mean this post would be about five pages long. Hence the reason I still have the non-existent voice: I keep having to re-tell my conference stories to relatives who stop by. I actually saw one of my critique partners do a top 10 list, so I think I’ll follow in her steps. Ready?

10 of the best things that happened at Nationals (in no particular order):

– I saw gorgeous men (there were a couple of cover models there. More on that later).
– The food (when I ate) was excellent.
– I finally met my critique partner, Daisy Harris, in person and she’s just adorable.
– I also met my agent, Nalini Akolekar, in person and she’s wonderful and thinks I’m a bizarre woman. It’s a good thing, trust me.
– The hotel was beautiful.
– Jillian Chantal took mercy on me and walked with me through Times Square because I was afraid someone would whisk me away (and no, it wouldn’t have been Gerard Butler).
– I had a lot of fun people watching.
– The Gathering (FF&P party) was a lot of fun with great food.
– I had drinks with several up and coming Avon authors with books out, or just about to come out. They were a lot of fun.
– I met my publisher and several Siren authors for drinks. A wonderful time was had by all.

10 things not so great about Nationals (in no particular order):
– I stubbed my toe in the women’s bathroom and had to beg a band-aid off of someone to stop the bleeding.
– I was locked out of my safe and then couldn’t lock my hotel room door. Thank God for security men.
– The elevators were completely whack.
– The shower was one of those “gentle rain” type shower heads when I really needed to have the hot water beat me half to death every morning.
– Starbucks closed too early and were stingy with their chairs.
– The smoking area left a lot to be desired and I’m almost positive my butt will never gain back it’s normal shape.
– New York shuttle drivers are insane and should probably not have licenses. In fact, it might be better for the entire city to be closed off to vehicles for the safety of tourists with heart conditions.
– Chicken is a four-letter word now and I never want to eat it again.
– Could someone please tell me why they don’t turn the a/c units on “arctic” when there’s a book signing with over 500 authors? Anyone?
– Internet charges should never be that much at a hotel like that.

So, that’s what I got out of Nationals. If you haven’t been, you should definitely go. Of course, now I’m debating on whether I’ll be going to Anaheim next year for Nationals or Chicago for RT. I’m thinking RT might be a wild ride. What do you think?


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Romance Yardsale

So, has anyone else heard about this ingenious website, Romance Yardsale? It’s a website to help a couple of YA authors get to Nationals. I found it via Don’t Pet Me I’m Writing.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea. Writers should support each other as much as they can. Since I’m the kind of person who loves T-shirts…(I really dig them. I have a closet full of T-shirts, some as old as my high school days.) I have to get SOMETHING.

Which means that I have to get something that’s “ME”. It’s the me thing again. So, this is what I like. If I don’t win it in the drawing, I don’t care. I still have to get it (and wear it when I go to Wal-Mart).

I suppose this is when I should tell you I have a whole host of T-shirts with slogans. I get a lot of comments on my Joe’s Crabshack shirts…most notably my “Save a Crab/Eat a Fisherman” shirt. I’ve been jonesing for the “Save the Earth Cause Crabs Don’t Live on Uranus”. Yeah, I’m sick. I have shirts I can’t leave the house with because I don’t need children trying to read them. One of my favorite “house” shirts, is from a New Orleans pub: Ryan’s Pub on Decatur. Love that place.

Then, there are all the Far Side T-shirts I have. I’ve had these shirts since college. They’re ragged, stained, torn…but I refuse to get rid of them! They’re evidence that yes, I used to have a life. I used to be a party animal! Not that I could look at every tear or stain and tell you where it happened.

Anyway! Give this site a look-see. It never hurts to help each other out and hell, look at the awesome shirts!

How about you folks? Are you a T-shirt gal? A funny T-shirt gal? What’s your favorite T-shirt that you refuse to get rid of?


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Oh my God, it even has a watermark!

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the perfect business card. Hence the quote from American Psycho. Yes, I know it’s a really weird movie, but hey, I like it. The scene is a bunch of yuppies sitting around showing each other their business cards. The MC (Patrick Bateman) is looking at his chief rival’s business card and thinks:

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark!

Yeah, so he kills that guy later. Do I want my fellow authors to dream about killing me because I got the greatest business card for Nationals ever? Um, no. That would suck. A lot. I just want something that reflects me. The problem with that, is well, ME.

I’ve had my sister look at the options I’m considering. She said they’re dark. *thinks* *looks at her blog background*  Hmmm, yup, I’m kind of dark. Black is very slimming! I can’t help it if I think it’s a great color (or lack of all color, or combination of all colors for you physics phreaks bwahaha). Right now I have two main contenders in the business card “games”. Still not sure which one I’m going with yet but I need to get on that so they’re ready for July.

In other news, I brought my mom for her pedicure this weekend. She’s not a lady who pampers herself. In fact, she’s only been to the hair salon twice in her life. She was a stylist back in the day so she cuts. Her. Own. Hair. The bad part about this is she’s had the same hairstyle since I was three years old.

So when she thanked me for the pedicure and said she was going to keep her toes in good shape, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather. My mother? My mother? I was shocked. She even said it was her Mother’s Day gift from me, she enjoyed it that much. I felt…both vendicated and elated.

It turned out to be a wonderful Saturday for both of us. We shopped together, had lunch…it was great. I haven’t had that much fun at the store in a while. Now, we just have to get her to the hair salon and get her a new style for the wedding.

With the beautification processes coming up for my brother’s wedding and the business card decision to make, I feel like I’m reinventing myself. I don’t mind change. In fact, I seek it out. My hair gets a style change every two years, while the colors vary every two-three months. My dress style fluctuates a good bit as well. I’m constantly changing and I love it.

How about you? Do you hold onto styles until people bully you into changing something? If you’re going to Nationals, have you ordered your business cards?


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